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News Item #1 (9/17/15): TruffleShuffle.com's new range of Rainbow Brite merchandise is now available for purchase! Due to licensing issues, these products cannot be shipped to the USA or Canada, but they are available to fans in many other countries around the world. Check them out here! We've also gotten our first glance at the upcoming Rainbow Brite doll from Jackie at TheToyInsider. Starlite will be available in October, and Rainbow Brite will be available in November. To see and purchase Hallmark's other Rainbow Brite merchandise, click here :)

Truffle Shuffle introduces their Rainbow Brite range

News Item #2 (8/21/15): Brite Cast episode #16 is now available! Join us as we discuss recent merchandise releases, upcoming releases from Hallmark and TruffleShuffle, the official new Rainbow Brite website, YouTube uploads and more. Plus we announce our Itty Bitty Give-Away contest winner!

News Item #3 (8/21/15): The 4 character Collector Set and large Twink doll are now showing up in Hallmark stores as well! Some items are even appearing in Canadian Hallmarks! If your local stores don't have the merchandise yet, give them a call and they can order them for you. TruffleShuffle.com also recently launched a preview of their new range of Rainbow Brite merchandise, which will be available the second week in September (not available to US and Canadian fans). Be sure to check them out! And below are my latest review videos :)

News Item #4 (8/7/15): Hallmark's new Classic Rainbow Brite itty bittys and a brand new Rainbow Brite book are now showing up in Hallmark stores! A 4-character Collector Set (containing Red Butler, Indigo, Romeo and Hammy) will be arriving there shortly as well. These items are not available online yet, but will be on Hallmark.com later this month. Below is my review video of the new itty bittys and book :)

Rainbow Brite merchandise by RedBubble



Check out the News page for info you may have missed!

Featured Items: Starlite Pillow Doll / Rainbow Brite T-Shirt from 80sTees.com

Starlite Pillow Pet

Available from Amazon.com for $14.95.

  • Super soft pillow pet
  • 17 x 2 x 23 inches
  • 1 pound

Yellow Rainbow Brite Shirt

Available from 80sTees.com for $26.00.

This Junk Food Brand tee features Rainbow Brite. The colorful little girl is sitting atop a rainbow with her chin resting in her hands.

* Light Yellow
* 50% cotton / 50% polyester
* Distressed
* Super Softness
* Tagged

Available in Junior/Ladies Small, Medium, Large and X-Large

Featured Fan Art:

Featured Cosplay:

Rainbow Brite Fan Art

Rainbow Brite Cosplay


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