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Rainbow Brite News | Website Updates

PixelHeart's NES compatible version of Coleco's "Journey to Rainbow Land" video game is now available for pre-order. Release is scheduled for January 31st. I've uploaded a couple of new videos to my YouTube channel. And, TruffleShuffle.com also has new Rainbow Brite tees and sweatshirts coming soon!

Journey to Rainbow Land NES Compatible Video Game by PixelHeart

HalloweenCostumes.com has added a child's Rainbow Brite costume to its offerings this year!! Check it out, along with their adult Rainbow Brite and infant & toddler Twink costumes :)

Child's Rainbow Brite Costume

The trade paperback of Dynamite's Rainbow Brite comic series is available now! It's available in local comic shops and on Amazon, and hopefully it will be available in bookstores and libraries eventually. It contains all five issues of the series, and sales of this trade will most likely determine whether or not the series is continued. So, let's hope it sells well!

Rainbow Brite Trade Paperback Volume 1

Did you miss out on the mini-arcade game from Coleco's Kickstarter? If so, you can purchase one now through Coleco's website!

TruffleShuffle.com has released four new adorable Rainbow Brite items for sale online!

New Rainbow Brite Items from Truffle Shuffle

Issue #5 of Dynamite Comic's Rainbow Brite comic series is now available! This is the last issue of the first arc, but it has not been cancelled! Dynamite will make a decision about its future after the trade paperback comes out. So, if you want this comic to continue, be sure to pick it up when it becomes available! You can watch my full review of issue 5 here :)

Rainbow Brite Comic Issue 5

Hallmark Japan has released some amazing Rainbow Brite products! They have downloadable digital goodies that can be enjoyed all around the world. They have LINE digital stickers which are available only for Japanese customers. And they're selling Rainbow Brite stationary items in Loft stores in Japan!

Japanese Rainbow Brite Stationary Products

My Rainbow Brite mini arcade game from Coleco has arrived!! Check out my unboxing and quick review here :)

Rainbow Brite Coleco Game

Issues #3 and #4 of the Rainbow Brite comic series have been released! They're now available for purchase in your local comic shops and online. You can watch my review of issue #3 here and issue #4 here :) Also, note that the comic has NOT been cancelled. You can get more information about that here.

Rainbow Brite Comic Issues 3 and 4

Issue #2 of the Rainbow Brite comic series is available now at your local comic shop and I have a full review for you! Issue #3 has been slightly delayed but will be out in stores on January 2nd. TruffleShuffle.com has added some adorable designs to their apparel offerings, including a Christmas themed shirt. And Fun.com has added two "ugly" sweaters to theirs!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Rainbow Brite

Issue #1 of the Rainbow Brite comic series is available now at your local comic shop, and it has been met with rave reviews! I had the opportunity to interview the author, Jeremy Whitley, and Hallmark senior writer Kevin Dilmore before the comic premiered. And I have now released my spoiler-filled review of this amazing comic. Also new this fall are two officially licensed Halloween costumes! Rainbow Brite is available for adults in standard and plus sizes (along with accessory Twink purse), and Twink is soon to be available for infants and toddlers. Check out HalloweenCostumes.com to get your own! :)

Rainbow Brite and Twink Costumes from HalloweenCostumes.com

Stop the presses! A new Rainbow Brite comic series will be starting this October! You can read the press release here. And, if you're attending San Diego Comic Con this weekend, you can get a cover art poster signed by the comic's writer!!

Rainbow Brite Comic Issue 1

The Rainbow Brite Funko Pop is now available in many stores, including Hallmark, GameStop and Amazon. The 2018 Keepsake Ornament is now available in Hallmark stores and online. The Rainbow Brite DVD set is back in stock on Hallmark.com. Plus, Zazzle has many new Rainbow Brite items for sale, including lunchboxes, tapestries, birthday supplies, bath mats, socks, lamps, posters and more!

Rainbow Brite Lunchbox from Zazzle

Stefanie Eskander, the woman who designed the beloved 1980s Moonglow doll, is going to be attending JemCon this year! Hallmark added four adorable Rainbow Brite cards to their eCard store. 80sTees.com added a new t-shirt including the Rainbow Brite font. A new Rainbow Brite keepsake ornament will be coming to Hallmark stores on July 14th. And Coleco's Rainbow Brite mini arcade video game is now available for pre-order!

