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The Disappearing Garden

Murky Dismal was sitting in his gloomy, little kitchen in The Pits. He was eating sour grapes, his very favorite food, and he was thinking. "Winter is almost over and soon it will be Spring. How awful," he mumbled to himself. "Rainbow Brite and those pesky little Color Kids will get out their Star Sprinkles and make the world colorful again. Just when things were getting perfectly gray and dreary, tool"

Suddenly, he heard the sound of laughter and hustle-bustle activity overhead. "They’re at it again alreadyl" he cried, shaking his fist at the ceiling. "And whatever it is they’re doing, I know I won’t like it!"

Up above, Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids were busy planting their first springtime garden. Rainbow Brite was very happy. Red Butler planted a lovely bed of red roses. Romeo sprite planted pretty red tulips! Starlite horse was helping Patty O’Green and Lucky sprite. He carried their box of ivy plants around the garden and they planted each one carefully. Canary Yellow and Spark sprite had enough yellow Star Sprinkles to plant daisies, daffodils and sunflowers everywhere! Of course, Twink sprite was busy telling everyone what to do. They all worked together and soon the garden was finished.

"lt’s the most beautiful garden ever!" Rainbow Brite exclaimed. Everyone was so happy, they danced and shouted with glee.

Soon, it was very late. "lt’s time to go home," said Rainbow Brite, "but let’s come back tomorrow and have a picnic!" Everyone agreed and left for home.

Down in The Pits, Murky Dismal waited until he was sure Rainbow Brite and her friends were gone. Then, he quietly sneaked up to the surface to see what all the commotion had been about. What he saw made him very angry! "Colors! Flowers! And right on top of The Pits!" Murky Dismal stormed back down into The Pits. He climbed up on a rock and grabbed the roots of a flower. Smash! He pulled it to the ground. Then another! And another! "l’ll show you, Rainbow Brite!" he cried. He worked all through the night. By morning, every flower from·the lovely garden was gone. Exhausted, Murky Dismal fell into a deep sleep.

Rainbow Brite and her friends returned to The Pits that afternoon and they were horrified! "All our flowers are gone!" sobbed Canary Yellow. "AlI our work is ruined!" She sat down and began to cry.

"l’ll bet Murky Dismal had something to do with this!" said Rainbow Brite.

"WelI, we’Il show him," said Red Butler. "We’ll just make a new garden. Come on everybody, let’s get to work!"

Everyone joined in and worked very hard. The sprites and Starlite horse gathered more Star Sprinkles. Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids planted new flowers. Pretty soon, the garden was finished and it was even more lovely than before! Everyone hid to
wait for Murky Dismal.

Murky Dismal woke up and stretched. He was very happy and decided to go take a look at his night’s work. Was he in for a big
surprise! When he stepped out of The Pits, there were beautiful flowers everywhere! "Oh, noooo!!!!" cried Murky Dismal. "Not againl"

Rainbow Brite and her friends came out of their hiding places, bursting with laughter. "Silly Murky Dismal," giggled Rainbow Brite. "When will you ever learn? Anything is possible in Rainbow Land!"

Murky Dismal just sighed and hung his head.


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