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Rainbow Brite and the Big Color Mix-Up
by Leslie McGuire

Far away at the end of the rainbow, there is a magical place called Rainbow Land. Rainbow Brite, her horse Starlite, the Color Kids and all the little sprites live there.

Rainbow Brite is a lovable little girl who uses magic Star Sprinkles to color our world and make our lives brighter and happier. The Color Kids, Rainbow Brite's helpers, make sure there are always enough Star Sprinkles on hand.

Come and meet the Color Kids. Buddy Blue loves sports.  He is always organizing teams and activities.  He is in charge of the color blue.

Shy Violet is very, very smart. She loves to read and write and solve problems.  She is in charge of violet. Indigo is very beautiful and would love to be an actress.  Her color is indigo.

Canary Yellow is a cheerful little girl who loves to make everyone smile.  Yellow is her specialty.
Patty O' Green, a mischievous little imp who always likes a practical joke, is in charge of green.

Red Butler, dashing, daring, and smooth-talking is always in search of new adventures.  His color is red. LaLa Orange, frilly and flirtatious, knows just want she wants, and usually gets it.  She has a very big crush on Red Butler.  Orange is her color.

Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids live in the Color Castle.  The Color Castle has star-shaped windows and rainbow-arched doorways.  It's the happiest home there ever was.  Starlite, Rainbow Brite's magical flying horse, loves to eat the sweet clover that grows all around the castle.

The sprites -- the furry little workers of Rainbow Land -- live in little dome-shaped houses.  They work in the mines and Prism Ponds of each color area, making the Star Sprinkles.

"Come, everyone," Rainbow Brite said to the Color Kids very early one morning.  "I think it's time we brightened things up all over the earth."
"Let's go now, before anyone wakes up," said Canary Yellow.  "That way, everything will be bright and beautiful for them when they first look outside."

Rainbow and the Color Kids raced off to Rainbow Falls.  They quickly collected all the Star Sprinkles they would need.  Rainbow Brite's favorite sprite, Twink, bustled back and forth ordering everyone about.

"I think we're reading to go," said Rainbow.  "Twink, you come, too."  She called Starlite.  He arrived in an instant, and they all flew.

It was a lovely day, but things did look a little dull.  The grass wasn't as green as it could be, and the red roses were starting to fade.
"I'm glad we came," said Shy Violet.  "All the colors can use a little touch-up this morning."
But then, just as the Color Kids got out their Star Sprinkles, something very strange began to happen.

"Oh, no.  What is it?" cried LaLa Orange.
"Don't worry, LaLa," Red Butler answered, sounding very strong and brave. "I'll take care of everything!"
But there was nothing he could do.  There was nothing anyone could do.  A dark gray fog was rolling in over the hills.  At first it was thin and wispy, but soon it was as thick as pea soup!

"I can't see!" yelled Buddy Blue.
"Where is everybody?" cried Indigo.  "I'm scared!"
"Don't worry," Canary Yellow said firmly. "It's just a fog, and it will probably go away soon."
"Soon isn't soon enough!" yelled Patty O' Green.  "I can't even find myself!"
"Ouch!" squeaked Twink.

"Be careful, everyone," said Rainbow Brite.  But it was too late. Patty O' Green tripped on a log.  Her Star Sprinkles flew up in the air. Buddy Blue fell over Patty O' Green.  His Star Sprinkles sprayed out

Canary Yellow bumped into a tree.  She dropped her Star Sprinkles and couldn't find them anywhere.
LaLa Orange got so upset she was afraid to move.  But she forgot to hold onto her Star Sprinkles, and they fell to the ground.

Shy Violet ran into Red Butler.  She threw her Star Sprinkles up in the air. Red Butler stumbled around trying to help.  He fell into the lake.

Indigo sat down right where she was and started to cry. Twink found Starlite--or what he thought was Starlite--and held onto his leg as tightly as he could.

Then, just as suddenly as it had come, the fog lifted. Rainbow Brite, the Color Kids, Starlite, and Twink gazed around in horror!

The grass was yellow and orange, and the sky was green.  The lake was red, and the leaves were violet.  All the flowers were indigo and blue!

"Oh, no!" cried LaLa Orange.  "What a terrible mix-up!"
"Quick!" said Rainbow Brite.  "We'd better have a fast fix-up!"
The Color Kids found their Star Sprinkles and started working.
"Hurry," cried Shy Violet.  "We must get finished before everybody wakes up!"

Soon the grass was green as grass, and the leaves were back to green, too. The sky was blue as sky, and the lake was blue again, too. The violets were violet. The roses were red. The daffodils were yellow, and the pansies were orange. Everything was right again.

"We did it!" yelled Rainbow Brite.  Starlite pawed the ground in delight, while Twink danced all around the happy Color Kids.
"It's time we got back to Rainbow Land," said Indigo.  "All the people will be awake again.

Rainbow, Starlite, Twink, and the Color Kids all flew up into the sky on a rainbow.  Starlite was so pleased, he took a nice long dip and swooped back close to the ground for another look.
"Good idea, Starlite," said Rainbow Brite.  "Let's check and make sure that everything is back the way it's supposed to be."

As they took one last turn, Rainbow noticed a little boy standing at his bedroom window.  He was looking out, rubbing his eyes in amazement.  A little girl was standing next to him.

"I had the funniest dream last night," Rainbow heard the little boy say.  "I dreamed I woke up early, and when I looked out the window, everything was wrong!"
"What do you mean, 'wrong'?" asked the little girl.

"The sky was green, and the grass was yellow and orange," said the little boy. "The lake was red, and the leaves were violet!" 
"You silly thing," said the girl, yawning.  "What a funny thing to dream!"
"Well, maybe it wasn't a dream!" said the little boy, thoughtfully.
"Of course it was a dream!" said the little girl with a giggle.  "Things don't just change color like that!"

Rainbow Brite winked at the Color Kids and smiled a very cheery smile. "Wouldn't they be surprised if they knew the truth?" she laughed.
Then Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids, and Twink, too, all flew home to Rainbow Land. What a funny story they would all tell the sprites!


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