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From the 1980's Cartoon

Rainbow Brite Theme Song [lyrics] [sheet music]

French Rainbow Brite Theme Song [lyrics] [instrumental only]

German Rainbow Brite Theme Song

Episode Quotes and Sounds

From Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer

Brand New Day [lyrics]

Rainbow Brite and Me [lyrics] from ShukiLevy.com

From the 2009 Web Series

Theme Song [lyrics] [instrumental only]

From the 2014 Rainbow Brite Cartoon

Theme Song [lyrics]

From the 1984 Record/Tape - "Paint a Rainbow in Your Heart"

Rainbow Brite - Paint a Rainbow in Your Heart Album Artwork

(download entire album)

Color Symphony [lyrics]

Paint a Rainbow in Your Heart [lyrics]

Prismatism [lyrics]

Make Room for a Rainbow Inside [lyrics]

Rainbow Land [lyrics]

Starlite, Rainbow Brite [lyrics]

The Pits [lyrics]

In the Twink of an Eye [lyrics]

Bink Bonk [lyrics]

The First Part of Friendship is Friends [lyrics]

From the 1985 Record/Tape - "Rainbow Brite Christmas"

Rainbow Brite Christmas Album Artwork

(download entire album)

The 12 Days of Christmas [lyrics]

Deck the Halls [lyrics]

The Gift of Love [lyrics]


Joy to the World

The First Noel

Silent Night

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Christmas in the Pits [lyrics]

Christmas Medley

From the 1989 Record/Tape - "Sissi No Mundo De Rainbow Brite"

Rainbow Brite Christmas Album Artwork

(download entire album)

Rainbow Brite

Lala Laranja

Amigo Azul

Verde Esmeralda


Mundo Colorido




Murky É Lurky

Alerta Vermelho

Canário Amarelo


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