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Happy Birthday Buddy Blue

The Big Color Mixup

Rainbow Brite and the Color Thieves

Rainbow Brite and the Brook Meadow Deer

Rainbow Brite and the Magic Belt

Twink's Magic Carpet Ride

Rainbow Brite Saves the Day

Rainbow Brite Saves Spring

Rainbow Brite Wins Through

Starlite Saves the Day

Rainbow Brite Gets Rescued

Rainbow Brite: Happy Birthday Twink 

Rainbow Brite and the Blue Lake

Rainbow Brite and the Colour Kids

Rainbow Brite and the Color Eaters

The Star Sprinkle Thieves

The Windmachine

Rainbow Brite and the Magic Color Solution

Lurky Helps Out

Rainbow Brite and the Mystery Guest


Brian Travels to Rainbow Land

Starlite is Saved

Danger for Starlite

Twink's Lucky Escape

Story Booklets that came with the dolls:

Rainbow Brite - A Very Special Friend

Rainbow Brite - Positive Thinking to the Rescue

Red Butler - The Big Red Heart

Lala Orange - It's Nice to be Needed

Canary Yellow - The Surprise That Almost Got Away

Patty O'Green - Practical Jokes

Buddy Blue - A Run of Bad Luck

Indigo - Indigo Writes a Play

Shy Violet - The Mixed-Up Solution

Baby Brite - The Sprites' "Brite" Adventure

Starlite - A Lesson in Friendship

The Sprites - Make Your Own Happiness

The Sprites and Lurky - The Picnic

Puppy Brite - Lurky Finds a Friend

Murky Dismal - The Disappearing Garden

Lurky - Touched by Rainbow Magic

From the Rainbow Brite Treasury:

Welcome to Rainbow Land

The Beginning of Rainbow Land

Peril in the Pits

The Mighty Monstromurk Menace





From the dark blue 1983 Rainbow Brite Annual:

Starlite's Tail Shampoo

Rainbow Brite and the Birthday Twins


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