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The Mighty Monstromurk Menace - from the Rainbow Brite Treasury
compiled by Hilda Young

Chapter One
Escape of the Monstromurk

One dark stormy night, as the thunder crashed and the lightning flashed around The Pits, Murky Dismal was busy in his laboratory.  A lighted candle cast sinister shadows on the walls.  Murky seemed to be talking to a bottle inside a cage!  The cage was securely fastened to the wall by a strong chain, and around the small bottle was a sinister haze.  It was strangely evil and very disturbing.

As Murky peered closer, it was plain to see there was something in the bottle.  An angry, brown creature swirled around in the bottle, grunting and muttering, trying to get out!  But its efforts only made Murky laugh. “Goodnight, Monstromurk!” he jeered.  “Pleasant dreams!” The Monstromurk pushed angrily against the sides of the bottle and snarled in rage. “You've been in that bottle for seven hundred years now.  You'll never get out, so you might as well give up the struggle!” mocked Murky.

He turned to leave the laboratory, but as he did so, a bolt of lightning snapped the chain holding the cage.  The Monstromurk moved about in a rage as the bottle fell to the floor. “What was that?” cried Murky uneasily. He looked around but it was too late.  The bottle bounced and rolled away, leaving luminous green prints in the dust.  Murky was suddenly filled with terror as an awful thought came into his mind.  He rushed over to the cage -- it was open! “Lurky, come quickly, it's gone!” he cried in fright.

“What's wrong, Murky?” asked Lurky, running up quite happily.

“The Monstromurk’s escaped!  Look at those prints in the dust!” cried Murky, trembling as he spoke.    

“Leave it to me,” grinned Lurky.  He seized a broom and with one great sweep he sent a swirl of dust flying up into Murky’s face.  Murky coughed and coughed! “There, I've got rid of all the dust!  Aren't you pleased?” asked Lurky with a big grin.

“You've also got rid of all the prints, you fool!” hissed Murky between his coughs.

“No problem.  I’ll sweep them back,” cried Lurky, his face brightening as he thought of this brilliant idea.  He seized the broom and started to attack the dust again. Murky angrily grabbed the broom. 

“I should have put you in the bottle too,” he snorted.  “Come on, we'll have to find it.  Look out for more prints!”

Away they went and soon Murky spotted more of the luminous prints.  “He went this way!” he cried and rushed down the stairs.  “He must have gone outside. The most ferocious fearsome creature I have ever created is on the loose!”

“We could go after it if it wasn't raining,” cried Lurky holding out his palm and feeling the rain.

“Don't be so stupid. Get out the Grunge Buggy, you nitwit!” ordered Murky crossly. They climbed into the Grunge Buggy and set off to follow the bottle containing the Monstromurk. As they followed the trail, the rain started to churn up the ground, making it very muddy and washing the prints away.  All night they tried to follow the track. But when dawn broke the rain stopped, the ground dried out, and the prints showed up bright and clear.  The bottle hopped and rolled over the gloomy border of The Pits into a bright field in Rainbow Land.

It was closely followed by the Grunge Buggy, and Lurky shouting eagerly, “Oh! The Monstromurk’s gone into Rainbow Land!”

“I can't let it fall into Rainbow Brite's hands until I find a way to turn its fury on her!” snapped Murky.

Completely unaware of what was happening, Rainbow Brite was just about to leave the Color Castle with Starlite and Twink.  They stopped to speak to the Color Kids and their sprites, who were just about to start a sack race.  Each Kid had his own sprite in the sack with him -- or her!

“Won't you join in with Twink?” begged Canary Yellow.  “It'll be great fun!”

“I wish I could,” sighed Rainbow Brite.  “But I have to go and spread lots of colors on Earth.  See you soon!” The Color Kids and their sprites waved happily to Rainbow and Twink as they soared away on Starlite's back.

From a hiding place beneath a bush, Murky and Lurky watched Starlite fly away. “Good.  That interfering little girl is leaving!” cried Murky.  “Now to trap the Color Kids and get the Monstromurk.” They skulked along behind the bushes as the sack race started.

“Keep jumping, Lucky,” cried Patty O'Green to her sprite.

