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News Item #1 (7/15/14): BREAKING NEWS!! A new Rainbow Brite cartoon is in the works! Actress, Emily Osment, posted an image of an episode script to Instagram, stating that she was excited to be doing some animation work this summer, and signed off as Rainbow Brite herself :D

New Rainbow Brite Cartoon Script

Those are all the details we know so far. But that didn't keep Renee and I from squeeing and speculating ourselves silly on the latest episode of BriteCast :) Give it a listen and let us know what your thoughts on the new show are.

TwinkNews Item #2 (6/20/14): GameStop has an adorable Rainbow Brite backpack available through their rewards program! Earn 7200 points and it can be yours :)

GameStop Rainbow Brite Backpack

Kitty BriteNews Item #3 (4/11/14): In recent weeks, Hallmark headquarters put together a Rainbow Brite exhibit for her 30th anniversary. It was designed to provide inspiration for their creative employee teams, and is currently being shown to employees in their 9th floor gallery. It is not open to the public, but a lucky fan was able to tour the exhibit and took photos to share with us! You can read more about it and view the photos and video here :)

Rainbow Brite 30th Anniversary Art Show Poster

Ebay.com for Rainbow Brite Collectibles

Check out the News page for info you may have missed!

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