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Practical Jokes

Canary Yellow bustled about her kitchen. She was baking lemon custard pies for Rainbow Brite and all her friends. "Oh," she thought as she took them from the oven, "these will be a treat!" She put the pies on her windowsill to cool and began cleaning her apartment for her afternoon guests.

Patty O’Green and Lucky sprite were hiding outside Canary Yellow’s kitchen window. When she left the room, they crept over to look at the pies. "Let’s have some fun and play a joke on Canary Yellow," giggled Patty O'Green. She whispered
a plan in Lucky's ear and the two mischief-makers took the pies and left.

That afternoon, Canary Yellow’s guests arrived. Everyone sat at her picnic table laughing and chatting. While Patty O’Green told a story, Lucky sprite sneaked to the kitchen and put the pies back in place.

"l have a surprise for everyone!" Canary Yellow announced. She went to her kitchen and returned with the pies. "They’re
lemon custard," she beamed, "and I made them all by myself!"

Everyone oohed and ahhed. Patty O’Green and Lucky sprite just smiled. Then, Red Butler cut open his pie. "This isn’t lemon custard!" he cried. "Canary Yellow, this pie is green and it tastes awful!"

Patty O’Green and Lucky sprite were beside themselves with laughter. All the pies were green! Canary Yellow was in tears. She’d worked so hard!

"Come on, Canary Yellow. Don’t cry!" Patty O’Green chided. "It was only a joke!"

But no one else was laughing.

Rainbow Brite shook her finger at the two tricksters. "This time you two have gone too far! You’ve hurt Canary Yellow‘s

Patty O’Green and Lucky sprite hung their heads and walked away. "I feel terrible!" said Patty O’Green. "Jokes are no fun when they make someone else unhappy. We’ll just have to find a way to make it up to Canary Yellow." Patty O'Green thought for a minute. "l’ve got it!" she cried. "We’ll go right home and...", she whispered a plan in Lucky sprite’s ear. Lucky sprite nodded his head with excitement and jumped up and down.

Patty O’Green and Lucky sprite worked all night. By sunup, their work was done. They went back to Canary YeIlow’s apartment and hid in the bushes outside her window. Canary Yellow woke up. The sun was shining in her window
and the scent of lime filled the air. "Uh oh," she said, sniffing. "l think Patty O’Green and Lucky sprite have been up to more tricks!" She got out of bed and went outside. "l better take a look," she sighed.

What Canary Yellow saw astounded her! There were pies everywhere! Dozens of them and they smelled wonderful! "I don’t believe it!" she cried.

Just then, Patty O’Green and Lucky sprite popped out. "Surprise!" they shouted. "Listen, we’re really sorry we ruined your party. We couldn’t make the pies lemon again, so we made lots of lime ones instead!"

"And invited all your friends!" added Rainbow Brite as they all popped out.

"Oh, Patty O'Green and Lucky sprite!" Canary Yellow smiled. "This is the nicest trick you’ve ever played!"


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