Rainbow Brite Coleco Game and Hallmark Keepsake Ornament

Hallmark isn't the only company giving us Rainbow goodness this year. Funko announced that they are coming out with Rainbow Brite and Twink Pops this May!!! You can pre-order the set on Amazon and it will be available through other retailers as well. Hopefully she sells well so they'll make more characters! :D A new book is beginning to show up in Hallmark stores too!

Rainbow Brite Funko Pops

Hallmark gave us a massive dose of awesome just in time for the holidays! A new Puppy Brite, four new Baby Sprites, a doll carrier, and a brand new book including Murky and Lurky itty bittys are now available in stores! Kenyth Mogan wrote an article about these adorable winter releases here.

New Rainbow Brite Products from Hallmark

I created a bunch of animated gifs from the original cartoon and made them available here. Hallmark released the online exclusive LaLa Orange itty bitty, which is currently still available here. They are releasing a DVD set containing all 13 original episodes very soon and you can see details about it here. And Canadian fans can now purchase the Rainbow Brite POP style ornament at Walmart stores and online! You can check out my latest reviews and merch hauls on my YouTube channel.

Ornament LaLa Orange itty bitty and Rainbow Brite DVD Set

The Rainbow Brite mascot costume showed up at New York Comic Con this year. See the official Rainbow Brite Facebook page for pictures. Hallmark also released animated stickers for iOS devies. This year's POP Style Tickled Pink and Rainbow Brite ornaments are now available at KMart stores and online. And Hallmark's 2017 Keepsake Ornament is now available in Hallmark stores as well as an itty bitty greeting card! You can check out my reviews of these items on my YouTube channel.

2017 Rainbow Brite Keepsake Ornament

Hallmark released several new products in August! There is a large Tickled Pink doll, a large Dee Lite Sprite, a Rainbow Brite Snappums slap bracelet, a Starlite slap bracelet and a new children's book, Tickled Pink and the No Giggle Zone! Also, Scott Menville, the voice of Brian, will be attending Hascon, September 8-10 in Providence, Rhode Island, along with Peter Cullen, the voice of Murky Dismal. And you can see some of the new info we found out about the upcoming Coleco video game on our Brite Cast Facebook page.

Tickled Pink and Dee Lite Sprite Dolls

Hallmark has a mascot costume once more and she showed up at Planet Comicon in Kansas City, MO this year. The voice of Murky Dismal, Peter Cullen, will be attending Hascon September 8-10 in Providence, Rhode Island. TruffleShuffle.com has come out with a Rainbow Brite pillow, tote bag and a new t-shirt. AND ColecoVision is coming out with a retro-style handheld mini arcade Rainbow Brite video game!! Visit my Facebook page for some pictures and info, and listen to the latest episode of Brite Cast to get even more, exclusive info on this upcoming game and why you should attend the Coleco Expo August 5-6 in Edison, NJ! :)

Brite Cast Episode 23

TruffleShuffle.com has come out with two new Rainbow Brite mugs, the LaLa Orange itty bitty release has been moved up from December to November, and we've gotten our first look at the 2017 Rainbow Brite Keepsake Ornament, coming out in October! :)

2017 Rainbow Brite Keepsake Ornament

I've got several pieces of good news to throw your way! Singer, Kenyth Mogan, has released a single of his rendition of Rainbow Land. Hallmark has released a new book: Rainbow Brite and the Most Important Color. It comes with a Color Belt! Hallmark added 18 new classic designs to Zazzle, where you can purchase all sorts of amazing merchandise. Australian fans can now stream all 13 classic Rainbow Brite episodes on Stan. I've uploaded more videos to my YouTube channel. And, last but not least, Hallmark is releasing a LaLa Orange itty bitty in November as an online exclusive! Can't wait! :)

Lala Orange Itty Bitty

Happy New Year! I hope you all had a happy holiday season! After the large dolls, Hallmark also released a pouch purse, the Starlite itty bitty, and a Stormy itty bitty/book set at the end of 2016, plus they put out a POP style ornament in Wal-Mart stores. I uploaded several more videos to my YouTube channel, and we released a new episode of Brite Cast. I hope you'll check it all out and let me know what you hope to see from Hallmark this year!

