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News Item #1 (3/27/15): Hallmark will be releasing new classic style dolls, itty bittys, and a new book in August of this year! They provided concept images and information today, which I included in a blog post. They look super adorable! :) Join in on the conversation on Facebook!

New Rainbow Brite Toys from Hallmark

News Item #2 (3/19/15): Select Hallmark Gold Crown stores are now carrying Rainbow Brite t-shirts, tote bags, mousepads, mugs, magnets, mirror compacts and cosmetic bags! Click here to see a list of stores carrying the merchandise, click here to view comments containing pictures of the items, and below is my product review video :) Inventory is available while supplies last, and Hallmark will make decisions about future products based on sales results.

News Item #3 (3/18/15): Brite Cast, the Rainbow Brite podcast, just celebrated its 2nd birthday! Listen to Episode #12 to catch up on the latest Rainbow Brite news and hear exciting reveals about upcoming Rainbow Brite merchandise!

News Item #4 (2/5/15): Not only does Feeln have the new Rainbow Brite mini series - now they also have Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer available for streaming! :)

Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer Streaming

News Item #5 (1/12/15): In the past month, BriteCast released a fan-filled Christmas video, Kit Neale released pictures of his Rainbow Brite inspiried clothing line, Missimo released new Rainbow Brite t-shirts in the UK, Feeln hosted a contest to win #RainbowSwag, and BriteCast interviewed Mona Marshall of the original Rainbow Brite voice cast! :)

BriteCast 2015 Special #1

New Rainbow Brite Cartoon by Feeln

Check out the News page for info you may have missed!

Featured Items: Starlite Pillow Doll / Rainbow Brite T-Shirt from 80sTees.com

Starlite Pillow Pet

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  • Super soft pillow pet
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Yellow Rainbow Brite Shirt

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This Junk Food Brand tee features Rainbow Brite. The colorful little girl is sitting atop a rainbow with her chin resting in her hands.

* Light Yellow
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Available in Junior/Ladies Small, Medium, Large and X-Large

Featured Fan Art:

Featured Cosplay:

Rainbow Brite Fan Art

Rainbow Brite Cosplay


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