“Come on, come on!” cried Lala to her little sprite.

“Go, go, Hammy!” cried Indigo. Red, Buddy and their sprites were soon struggling.  They were completely left behind the girls.

“Look, Patty, we're way ahead of Red and Buddy!” called Violet.

“I wonder why we are beating them so easily today?” cried Indigo, looking both pleased and puzzled.

Patty gave her a grin.  “It just might be that I left some potatoes in their sacks!” she chuckled, throwing a glance over her shoulder at the struggling Red and Buddy. Then Patty saw something hopping and rolling in a sack in front of them.  All the Color Kids stopped in surprise.

“Look!  What's in that sack?” cried Canary Yellow. Everybody jumped out of their sacks and went over to look at the strange sack.

“Stand back, girls!  Buddy and I’ll see what it is!” ordered Red Butler. Red and Buddy opened the sack cautiously.  The bottle rolled out among them.

“What a quaint bottle!” cried Lala.  “It'll look lovely on my dressing table.”

But as she went to pick it up, wise Shy Violet stopped her. “Don't touch it, Lala!” she warned.  “I can't be sure -- but it looks as if Murky’s Monstromurk is inside of the bottle!”

“Does the Monstromurk still exist?” cried Indigo.  “Why, it's over seven hundred years since it tried to destroy Rainbow Land.”

“Well, it won't try to destroy it again while I'm around!” promised Red Butler boldly.  He quickly threw the sack over the bottle.  Just when Murky and Lurky appeared carrying a white flag on a telescopic flag pole.

“Watch out, Kids!  Here comes Murky Dismal!” warned Buddy.

“I come in peace, carrying a truce flag!” shouted Murky.

“Do we?” asked Lurky looking puzzled.

“Careful, everyone.  It could be one of Murky’s tricks,” warned Red.

“Yes, and here's another of my tricks,” grinned Murky.  He lowered the flagpole and pointed it at the Color Kids.  A fog shot from the hole at the top of the staff, enveloping all the Kids, but fortunately, none of the sprites!  The Kids slumped to the ground as the fog took affect and Murky ordered Lurky to grab the bottle.

“That was the shortest peace on record!” he smirked. They grabbed the bottle and zoomed off in the Grunge Buggy, leaving the poor Color Kids trying to desperately to rid themselves of the Gloom fog.

“I...can’t...move...” cried Buddy, trying in vain to get up.

"We've got to try.  We need to warn Rainbow Brite,” sighed Canary. However hard they tried to move them found it impossible.  Murky’s gloom had them in its evil hold.

Back at the laboratory, Murky was surrounded by all kinds of sinister machines, bottles and chemicals.  He was determined to master the Monstromurk. “I just don't understand, Murky,” cried Lurky, as he held the bottle tightly.  “If you're so afraid of the Monstromurk, why don't you just zap it to bits?”

“Because, nitwit, its electro-magnetic force can suck all the color from flowers, trees, meadows -- oh everything!” cried Murky.  “It could plunge the world into a colorless, wonderful wasteland!” Murky turned to Lurky.  “I've got to find the formula so I can control it!” he cried.  “Guard that bottle with your life!”

“Right, Murky, I’ll just make sure the cork is good and tight,” replied Lurky.  But he pushed the cork right into the bottle and his finger stuck.  “Oh...er...Murky...” wailed Lurky.

“Now see what you've done!” shouted Murky.  “Get your finger out of that bottle at once!” Lurky pulled his finger out sharply -- and the cork too!  Murky and Lurky gazed in horror as the vapor started to rise from the bottle, and from its depths rose a huge menacing creature, which cackled away happily!

Lurky looked at it in wonder.  “Boy, when you create a monster you definitely create a monster!” he said to Murky who was cowering behind him in terror. The monster's huge arm reached out and grabbed Murky.  Murky struggled but the monster's grip was too strong for him.

“Now you will pay for keeping me imprisoned in that bottle for seven hundred years!” its loud voice boomed. Murky grinned feebly. 

“Can't you take a joke?” he whispered weakly.

“Now the joke's on you!” retorted the monster.  It grabbed the bottle from Lurky and forced Murky to look inside while Lurky covered his eyes in fright.