Brite Cast Episode 21

And October goes out with a bang! A new personalized kids book is available online, and three new large plush dolls are now available in stores and online - Sunriser, Skydancer and Stormy!! I also recently found the owner of a vintage Stormy prototype doll - something the fandom has been seeking for years. Happy Halloween to all!! :D

Sunriser Stormy and Skydancer

October keeps getting better for Rainbow Brite fans! Two more items will be coming to Hallmark stores soon - a Starlite itty bitty, and an adult Rainbow Brite coloring book :) You can watch my review of Starlite here. I very much look forward to getting the coloring book in my hands!

Starlite itty bitty     Rainbow Brite Adult Coloring Book

An exclusive Rainbow Brite POP style ornament will be sold at New York Comic Con this weekend! Only 100 were produced, so grab one if you can!

New York Comic Con Exclusive Rainbow Brite Ornament

Three new products are beginning to show up in Hallmark stores! The 2016 Keepsake Ornament, an itty bitty ornament, and a 1,000 piece puzzle. You can see my review of these products on my YouTube channel.

2016 Rainbow Brite Ornaments and Puzzle

Hallmark is hosting a Rainbow Brite Photo Sweepstakes!! Submit your photos of yourselves and your children dressed in Rainbow Brite clothing, costumes, or surrounded by Rainbow Brite collectibles to enter to win some super brite prizes! Find out how to enter here.

Rainbow Brite Photo Sweepstakes

The "Rainbow Brite Day" celebration in Kansas City was a huge success, and I was also given the opportunity to tour Hallmark Headquarters while I was in town! I learned many amazing bits of information, both old and new, and I think you'll find them all fascinating! Check out the video below, and make sure to follow the links in the video's description to see everything else I've posted about that amazing trip.

Hallmark is hosting its first ever "Rainbow Brite Day" in their Kansas City, Missouri store, right near Hallmark Headqaurters! You'll be able to meet the creators of Rainbow Brite, have your new books autographed, listen to readings by the new books' Rainbow Brite voice actress, participate in costume contests and more! See the image below for details, and check out the official Rainbow Brite Facebook Page. I hope to see you there! :) I'm a teensy bit excited myself ;)

Rainbow Brite Day

Hallmark has released two new kids books! One is a pop-up book, and the other is a ColorQuest book which comes with a talking Rainbow Brite figure. They're now available in stores and online :) You can watch my review video here.

Two New Rainbow Brite Kids Books from Hallmark

RainbowBrite.net is now on Patreon! I've given Rainbow Brite a home on the internet for almost 20 years. And while there are still things I have in store for the site that I can accomplish myself, I'm also at the point where I need some help. It's time to tackle the big projects that fans have wanted for years, but were too difficult for one person to do. So take a look at the reward levels and become a patron today! :)

A new Rainbow Brite book has been released, and this one is extra special. It's the first ever Rainbow Brite book geared towards adults! It's full of adorable artwork and quotes to cheer you up on your gloomiest days. You can pick one up at a Hallmark store near you or online at Hallmark.com :)

Wit and Wisdom of Rainbow Brite

Thirty-two years ago today, Rainbow Brite brought more color than ever to American TV screens. But there's much more to our favorite darling than meets the eye! On this anniversary, check out Kenyth Mogan's article on The Colorful History of Rainbow Brite, and listen to our latest episode of Brite Cast where we interviewed him :) This never-before seen or heard info will blow your minds!

The Colorful History of Rainbow Brite

The Limited Edition Shy Violet itty bitty is here, and she's adorable!! She was only available online and sold out in 2.5 days! Hopefully that means that more Rainbow Brite characters will be coming down the line :)

Hallmark is releasing brand new Rainbow Brite greeting cards!! Watch this video to see all seven, and find out how to order them for yourself:

Join us for Brite Cast episode 20, where we discuss Hallmark's latest Rainbow Brite advertisements, upcoming Rainbow Brite history lessons, new clothing, and other upcoming Rainbow Brite merchandise to keep your eyes peeled for! :)

Have you missed the old versions of RainbowBrite.com? The games, the videos, the music? Well now you can relive them in their previous glory right here :)

2004 RainbowBrite.com    2009 RainbowBrite.com

TruffleShuffle.com has new Rainbow Brite shirts available for purchase!!

