Starlite-Rainbow Brite

(RB)Starlite, how would you describe our friendship?

(Starlite)Hardly a difficult question's maginificant!

All you need is a favorite song/Someone with you to sing along/ Your best sidekick, your best chum/You start to whistle and you start to hum/Sing some words/Make 'em rhyme/Clap your hands/Have a good time/Best friends can do most anything with a special song to sing...

(Chorus)Starlite-Rainbow Brite/A little wish in the moonlight/ Sunbeams sparkle and shine/You'll always be a friend of mine (repeat)

Giggle and clown and hang around/The special things we do/Play some tricks share popsicle licks/Tell our secrets too/Runnin' races makin' faces/I couldn't do without you/When you're gone I sing this song/To chase away the blues...

(Chorus 2 times)

(Starlite)You're a charmer, what a gal, but more than that, you're my pal.

(RB)And you're the one I wanna be next to, if I'm gonna sing a song I wanna sing it with you...

(Chorus 6 times)

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