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Well hello there *flashy grin* - my name is Romeo and it's such a pleasure to make your acquaintance *bows.* I'm Red Butler's favorite Sprite and the Sprite in charge of all the red Color Crystals. Red is such a lovely color...the color of romance! Don't you agree? The female Sprites certainly seem to think so ;) Next time your sweetheart gives you a red rose - think of me and all the other red Sprites who helped make it so :)


Here are some of Romeo's favorite phrases in Happy Talk:

"Smeechy Yurble?" (How about a kiss?)
"Fruv hukko weezer?" (I like your face!)
"Mot Pundle, Riznub!" (Hi there, cutie!)
"Jibbly Knip-Knap?" (Wanna dance?)


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