Truffle Shuffle Rainbow Brite Shirts

Excitement!! An online exclusive Shy Violet itty bitty is being released on June 6th!! She's sure to sell out fast, so mark your calenders now :)

Shy Violet Itty Bitty

Guess who's going to be bringing color to our Christmas trees again this year? That's right! Hallmark is releasing a brand new Rainbow Brite ornament for 2016 :) She'll be available for purchase in Hallmark stores and online beginning in July:

2016 Rainbow Brite Ornament from Hallmark

Hallmark has three new Rainbow Brite items in stock! A Patty O'Green, Buddy Blue, Champ, Lucky itty bitty 4-pack, and two new books! Check them out in your local Hallmark store, or purchase them online here. BriteCast episode 19 is also available for download!

New Rainbow Brite itty bittys and Books

TopShop is selling another pair of Rainbow Brite boy shorts! Get your own pair here :)

TopShop Rainbow Brite Boy Shorts

The Jumbo Rainbow Brite itty bitty has begun showing up in Hallmark stores, along with Rainbow Brite and Twink Clippys! Below, you will find my review video of these products, and a video tour of my Rainbow Land Museum! :)

The new 16" Rainbow Brite doll is now available in Hallmark stores!! She's very reminiscent of the original doll from the 80's, and will make a great gift for any 80's child, or child of an 80's child :) Check her out in my review video below. Hallmark announced an upcoming jumbo itty bitty Rainbow Brite doll. Also, Brite Cast episode #18 is now available for download!

Rainbow Brite's trusty steed, Starlite, is now in Hallmark stores! You can watch my review video below :) Official limited edition, online only Rainbow Brite tees and hoodies are available for a limited time on Teespring.com. TruffleShuffle is hosting a Rainbow Brite giveaway, and I received a few of their amazing items to review (video below). And Brite Cast episode #17 is now available for download! :)

TruffleShuffle.com's new range of Rainbow Brite merchandise is now available for purchase! Check them out here! We've also gotten our first glance at the upcoming Rainbow Brite doll from Jackie at TheToyInsider. Starlite will be available in October, and Rainbow Brite will be available in November. To see and purchase Hallmark's other Rainbow Brite merchandise, click here :)

Truffle Shuffle introduces their Rainbow Brite range

The 4 character Collector Set and large Twink doll are now showing up in Hallmark stores as well! Some items are even appearing in Canadian Hallmarks! If your local stores don't have the merchandise yet, give them a call and they can order them for you. TruffleShuffle.com also recently launched a preview of their new range of Rainbow Brite merchandise, which will be available the second week in September. Be sure to check them out! And below are my latest review videos :)

Brite Cast episode #16 is now available! Join us as we discuss recent merchandise releases, upcoming releases from Hallmark and TruffleShuffle, the official new Rainbow Brite website, YouTube uploads and more. Plus we announce our Itty Bitty Give-Away contest winner!

Brite Cast Episode 16

Hallmark's new Classic Rainbow Brite itty bittys and a brand new Rainbow Brite book are now showing up in Hallmark stores! A 4-character Collector Set (containing Red Butler, Indigo, Romeo and Hammy) will be arriving there shortly as well. These items are not available online yet, but will be on Hallmark.com later this month. Below is my review video of the new itty bittys and book :)

Hallmark has two adorable Rainbow Brite t-shirts available on their website - a black Twink shirt and a hot pink Rainbow Brite shirt. The official Rainbow Brite Facebook page has been debuting original design images and more from the Hallmark archives. Hallmark's 2015 Rainbow Brite Keepsake Ornament is now available for purchase in stores and online. Hallmark's RainbowBrite.com website is brand new, and full of awesome. And Brite Cast released episode #15!

