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Danger for Starlite

One sunny day, Starlite was drinking from a pool of cool water.

Suddenly, Murky Dismal appeared and sprayed him with a cloud of gloom.

The gloom cloud settled over Starlite's head.

"You can't get away from me now!" chuckled Murky.

Poor Starlite was helpless. Murky decided to take him to The Pits.

Luckily, Rainbow Brite and Twink saw Starlite being led away.

Rainbow Brite quickly sent a magic rainbow to move the gloom cloud.

Starlite used all his strength to break the rope. At last he was free!

Rainbow Brite and Twink took Starlite back to the Colour Castle.

Starlite promised to watch out more carefully for Murky Dismal in the future.


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