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Starlite - Rainbow Brite
All you need is a favorite song
Someone with you to sing along
Your best sidekick, your best chum
You start to whistle and you start to hum
Sing some words
Make 'em rhyme
Clap your hands
Have a good time
Best friends can do most anything with a special song to sing...
Starlite-Rainbow Brite
A little wish in the moonlight
Sunbeams sparkle and shine
You'll always be a friend of mine (repeat)
Giggle and clown and hang around
The special things we do
Play some tricks share popsicle licks
Tell our secrets too
Runnin' races makin' faces
I couldn't do without you
When you're gone I sing this song to chase away the blues...
(Chorus 2 times)
(Starlite) You're a charmer, what a gal, but more than that, you're my pal.
(RB) And you're the one I wanna be next to, if I'm gonna sing a song I wanna sing it with you...
(Chorus 6 times)


1997-2023 Katy Cartee Haile
Rainbow Brite is a registered 
trademark of Hallmark Licensing