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News Item #1 (8/12/16): RainbowBrite.net is now on Patreon! I've given Rainbow Brite a home on the internet for almost 20 years. And while there are still things I have in store for the site that I can accomplish myself, I'm also at the point where I need some help. It's time to tackle the big projects that fans have wanted for years, but were too difficult for one person to do. So take a look at the reward levels and become a patron today! :)

News Item #2 (8/5/16): A new Rainbow Brite book has been released, and this one is extra special. It's the first ever Rainbow Brite book geared towards adults! It's full of adorable artwork and quotes to cheer you up on your gloomiest days. You can pick one up at a Hallmark store near you :)

Wit and Wisdom of Rainbow Brite

News Item #3 (6/27/16): Thirty-two years ago today, Rainbow Brite brought more color than ever to American TV screens. But there's much more to our favorite darling than meets the eye! On this anniversary, check out Kenyth Mogan's article on The Colorful History of Rainbow Brite, and listen to our latest episode of Brite Cast where we interviewed him :) This never-before seen or heard info will blow your minds!

The Colorful History of Rainbow Brite

News Item #4 (6/8/16): The Limited Edition Shy Violet itty bitty is here, and she's adorable!! She was only available online and sold out in 2.5 days! Hopefully that means that more Rainbow Brite characters will be coming down the line :)

News Item #5 (5/31/16): Hallmark is releasing brand new Rainbow Brite greeting cards!! Watch this video to see all seven, and find out how to order them for yourself:

News Item #6 (5/17/16): Join us for Brite Cast episode 20, where we discuss Hallmark's latest Rainbow Brite advertisements, upcoming Rainbow Brite history lessons, new clothing, and other upcoming Rainbow Brite merchandise to keep your eyes peeled for! :)

Rainbow Brite merchandise by Truffle Shuffle

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