“No, please!” begged a terrified Murky, as the Monstromurk forced his head towards the spout.  But too late -- Murky was turned into a vapourish form and was sucked inside.  The Monstromurk slapped his huge thumb over the top. Lurky peered at Murky through his fingers. 

“You look sweet in there,” he grinned.

“Please let me out!” cried a little voice from the bottle.  Murky was pleading.

“Only if I become ruler of The Pits,” replied the Monstromurk, “and you agree to be my slave.”

Chapter Two
Rainbow meets an old friend

Murky Dismal was terrified of the Monstromurk.  He would have promised anything to be freed from the bottle.  “Yes...yes...I’ll do anything you say!" he sobbed.

“You'll make a good slave, Murky,” grinned Lurky, hoping to please his master.

“Shut up!” came Murky’s tiny voice from the bottle as he glared out at Lurky. The Monstromurk removed his thumb.  Murky emerged from the bottle in vapourish form and was forced to his knees by the Monstromurk.

“Kneel, slave!” commanded the Monstromurk.

“Yes, Master!” cried Murky.  He added in a hiss to Lurky, “You get down and grovel too, nitwit!”

Lurky knelt down obediently and then a thought struck him.  “You're not my master any more -- you're a slave!  The Monstroumrk’s my master now!” Murky glared at Lurky who quickly shut up.  They both looked up at the Monstromurk as he towered above them.

“Now I've brought you to your knees, I’ll bring Rainbow Brite to hers!” the Monstromurk roared with triumph. Outside the Color Castle all the sprites were doing their best to get rid of the gloom fog which surrounded the Color Kids.  Using leaves they gathered from nearby bushes, they began fanning the Color Kids.  The breeze they started gradually lifted the fog from the kids.

“Thank goodness for the sprites!” cried Indigo, as the last of the fog disappeared.

“Come on, we've got to send out the alarm to warn Rainbow Brite!” shouted Red Butler.  First, they ran inside the Color Castle where Rainbow lived.  They went straight to the room that held the Alarm Machine.  The Color Kids rushed up to a panel containing a button in each rainbow color.  Quickly they each pressed their own color button. The sprites watched excitedly as different colored beams of light shot out and joined together making one bright multi-colored beam.  The beam sent out a shaft of multi-colored light to the rainbow in the sky over Rainbow Land.  The rainbow itself started glowing and flashing as the color beam moved up and down the rainbow arc. The kids gazed up at the rainbow as it flashed out its message through the sky.

Canary Yellow said hopefully, “The alarm will reach her in time, I know it will!  It will -- won't it, Violet?”

Violet studied the radar-like screen of the Alarm Machine closely, as it registered the pulsations of the beam. “I don't know, Canary,” she replied, rather doubtfully.  “Rainbow Brite could easily be millions of miles away by now!” They all watched anxiously as clever Violet did some calculations on the machine. “Calculating the pulsations, the signal is oscillating at a ratio of x minus sixty-four millibeats per second...”

Poor Lala just couldn't understand all this scientific jargon.  “I just hope that it reaches her in less time than it takes me to understand what all that means!” she sighed.

Many many miles away, on Earth, Rainbow Brite, Twink and Starlite were watching antics of a frog on a lilypad. “I think that frog's left leg needs a touch more green,” smiled Rainbow. “Hand me a green Star Sprinkle please, Twink!”

“A frog's left leg?” cried Twink in amazement.  “Isn't that being just a little too fussy, Rainbow?”

“The frog won't think so!” reproved Rainbow gently.  She touched the Sprinkle with her belt and a bright green ray of color shot straight to the frog's left leg.

“I see what you mean,” agreed Twink with a grin.  The frog looked admiringly at his left leg and gave a happy little croak.

As Starlite looked around he said suddenly to the others, “Rainbow, aren't we in your friend Brian's part of the world?”

“Yes!  We are.  Let's all go and see him!” cried Rainbow Brite, looking very pleased. They turned towards the town where Brian lived.  The streets were almost deserted because of the early hour.  But, looking down, Rainbow spotted a familiar figure on a bicycle, delivering newspapers, tossing them expertly into doorways and porches. Rainbow and the others swooped down towards him. “Hello, Brian!” called Rainbow.  She threw him a kiss with her fingertips.

