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Rainbow Brite Wins Through
by Beryl Johnston 
Rainbow Brite was surprised when all the Color Kids came rushing back to the Color Castle, one morning.
"All the Prism Ponds are covered with gloomy gray clouds," they told her.
"We can't get any Star Sprinkles," said Canary.
"Murky Dismal's been spreading gloom again," declared Rainbow. "Come along, Twink. If we don't get rid of those clouds at once, there won't be enough Star Sprinkles to keep the world full of color."
"We'll start at Rainbow Falls," Rainbow told Starlite. So the greatest horse in the Universe raced off, faster than the wind. Rainbow shivered when she saw the gloomy clouds that were covering the pool, and touching her magic power-belt she sent a beam of bright colors to banish them.
Murky and Lurky were watching from behind some rocks. "Bah, it's the Rainbow brat," Murky snarled. "She'll spoil my plan to get rid of all the Star Sprinkles."
Murky and Lurky followed Rainbow in the Grunge Buggy as she spend away on Starlite to clear the other Prism Ponds. AT each Pond, Rainbow cleared the gloomy clouds with a flash of bright color. "Only the green Prism Pond is left to clear now," she said, cheerfully.
Patty met Rainbow near the green Pond and the two girls went off together. 
"We'll wait for you here," called Twink. He and Starlite were getting a bit tired of the cloud-clearing job.
"They've split up," hissed Murky. "Now's our chance." He snatched his latest invention from Lurky's hands. It was a mechanical mini-Lurky which Murky hoped was going to be more useful than the real Lurky. Switching it on, he set it marching towards Starlite and Twink to distract them.
"Whatever is this" cried Twink, bending down to look at the little robot.
"How very odd," said Starlite. "It looks just like Lurky."
Rainbow removed the cloud from the last Prism Pond and then looked at her power-belt. "The buckles is loose," she said, feeling very worried.
"I could fix it for now with a sticking plaster," said Patty. 
Rainbow took off the belt and Patty set to work. Neither of them noticed Murky and Lurky creeping closer.
"Now we can capture Rainbow," whispered Murky, as Lurky spread out his net. "She will be powerless without the magic belt."
"Got you!" cried Lurky. He threw his net over Rainbow, while Murky snatched the magic belt from Patty's hands. "I'll take care of that," he cackled.
It all happened so fast, that the girls were taken completely by surprise. Murky and Lurky raced back to the Grunge Buggy with Rainbow a helpless prisoner. "I know just the place to put you, to keep you out of the way," chuckled Murky to Rainbow.
Starlite and Twink heard Patty's cries for help and looked up just in time to see the Grunge Buggy disappearing, with Rainbow inside.
"Quick! After them," cried Twink, jumping on to Starlite's back. 
"I'll warn the other Kids," called Patty, racing off.
"We mustn't let them out of our sight," gasped Twink, as Starlite galloped after the Grunge Buggy. "If Murky takes Rainbow into the Pits we may never see her again."
But they were too late. Lurky drove the Grunge Buggy into The Pits with Rainbow Brite still inside.
"This will stop you meddling in my plans," cackled Murky, and he locked Rainbow in a cage. "Now i can get rid of all the Star Sprinkles."
"You'll never be able to do that," Rainbow cried. "And i'll get out of here, you'll see."
"You are powerless without your belt," Murky sneered. "You'll have to stay here."
Outside, Twink and Starlite had stopped on the hill below the entrance to The Pits.
"We've got to find a way to get Rainbow out of there," muttered Twink, miserably. They both thought hard, but even the great Starlite was stuck for a good rescue plan. Then they saw a rabbit run past and disappear into a hole in the hillside.
Twink bent down and peered into the hole. "Why, there's a long tunnel here," he cried. "It could be a secret way into The Pits. I might be able to crawl through there myself and perhaps it will lead to Murky's hide-out." 
"Be careful you don't get stuck half-way," warned Starlite.
"I've got to take the risk for Rainbow," replied Twink. "I'll just follow the tunnel and see where it leads."
