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Rainbow Brite and the Magic Belt
By Pine Grunewalt

One day Rainbow Brite was traveling from Rainbow Land's Blue Zone to its Red Region.  She decided to take a shortcut.  Instead of crossing Peacock Creek by Sparkle Bridge, she skipped over a nearby log that had fallen across the water.

"Oh, clumsy me, I'm falling into the creek!"  Rainbow Brite exclaimed, as she slipped on some moss and fell kerplunk! into the water.

In a moment she splashed her way to the bank and climbed out of the creek. Rainbow Brite was soaking wet, so she took off her boots and poured out what seemed like buckets of water.  She wrung out her hair ribbon and put it on the grass.  She took off her magic power belt, the belt that made her Star Sprinkles work, and hung it over a branch.

It would take a while for everything to dry, so Rainbow decided to pink some flowers in a field nearby.

Along came Lurky, Murky Dismal's bumbling assistant.  Splat!  Lurky walked straight into Rainbow's belt.

"Ouch!" he cried.  "What's this? It looks like a belt."
Lurky tried to fit Rainbow Brite's magic power belt around his waist.  It was much too small.
"No, it's not a belt," he said.  "Oh, it must be a necktie."  He tied the belt around his neck.  It was still too small.

"Then it must be a headband!" he exclaimed fastening it around his head.  It fit perfectly. Lurky ran to The Pits to find Murky Dismal. "Look, boss," he said.  "Take a look at my nifty headband."

"What?" gasped Murky Dismal, his eyes bulging out.  "That's not a headband, you fool.  That's Rainbow Brite's magic power belt.  Give it to me!"  He snatched it off Lurky's head and went inside the cave.

"Don't you know that with this belt I can rule Rainbow Land?  Now I'll color everything gray!"  Murky crowed. He put on the belt.  he pressed the magic buckle and shouted, "Everything in Rainbow Land turn gray!" Suddenly he felt the belt squeezing him.  It pressed tighter and tighter.
"Gosh, boss, you sure are getting thin!" cried Lurky.

The belt loosened. Murky Dismal groaned.  "I must have done that wrong," he said.  "I'll do it again!"
Pressing the buckle, he cried, "Didn't you hear me?  Everything in Rainbow Land MUST turn gray!"
Suddenly the belt started spinning Murky around until he was a blur. 
"Wow, boss, where'd you learn that fancy dance?" asked Lurky.
"I'm not dancing, you idiot!" came a muffled cry.

Finally Murky toppled over in a heap.  "This belt is crazy," he moaned, struggling to his feet.
"Maybe it'll work better outside, boss," Lurky said.  So Murky and Lurky went outside.
"This time it had better work," Murky said.  He punched the buckle.  "Turn gray, I say!"
What Murky Dismal didn't know was that the belt worked only for Rainbow Brite. In the twinkling of an eye, the belt lifted Murky and sailed him up high into the branches of a dead tree above The Pits.

"Be gone, you cursed belt!"  Murky cried, flinging the belt away. It sailed over Orange Meadows and Violet Valley, past Indigo Acres, Green Grange, and Yellow Plains, to Peacock Creek between the Red Region and Blue Zone.  It happened to fall over the very branch where Rainbow Brite had left it.

Rainbow Brite was just returning with a bouquet of beautiful flowers. "I quess everything is dry now," she said as she tied her hair ribbon.  The she pulled on her boots.  As she fastened her belt, she said, "Now I'll go and color the world and bring joy and happiness to everyone."

At The Pits, Murky Dismal was still up in the tree. "Gosh, I didn't know you were an acrobat, too, boss," Lurky said.
"Keep quiet and get me down!"  Murky replied.

"OK, boss, here I come," said Lurky.
"No, no, not that way," shouted Murky Dismal.
It was too late.  As Lurky climbed the tree, it swayed back and forth.  Murky fell -- right on top of Lurky!
"I've got you down, boss," said Lurky with a big smile. Murky Dismal only groaned.


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