Brian looked up and saw them and gave a big grin.  “Hello, Rainbow.  It is good to see you all again!” Rainbow's kiss landed on his cheek in the form of a pair of rainbow lips. Brian caught sight of his face in his rear-view mirror and gave a gasp of dismay.  “Hey, get this off!” he shouted crossly, rubbing his cheek hard.

“Don't worry, Brian, it will soon fade,” promised Rainbow as she landed on the ground beside him.

“I hope it does!” warned Brian.  “I can't deliver my newspapers with this on my face!” Luckily, the color soon started to fade as Rainbow moved closer to Brian.

“Have you missed us?” she asked eagerly.

Brian looked rather embarrassed at this question and he stammered, “ Er...well I mean...that is...” He finger his collar and dropped a newspaper as he stuttered and stammered.  He flushed as he touched Rainbow's hand as she handed the newspapers back to him. “I've got to go...my newspapers you know...” he began as he pedaled off on his bike. 

Rainbow was disappointed for a moment and then she had a bright idea.  She pressed her Color Belt and strips of color shot out, scooping up the papers from Brian's bag and sending them flying, by magic, into the doorways down the street. “Thanks, Rainbow, but it's my job.  I get paid for doing this!” cried Brian firmly.

“So you don't want my help?” asked Rainbow sadly, as Brian approached a crossing.  “Do take care about crossing the street, Brian!” she cried, even though there was no cars coming along the road.

“I can cross the street without any help from a girl!” retorted Brian rather rudely.

Rainbow Brite looked at him sadly, but before she could reply, the alarm sent by the Color Kids pulsated down to them. “It's the alarm!” cried Twink in dismay.

“That means trouble in Rainbow Land!” cried Starlite.

“Let's go!” cried Rainbow at once.

“Wait, I'd like to help!” called Brian as he hopped off his bike.

“Don't worry, Brian,” retorted Rainbow coolly, remembering how he had responded to her offer to help.  “You've got your job and I've got mine!” Then, looking at his crestfallen face, she added gently, “But take this key.  Put it in any lock and you will find yourself in Rainbow Land.”

“Well, I probably won't have time to come,” began Brian nonchalantly, but the others were already soaring away on the rainbow.  As he watched them fly away Brian dropped all pretence of not wanting to go with them to Rainbow Land.  He delivered his newspapers as fast as he could so he could go home. “I’d better get up there and help,” he muttered, leaving behind a trail of newspapers in the most unlikely places -- a dog kennel, a bird bath, a knot in a tree which was the home of a squirrel.  One was even tossed into a dustbin and another over a washing line! Brian rushed up to his room and tried the key that Rainbow had given him in his wardrobe door.  “I hope it works,” he muttered as he turned the key in the lock. 

It did! As he opened the wardrobe door Brian gasped in amazement to see a shimmering rainbow there! “Wow!  I hope my mother doesn't see this!” he cried.  “She says my wardrobe is too full now!” Without wasting another moment Brian leapt on to the rainbow and a minute later he was being carried along towards Rainbow Land and his friends. Rainbow Brite and the others were also on their way back to Rainbow Land.  They were very worried about the alarm signal that they had received!

“I wonder what the trouble is?” mused Starlite.

“It must be something important,” replied Rainbow Brite.  “The Color Kids wouldn't activate the alarm unless there was real danger!” As they sped homewards the Monstromurk was already destroying all the color in Rainbow Land!  He stretched out his two huge arms, extending them until they reached over Rainbow Land.  His giant fingers began to suck up the color, just like a vacuum cleaner!  The colors drained from trees, flowers and fields, leaving everything brown and withered.  The Color Kids and their sprites, hiding in safety behind a house, saw the disappearing colors being sucked into the Monstroumrk’s fingers. 

Lala tried to take a closer look, but Red Butler pulled her back. “Look what the Monstroumrk’s doing to Rainbow Land!” she shrieked.

“Lala, stay down!  And you too, Patty!” ordered Red.  “If you get within the Monstroumrk’s range you'll lose your color too!”

