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Hello there! I don't believe we've been properly introduced...my name is Champ! I'm Buddy Blue's favorite Sprite and the Sprite in charge of the blue Color Crystals! Mining in the Color Caves is hard work, but it helps me build muscle, so I don't mind it too much! Buddy taught me the value of being physically fit. :) Next time you notice how blue the sky is, remember me and my blue Sprite buddies that started the process of making it so!


Here are some of Champ's favorite phrases in Happy Talk:

"Dex Jonko Kurp!" (-Go for it!)
"Fruvvy Cloof Quib!" (-I'm number One!)
"Quib, Quab, hamby, Julky!" (-One, Two, Three, Four!)
"Klobby Jonko Vo Glix-Hibble!" (-Reach for the Rainbow!)


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