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Games from the Rainbow Brite Treasury
compiled by Hilda Young

Pass the balloon

Rainbow Brite and her friends love playing this game.  You can play it with your friends at a party.  It isn't easy but it's lots of fun!

You will need:
Two or more teams of at least 4 players each
A balloon for each team (and some spare ones)

Choose two players to be Red Butler and Canary Yellow.  These are team leaders, and can choose their team members. The teams stand in a row facing each other.  Red and Canary put a balloon beneath their chins and on the word go start to pass it along their team.  Each player has to pass the balloon, under the chin, to the next player until it reaches the end.  No one must use hands or feet to help them.  If the balloon is dropped, the team must start again!

Magic Envelopes

Red Butler sometimes tries out his color tricks on the other Color Kids with great success.  Here is a trick you can play on your friends.

You will need:
10 envelopes
5 felt-tipped pens or crayons (red, blue, yellow, green, orange)
10 pieces of colored card; 2 red, 2 blue, 2 yellow, 2 green, 2 orange
safety pin
paper clip
an assistant

This is what you do: Before your audience arrives, mark five of the envelopes with a tiny spot of each color. Put a corresponding colored card in its matching marked envelope.  Ask your assistant to fix the marked envelopes to your back with the safety pin and paper clip as shown. When your audience comes in, ask someone to put each of the remaining cards into one of the blank envelopes and mix them up.  Put them behind your back and ask someone to call out a color. 

As you do this, quietly and secretly remove the marked envelopes from the clip and replace them with the unmarked set.  Bring the marked envelopes forward, making sure the audience cannot see the marks.  As each color is called out, select the envelope with the correct color mark and take out the card.  Your friends will be amazed!

Balloon Magic

One day, Rainbow Brite, the Color Kids, Twink and the sprites had lots of fun playing with the colored balloons.  They hit them up in the air and caught them again, and tried to stop them bursting on prickly twigs and bushes.

“I can push a knitting needle through a balloon without bursting it,” boasted Red Butler.

“Show us!” challenged Buddy Blue. So he did. You can do it too, and impress all your friends.

You will need:
round balloon (have some spare ones too)
sticky tape
knitting needle

This is what you do: Blow up the balloon and fasten it tightly.  Make sure it is a round balloon.  Stick two pieces of sticky tape on either side of the balloon exactly opposite each other.  Then, taking great care, push the knitting needle through the sticky tape, through the balloon and out through the sticky tape on the other side.  It does work!

A trick with felt-tip pens

Here is one of Red Butler's favorite conjuring tricks with which you can amaze your friends.

You will need:
felt-tip pins

This is what you do: Give a number of felt-tip pens to someone in your audience.  Turn your back on them and ask them to hand you one of the pens, without telling you its color.  You will be able to tell them what color it is. 

Turn around to face the audience again, with the pen still behind your back.  Remove the cap and mark a spot of color -- just a spot -- on your hand.  Bring this hand forward and press it to your forehead as if thinking hard, looking at the spot of color at the same time.  Name the color and then bring the pen from behind your back, with the cap back on, to prove that you are right. Only make a tiny spot on your hand because you don't want your audience to notice the spots and you may want to perform the trick several times.

A color quiz

The Color Kids love questions about color, so Rainbow Brite made up this little quiz for them.  See how you get on with it!

1.  What color is the Welsh Dragon?
2.  Which two colors do the panda the magpie and the zebra share?
3.  Who lives in the White house?
4.  What is a Cox’s Orange Pippin?
5.  Who was asleep under a haystack while his sheep and cows strayed?
6.  What color were the clothes worn by Robin Hood and his merry men?
7.  Which highwayman had a horse called Black Bess?
8.  Which wild spring flower shares its name with one of the Color Kids?

1.  Red
2.  Black and white
3.  The President of the United States of America
4.  An apple
5.  Little Boy Blue
6.  Lincoln green
7.  Dick Turpin
8.  Violet


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