Once upon a time, there was a girl named Wisp. By some stroke of fate, she became aware of the place now known as Rainbowland and wanted to save it from the darkened state it was in. The Dark One had taken over the entire planet and turned it into a gloomy, dismal place where no joy resided. But this young girl made it her mission to turn the world back into the beautiful land it had once been. The only instructions she had been given were to find the Color Belt and the Sphere of Light - and so she set out to do so.
The first acquaintance she made upon arrival there was a white sprite named Twink. His advice had been to run away, but Rainbow was determined to save this planet and wouldn't let cowardice defeat her. He admired her courage and decided to stay with her on her quest.
Next, they found the magnificent horse Starlite. He was frozen in ice, but Rainbow and Twink were able to free him and he joined their efforts to save the world.
They endured many struggles, and found a baby! Wisp knew she couldn't leave the baby alone, and so she took her with them. It started to rain, so they went inside a cave to keep dry. There, Wisp found the Color Belt and was shocked to discover that the baby she had found actually was the Sphere of Light! She received a message from the Color Kids that they had been sent to 7 different corners of the land and had to be rescued for her to be successful - and so off they went to free the Kids.
They found all 7 one by one and set them free from their imprisonment. Then Rainbow was met with the biggest challenge - the Dark One himself. But with the help of the rainbow, she was able to defeat him and restore color and happiness to the land!
She was given the name Rainbow Brite and put in charge of keeping color alive in Rainbowland, and on Earth. Her helpers are the Color Kids (one for each color of the rainbow) and the small furry Sprites who mine Color Crystals in the Color Caves.
But not all inhabitants of Rainbowland support Rainbow's efforts. Murky Dismal and his sidekick Lurky are always up to some mischief - trying to take the Color out of the world. But Rainbow has always come out on top - and always will!
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Katy Cartee