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News Item #1 (6/19/19): The trade paperback of Dynamite's Rainbow Brite comic series is available now! It's available in local comic shops and on Amazon, and hopefully it will be available in bookstores and libraries eventually. It contains all five issues of the series, and sales of this trade will most likely determine whether or not the series is continued. So, let's hope it sells well!

Rainbow Brite Trade Paperback Volume 1

News Item #2 (6/7/19): Did you miss out on the mini-arcade game from Coleco's Kickstarter? If so, you can purchase one now through Coleco's website!

News Item #3 (3/20/19): Issue #5 of Dynamite Comic's Rainbow Brite comic series is now available! This is the last issue of the first arc, but it has not been cancelled! Dynamite will make a decision about its future after the trade paperback comes out. So, if you want this comic to continue, be sure to pick it up when it becomes available! You can watch my full review of issue 5 here :)

Rainbow Brite Comic Issue 5

News Item #4 (3/12/19): Hallmark Japan has released some amazing Rainbow Brite products! They have downloadable digital goodies that can be enjoyed all around the world. They have LINE digital stickers which are available only for Japanese customers. And they're selling Rainbow Brite stationary items in Loft stores in Japan!

Japanese Rainbow Brite Stationary Products

News Item #5 (2/21/19): My Rainbow Brite mini arcade game from Coleco has arrived!! Check out my unboxing and quick review here :)

Rainbow Brite Coleco Game

News Item #6 (2/10/19): Issues #3 and #4 of the Rainbow Brite comic series have been released! They're now available for purchase in your local comic shops and online. You can watch my review of issue #3 here and issue #4 here :) Also, note that the comic has NOT been cancelled. You can get more information about that here.

Rainbow Brite Comic Issues 3 and 4

News Item #7 (11/14/18): Issue #2 of the Rainbow Brite comic series is available now at your local comic shop and I have a full review for you! Issue #3 has been slightly delayed but will be out in stores on January 2nd. TruffleShuffle.com has added some adorable designs to their apparel offerings, including a Christmas themed shirt. And Fun.com has added two "ugly" sweaters to theirs!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Rainbow Brite

News Item #8 (10/10/18): Issue #1 of the Rainbow Brite comic series is available now at your local comic shop, and it has been met with rave reviews! I had the opportunity to interview the author, Jeremy Whitley, and Hallmark senior writer Kevin Dilmore before the comic premiered. And I have now released my spoiler-filled review of this amazing comic. Also new this fall are two officially licensed Halloween costumes! Rainbow Brite is available for adults in standard and plus sizes (along with accessory Twink purse), and Twink is soon to be available for infants and toddlers. Check out HalloweenCostumes.com to get your own! :)

Rainbow Brite and Twink Costumes from HalloweenCostumes.com

News Item #9 (7/18/18): Stop the presses! A new Rainbow Brite comic series will be starting this October! You can read the press release here. And, if you're attending San Diego Comic Con this weekend, you can get a cover art poster signed by the comic's writer!!

Rainbow Brite Comic Issue 1

News Item #10 (7/14/18): The Rainbow Brite Funko Pop is now available in many stores, including Hallmark, GameStop and Amazon. The 2018 Keepsake Ornament is now available in Hallmark stores and online. The Rainbow Brite DVD set is back in stock on Hallmark.com. Plus, Zazzle has many new Rainbow Brite items for sale, including lunchboxes, tapestries, birthday supplies, bath mats, socks, lamps, posters and more!

Rainbow Brite Lunchbox from Zazzle

News Item #11 (5/818): Stefanie Eskander, the woman who designed the beloved 1980s Moonglow doll, is going to be attending JemCon this year! Hallmark added four adorable Rainbow Brite cards to their eCard store. 80sTees.com added a new t-shirt including the Rainbow Brite font. A new Rainbow Brite keepsake ornament will be coming to Hallmark stores on July 14th. And Coleco's Rainbow Brite mini arcade video game is now available for pre-order!

Rainbow Brite Coleco Game and Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

News Item #12 (2/16/18): Hallmark isn't the only company giving us Rainbow goodness this year. Funko announced that they are coming out with Rainbow Brite and Twink Pops this May!!! You can pre-order the set on Amazon and it will be available through other retailers as well. Hopefully she sells well so they'll make more characters! :D A new book is beginning to show up in Hallmark stores too!

Rainbow Brite Funko Pops

Rainbow Brite merchandise by Truffle Shuffle

Check out the News page for info you may have missed!

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