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In this episode, we learn of the pink horse named Sunriser that lives in the mountains of Rainbow Land. She's a beautiful horse that knows every inch of the mountains and likes to come out in the mornings to look down on Rainbow Land and its inhabitants. 



On this particular morning, everyone is getting ready for the big Sprite Fair! It's an annual event with games and rides. Everyone has a marvelous time :) 

There's also a big horse race! Starlite, Skydancer, and On-X always enter. And, of course, Starlite wins every year ;) 

But this year, there's a new entry. Murky and Lurky have devised a way to take over Rainbow Land by making their own robotic horse to enter the race with. 
Murky is in disguise, so nobody knows who the new rider is - although they are suspicious. The race begins and all the horses are off. 
But it isn't long before Murky puts his plan into action. Gloom-filled smoke starts coming out of the robotic horse's ears and fills the stands and the track.
Rainbow tries to fight the gloom cloud with her Color Belt, but the smoke surrounds her and makes her powerless.
The only person not affected by the gloom cloud is Stormy and her horse Skydancer. 
She calls down lightening on Murky and Lurky, but she can't see through all the smoke to aim, so she misses them. She runs through the smoke searching for Rainbow, but she can't see anything. Everyone is knocked out cold from the gloom. Meanwhile, Murky and Lurky tie up Starlite and On-X,  put them into the Grunge Buggy and run off with them! When Rainbow wakes up, Twink and Krys tell her about the kidnapping of Starlite and On-X. She's determined to get them back!
But there's one problem - she doesn't have a horse to ride, so how can she go after them? It's a long walk to the Pits! Then she sees that Stormy and Skydancer are still there and asks Stormy if she can ride her horse. Stormy agrees, and they take off towards the Pits.

In a cave up in the mountains, Murky is fulfilling the rest of his plan. He's hooked up a gloom machine to a big wheel, and tied Starlite and On-X up to it. He forces them to walk around, turning the wheel, which turns a fan overhead and sprays gloom out all over Rainbow Land!

Rainbow and Stormy search all over, but they're having trouble finding where Murky and Lurky ran off to! 
But then they see hope! In the distance, Sunriser is approaching. It appears that she knows where they've taken Starlite and On-X! 

She's never let anyone ride her before, but this time she lets Rainbow get on her back so that Rainbow and Stormy can split up. 

Sunriser knows every inch of the mountains, and takes Rainbow directly to where Starlite and On-X are being held. 
Rainbow sees the smoke coming out and knows they need to do something fast. Sunriser kicks over a rock and redirects the stream that was flowing past them. The water runs down into the cave and stops the gloom machine from producing anymore smoke! 

Rainbow shoots a rainbow down into the cave that sends Murky and Lurky running and frees the two horses. 
Rainbow rides into the cave on Sunriser telling Starlite how wonderful Sunriser was for saving them. 
But Starlite gets super jealous when he sees Rainbow riding another horse. He boasts that he was just about to break himself out and that he didn't need Sunriser's help. He makes Sunriser feel bad and then runs off to Rainbow Land. 

At the same time, Murky and Lurky have run to Rainbow Land as well! Their former plans were ruined, so they've decided to take over Rainbow Land a different way! 
But Starlite is hiding behind a Sprite house and he hears their plan. He vows to win Rainbow's favor back by capturing Murky and Lurky all by himself. 
Starlite runs after them and scares them half to death. Murky and Lurky run and jump onto the roller coaster thinking they'll be able to escape that way. But Starlite follows them still, running along the ground.

Murky and Lurky decide to jump off the roller coaster onto a tall wooden stand, but they didn't realize the stand wasn't strong enough to hold both of them! They both fall down into a house of mirrors.

They can't figure out where they are or how to get out! But Starlite sees them fall in there and goes in after them to save Rainbow Land. He pulls them out for everyone to see. 
Rainbow and the Color Kids get back just in time to see the capture. Starlite tells Rainbow that he did it all by himself. She's proud of him, but cares more that he's alright. He finally admits that Sunriser did help him escape the cave and discovers that he likes her after all ;) 

The End


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