Twink crawled through the Tunnel until he came to a grating. He pushed it up and popped his head through the hole and saw that he was in the cave where Rainbow was imprisoned. Murky was talking to Lurky.
"I'm off to put the clouds back over the Prism Ponds," Twink heard him say. "Watch the Rainbow brat while i'm gone." 
"Murky's got my power-belt in the laboratory," whispered Rainbow. "I haven't got any Star Sprinkles left." 
"Cheer up, I'll find a way to set you free," Twink promised Rainbow. He crawled back to the other end of the tunnel, where he found all the Color Kids. They were gathered round Starlite, all talking at once.
"We've got to find a way to rescue Rainbow quickly," said Violet.
"I've found Rainbow," Twink told them, "and i've an idea that may help her to escape. But first i'll need some Star Sprinkles and that mini-Lurky."
"Don't let Lurky see you," said Starlite, when Twink had explained his plan.
"I'll keep out of his way," promised Twink, and he hurried back along the tunnel.
Lurky was in the laboratory, out of site, when Twink raised the grating again. Twink crept across to the cage and explained his plan to Rainbow. "Here are some Star Sprinkles and the mini-Lurky," he said. "I'll hide while you call Lurky."
Rainbow started up the Lurky robot. "Oh, Lurky," she called softly. "You'll never guess what i've got here." 
"It's the toy i lost," cried Lurky, when he saw it. 
"Just watch this," said Rainbow. She took out some Star Sprinkles and let them fall all over the toy. The mini-Lurky turned all the colors of the rainbow. 
"It's pretty," said Lurky," and it's mine. Give it to me." 
"You'll have to come and get it," Rainbow told him.
Lurky went off to get the key of the cage, then he opened the door. "I'm coming to get my toy," he said, leaving the key in the lock. AS he made a grab for the robot, Rainbow slipped out of the cage. Quickly she closed the door again and locked it. Lurky was the prisoner now, but he was much too interested in his toy Lurky to notice. "Pretty colors," he said, happily.
"Don't let's hang around here, Rainbow," said Twink, dashing out of his hiding-place and rushing into the laboratory. He hunted round for Rainbow's power-belt and found it hanging on a hook. "Here you are Rainbow," he said, handing her the belt. "Now let's get out of here before Murky comes back."
Soon, Rainbow Brite and Twink were running out of The Pits and down the hill, to join Starlite and the Color Kids.
"We'd better go after Murky," declared Rainbow, jumping on Starlite's back. Twink rode behind her, and they raced towards Rainbow Falls, followed by the Color Kids. They were just in time to see Murky sending puffs of gray cloud over the water, from his gloom machine.
Rainbow and the Color Kids watched from behind the rocks. But Starlite moved quietly down to where Murky was bending over his machine, and kicked him high into the air. 
"That will teach you to capture Rainbow," declared Starlite, as Murky landed in the water, under the falls.
"Ouch~ Get me out of here," bellowed Murky, as he was drenched with the brightly colored water. "I HATE COLOR!"
"That's just what mean old Murky deserves," laughed the Color Kids.
"I must do something about those clouds," said Rainbow. She ran down to the water's edge and tossed red Star Sprinkles over the gray clouds, turning them a deep pink.
Then Rainbow touched her power-belt and sent a rainbow beam under the clouds. She lifted them on the beam, high into the sky making a beautiful sunset. They all watched the clouds floating around the sun.
"That's really pretty," said Twink.
"It's the most beautiful sunset i've ever seen," declared Indigo, stretching out her arms admiringly.
Murky had already rushed back to The Pits dripping wet. The first thing he had to do was let Lurky out of the cage. "I told you to guard the Rainbow brat, not let her escape, Butter-brain," he yelled. He tried to dry himself on a big bath towel. "Horrible colors," he raged, shaking his fist towards Rainbow Land. "Rainbow Brite has won again!"
Lurky didn't care. He was playing with his toy. "Oh, boy, look at the pretty colors," he grinned, happily.


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