Hallmark's Special Edition Rainbow Brite itty bittys are available now! Click here to buy them online while supplies last. Below is my video review of these adorable dolls :)

Click here to read more about these products, and future Rainbow Brite products that Hallmark has planned for this year and next. And take a moment to watch their super cute commercial for the Classic Rainbow Brite itty bittys that will premier in stores and online this August:

Brite Cast episode #14 is here! Join us as we discuss the latest news in Rainbow Land :)

Brite Cast

Hallmark has begun to release pictures of their upcoming merchandise! First up, a Rainbow Brite itty bitty and five Sprite itty bittys! Keep checking Hallmark's official Rainbow Brite Facebook page for more updates :) Also, Kit Neale's Rainbow Brite themed women's fashions are now available from colette.fr.

Rainbow Brite Itty Bittys

Hallmark's 2015 Keepsake Ornament Dream Book has been released, and we were shown that for 2015 they will be re-releasing the 2013 Rainbow Brite ornament. This new ornament will be available for sale online and in stores on July 11th. Brite Cast released episode #13 where we discuss the new merchandise coming out this year, and interview fan Kenyth Mogan. And TopShop has new Rainbow Brite boyshort panties for sale online!

TopShop Rainbow Brite Boyshort Panties

Hallmark will be releasing new classic style dolls, itty bittys, and a new book in August of this year! They provided concept images and information today, which I included in a blog post. They look super adorable! :) Join in on the conversation on Facebook!

New Rainbow Brite Toys from Hallmark

Select Hallmark Gold Crown stores are now carrying Rainbow Brite t-shirts, tote bags, mousepads, mugs, magnets, mirror compacts and cosmetic bags! Click here to see a list of stores carrying the merchandise, click here to view comments containing pictures of the items, and below is my product review video :) Inventory is available while supplies last, and Hallmark will make decisions about future products based on sales results.

Brite Cast, the Rainbow Brite podcast, just celebrated its 2nd birthday! Listen to Episode #12 to catch up on the latest Rainbow Brite news and hear exciting reveals about upcoming Rainbow Brite merchandise!

Not only does Feeln have the new Rainbow Brite mini series - now they also have Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer available for streaming! :)

Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer Streaming

In the past month, BriteCast released a fan-filled Christmas video, Kit Neale released pictures of his Rainbow Brite inspiried clothing line, Missimo released two new Rainbow Brite t-shirts in the UK, Feeln hosted a contest to win #RainbowSwag, and BriteCast interviewed Mona Marshall of the original Rainbow Brite voice cast! :)

BriteCast 2015 Special #1

We had the amazing opportunity to interview Bettina Bush (the original voice of Rainbow Brite!) in our latest BriteCast episode! We also talked about Feeln's new Rainbow Brite cartoon, and how we feel about it now that all three episodes have aired. And listen until the end to find out how you can bring some Rainbow Brite cheer to the holidays this year! :)

BriteCast 2014 Special #3

Feeln's new Rainbow Brite series' season finale hit today, and OH MY BOWS did it drop a sparkly, colorful, explosive bombshell!! Rainbow Brite fans - this is a must see!! Your jaw will hit the floor and your heart will hit the heavens :) Do you trust me? Check it out for yourself! And if you haven't already, check out episodes 1 & 2 as well :)

Rainbow Brite Episode 3

The new Rainbow Brite series from Feeln has officially launched! Episode 1: Cloudy with a Chance of Gloom, premiered today at 7am PST. Click here to sign up for a Feeln account in order to watch it on the device(s) of your choice. Your first week's trial is free! You can read the credits list here :) Be sure to tune in next week for episode #2!


On the newest episode of BriteCast, we were given the exciting opportunity to interview the executive producers of the new Rainbow Brite series from Feeln! Give it a listen to hear the answers to many behind-the-scenes questions, and get some exclusive tips about this new show :) Also check out our previous episode, where we interviewed Patty and Michael Silversher - two composer/song-writers who worked on the original Rainbow Brite albums!

#BriteIsBack!! A preview of the upcoming Rainbow Brite reboot has been released by Feeln, and oh my bows is she adorable!! News sources revealed that Molly Ringwald will be joining Emily Osment in the voice cast, three episodes will play on Feeln starting November 6th, and Rainbow will be joined by her friends, the Color Kids! The new Rainbow has social media accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr, so be sure to follow them for the latest news. And Renee and I recorded a "first reactions" episode of BriteCast regarding the big reveal. Stay tuned! :)

The New Rainbow Brite

A new Rainbow Brite cartoon is in the works! Actress, Emily Osment, posted an image of an episode script to Instagram, stating that she was excited to be doing some animation work this summer, and signed off as Rainbow Brite herself :D

New Rainbow Brite Cartoon Script

Those are all the details we know so far. But that didn't keep Renee and I from squeeing and speculating ourselves silly on the latest episode of BriteCast :) Give it a listen and let us know what your thoughts on the new show are.

