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A Lesson in Friendship

Starlite horse was so excited! Today was going to be special! Rainbow Brite was working hard in another part ot Rainbow Land. She’d been gone for several days and now he was going to see her. "I can hardly wait to see Rainbow Brite," Starlite told the Color Kids, "but l’d like to look especially handsome. Will you help me?"

"We’d love to!" they exclaimed. Everyone went right to work. Red Butler and Twink sprite brushed Starlite’s coat until it shined. The sprites gathered Star Sprinkles and Canary Yellow and Patty O’Green weaved them into Starlite’s mane and tail. When they were finished, the sprites brought Starlite a mirror.

"0h! l look wonderful!" Starlite whinnied, prancing about in a circle. "Thank you! Thank you!"

Murky Dismal watched Starlite from the shadows. "So! You’re off to see Rainbow Brite and you want to look perfect!" he mumbled. "We'll see about that!"

Starlite galloped down the Rainbow Trail and came dashing over the hill. He was going very fast! He saw Murky Dismal and the
mudpuddle, too! Starlite tried to stop but it was too late! Kersplash! He fell head over heels in the gooey, brown mud.

Murky Dismal roared with laughter. "Look at you! You’re a real mess, Starlite! Rainbow Brite will never love you now!"

Starlite was heartbroken. "l can’t see Rainbow Brite looking like this! Murky Dismal, how could you do this to me?"

Murky Dismal just laughed. Slowly, poor Starlite plodded away. There was nothing to do but go home.

When the Color Kids saw Starlite, they came running. "What happened?" asked Canary Yellow. "Are you all right?"

"No, l’m not all right," Starlite huffed. "Look at mel That awful Murky Dismal just ruined my whole day!"

The Color Kids hosed Starlite off and tried to cheer him up.

"Why don’t you go see Rainbow Brite anyway?" said Red Butler. "l’m sure.she’ll be glad to see you."

"No she won’t! l’m not special anymorel" And with that, he flew away to hide in Rainbow Forest.

Rainbow Brite surprised everyone and came home the very next day. They all ran to greet her — all but Starlite. "Where is Starlite'?" asked Rainbow Brite, concerned.

Patty O’Green told her their friend’s sad story. "He’s hiding in Rainbow Forest and won’t come out!" she finished.

Rainbow Brite went to the forest and called, "Starlite, l‘m home. Please come out. l want to talk with you."

"But I look so awful!" he whimpered, as he slowly appeared from behind the trees.

"Oh, Starlitel" Rainbow Brite murmured, as she ran up to him to give him a big hug. "What you look like doesn’t matter. l’ll always love you anyway... for the beauty in your heart."


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