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Invasion of Rainbow Land

In this episode, we learn that Rainbow and her friends are not the only "aliens" in our universe. Rainbow Brite had started her day by reviving a deadened forest on Earth, with the help of Twink and Starlite.

Britening up the forest had used every Star Sprinkle but one, so they headed back to Rainbow Land to get more. While they were gone, Murky and Lurky were working on a new device to bring unhappiness to Rainbow Land. It's called the Gloom Transformer and it turns Star Sprinkles into Rain Sprinkes.

Little did they know, another threat to Rainbow Land was already on its way. Rainbow Brite had been followed back by a strange spaceship. It almost colided with her, Twink and Starlite on their trip back to Rainbow Land!

The spaceship crashed in front of the Color Castle before Rainbow Brite could get there, which sent everyone into hiding - even Murky and Lurky!

Slowly, everyone came out to see what this contraption was and who or what could be inside it. They soon had their answer, when Wajah popped out, said hello in three different languages and explained that there was something wrong with his vehicle.

Rainbow and Shy Violet accompanied Wajah into the space craft to try and determine what was wrong with it. As they came back out to get some tools, Twink noticed that Rainbow's sleeve had lost its color. Wajah guiltily explained that his species lives on color, much like we live on food. He was trying very hard not to absorb their colors, but he couldn't help it. Everyone began to panic as they realized that his appetite could be the end of Rainbow Land.

Murky and Lurky overheard everything and immediately started planning a way to keep Wajah in Rainbow Land. They knew if he stayed, he'd inadvertantly destroy everything beautiful there. In the meantime, Shy Violet figured out what the spaceship ran on - color - and asked everyone to bring as many Star Sprinkles as they could carry. Poor Wajah sat sadly by trying his best not to drain any more color.

Murky finally came up with a plan that worked. He dressed himself up as a Color Kid, hid Lurky under a pile of Star Sprinkles, and pushed his cart of "Star Sprinkles" into the space ship. As the Color Kids were busy fixing the ship's engine, Murky captured Wajah and ran off with him.

He threw Wajah into the Grunge Buggy and took off, before remembering that he'd left Lurky behind. They turned around and retrieved him before driving away again. Wajah accidentally started taking color out of every colorful thing they drove by, which made Murky ecstatic. All the Color Kids could do was stand and watch.

But by that time, Shy Violet had gotten the space craft working. So she loaded the Color Kids up and took off after Murky and Lurky. They had taken Wajah to the worst possible place - The Pits! Wajah was so upset about hurting his friends, that he would've rather commit suicide than destroy Rainbow Land. He even took away all of Murky's color (what little he had) when he tried to stop him.

Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids flew all the way to The Pits and started ejecting Star Sprinkles into the top entrance. The cave filled with color, which Lurky loved and Murky hated. Murky set his Gloom Transformer working to fill the cave with clouds and get rid of the color, but while he wasn't paying attention, Wajah ran outside and up into the space ship.

Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids flew the ship to safety, then landed it so that Wajah could be on his way. He thanked him for their help and spread color all over Rainbow Land as he flew away.

The End



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