GameStop has an adorable Rainbow Brite backpack available through their rewards program! Earn 7200 points and it can be yours :)

GameStop Rainbow Brite Backpack

In recent weeks, Hallmark headquarters put together a Rainbow Brite exhibit for her 30th anniversary. It was designed to provide inspiration for their creative employee teams, and is currently being shown to employees in their 9th floor gallery. It is not open to the public, but a lucky fan was able to tour the exhibit and took photos to share with us! You can read more about it and view the photos and video here :)

Rainbow Brite 30th Anniversary Art Show Poster

RainbowBrite.net's Rainbow Land Museum has been featured in several news articles! You can read them on Metro.co.uk, Buzzfeed, Curbed, TruffleShuffle, ThisBelongsInAMuseum, and Uproxx. For more information, click here.

The Rainbow Land Museum

Several new girls t-shirts are being sold in Mexican Wal-Marts. I sure hope they show up in other countries soon!

Rainbow Brite T-Shirts

BriteCast is up to episode #7, plus a minicast and Christmas special. Click here to catch up on the podcast of color! :)

A new set of Rainbow Brite pajamas are being sold in Penneys/Primark stores! Sadly, there are no Penneys in the US, but they do exist in the UK, the Netherlands, Ireland, Spain, Belgium, France, Portugal, Germany, and Austria. They're not available online, but you can find more information about their stores here.

Rainbow Brite Pajamas

Elope Costumes, who brought us a new-style Rainbow Brite costume last year, now has two accessory kits available so that you can make your own, unique costume! You can purchase a leg warmer/arm warmer set and/or a colorful star belt to make your ensemble shine! These are officially licensed products.

Elope Rainbow Brite Costume Accessories

Hallmark has officially released their 30th anniversary Rainbow Brite ornament for 2013! She's being sold for $14.95. Click here to find a Hallmark store near you.

Rainbow Brite 2013 Ornament

RainbowBrite.net now has a sister site - RainbowBrite.org. This new site is a fan site for Rainbow Brite fans! Pictures of Rainbow Brite tattoos, fan art, cosplay, photography, collections, customs, crafts and fans can be found, along with fan interviews. For the fans, by the fans. I hope you enjoy it :)

RainbowBrite.org Logo

Brite Cast is still going strong. We have released episodes 3 and 4, which complete our talks on the cartoon series, plus a minicast about the new Rainbow Brite. Check them out here.

Brite Cast episode #2 is available for download. In this episode, we discuss several of the Rainbow Brite cartoon episodes, including a lost episode! Check it out :)

K-Mart has a new 2-sided girls Rainbow Brite tee for sale!

Rainbow Brite Tee from K-Mart

Renee Stowe of RainbowBrite.co.uk and myself have launched Brite Cast - the Rainbow Brite podcast! In the future, we'll be tackling topics such as the cartoon series, the dolls, the books, and more. In this first episode, learn about Rainbow Brite's history on the Internet, and all about your hosts. You can listen from the website, download the mp3, subscribe via Itunes, etc. Brite Cast is also on Facebook and Twitter. Just click the image below to get started :) I have also added a Podcast link to the navigation bar above, so you can easily find it in the future. Have a rainbow day!

Brite Cast Logo

Hallmark will be releasing a new Rainbow Brite Christmas ornament for her 30th anniversary next year! This photo was taken at New York Comic Con.
Thanks to RainbowBrite.co.uk for the tip!

Rainbow Brite Christmas Ornament 2013

80sTees.com has introduced a Rainbow Brite Snood! Just in time for the winter holidays :)

Rainbow Brite Snood

Spencers has a new Rainbow Brite item for sale! Adorable lanyards! Click here to find a store near you. Thanks to RainbowBrite.co.uk for the tip and photo!

Rainbow Brite Lanyard


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