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The History of this Website
I grew up in the 80's, and spent many many hours in front of the tv screen watching cartoons from that decade. I loved them then, and I love them even more now! Perhaps its the fact that they remind me of my wonderful childhood  - where everything seemed right with the world and the only worry I had was an occasional scraped knee. Whatever the reasoning behind it, I am still a huge fan of the shows and made a website to remind others of those once-great cartoons :)
I first started making webpages back in the summer of 1997 - just after I graduated from high school. The very first page I ever created was a page dedicated to Rainbow Brite (one of the first of its kind on the Internet):

My first Rainbow Brite webpage
(click the image to experience my first webpage!)

From there I kept adding more 80's cartoons onto it and created the once-massive 80's cartoon archive called 80's Chica's 80's Cartoons Site.

80's Chica's 80's Cartoon Site         80's Chica's 80's Cartoon Site

At that time, I had no idea that the popularity of my site would increase so dramatically. My bandwidth usage grew so much that my web server was going to start charging me an extra $100 per month to cover it, so I had to take it down. But it was more than that too. The site had grown extensively and was really quite...well...messy! I was having trouble organizing it the way it needed to be and so it was easy to get lost within its boundaries. And so I decided to start anew - just like I did in the beginning - with my all-time favorite: Rainbow Brite! And that's how this page was born! :)
Here are some past layouts that I used for RainbowBrite.net:

November 1999

May 2000

March 2001

May 2002

January 2003

December 2005


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