“But we've go to do something!” urged Buddy Blue turning to Violet.

"What can we do?" asked Violet sadly.  “Without Rainbow Brite, we're helpless!”

But Red refused to give in. “Leave it to me.  I have an idea!” he cried.  The other Color Kids looked up.

“What is it?” asked Indigo eagerly.

“We'll wait here for Rainbow,” replied Red.

“Now that's what I call a really good idea!” mocked Patty with a grin.

Meanwhile, through his telescope, Murky had spotted Rainbow Brite flying to Rainbow Land.  “Rainbow Brite's coming back!” he cried.

“She'll never make it!” sneered the Monstromurk.  “I’ll suck the rainbow out from under her!” He started to emit a strong sucking power from his fingers, which stretched the rainbow out horizontally like a ribbon, pulling off some of its colors and one end was pulled towards The Pits! Rainbow gazed at Twink and Starlite in dismay as strange rainbow sparks flew around them.

“The rainbow -- it's losing its color!” cried Starlite.

“It's some weird evil force!” gasped poor Twink, beginning to tremble. “Oh, Rainbow -- what can we do?”

Chapter Three
The capture of Rainbow Brite

As Rainbow watched the color disappearing from the rainbow she realized what had to be done. “We need more rainbow power!” she cried and touched her belt.  All the colors shot out and recolored the rainbow.  The rainbow started to arch again and resisted the suction power of the horrible Monstromurk!

“It's working!” cried Starlite with delight. Murky gazed in dismay through his telescope as he watched the rainbow changing back to its proper shape.

“I can't fight the power of Rainbow Brite!” gasped the Monstromurk.

“Look, there's another rainbow!” cried Murky in bewilderment.  He peered through his telescope to get a better look at Brian who came into view riding on the new rainbow.

“I’ll crumble that one to bits!” shouted the Monstromurk, and he held out his huge fingers which started sucking Brian's rainbow towards him.

“Oh no, something's gone wrong with my rainbow!” cried Brian, as the suction hit the rainbow and its colors started to fade.  They started to splutter, spark and fade away.  The noise alerted Rainbow and the others to what was happening.

“Look, it's Brian!  His rainbow is starting to crumble!” cried Rainbow.

“He's going to fall!” cried Starlite.

“Rainbow, please help me,” begged Brian.  He was clinging to the last bit of the rainbow which was slowly starting to crumble.

“Hang on, Brian!” called Rainbow, and she touched her Color Belt. Using her magical powers, she shot out a beam of color which enveloped Brian and the remaining fragments of the rainbow that had carried him into Rainbow Land. The beam of color whirled him up in the air and then gently dropped him beside Rainbow Brite.

“What happened to my rainbow?” asked Brian, glad to be safe among his friends.

“I don't know, but I should think that Murky’s behind it,” replied Rainbow.

“We had better find out what's going on and save Rainbow Land quickly!” cried Twink, pointing into the distance. Very little color remained in Rainbow Land.  Just a few green leaves shivered on the brown withered trees.  A few bright flowers bloomed among lots of colorless ones.  A few green blades of grass grew in withered fields! As they neared the Color Castle Rainbow Brite and her friends were met by the Color Kids and their sprites, eager to tell their news.

Canary could hardly get out her words.  “Rainbow!  It's Murky’s Monstromurk!”

“The Monstromurk?” echoed Rainbow.  “I thought we'd seen the last of that!”

“It's a good thing I'm here,” cried Brian confidently.  “I’ll take care of it. Er...what's a Monstromurk?”

“Nothing that I can't handle!” retorted Red smugly. But everyone ducked suddenly as another suction blast robbed a nearby bush of all its color!

“Rainbow, you've just got to get the colors back!” cried Indigo.

“Yes, before Rainbow Land crumbles away forever!” added Violet. All the kids looked worried.

“Now just calm down, everyone,” replied Rainbow Brite gently.  “Let's all go to the Mine and collect as many Star Sprinkles as we can!”

The Color Kids and the sprites jumped into their brightly colored cars and set off for the Color Mine.  They all felt happier now that they had something positive they could do, and which might help get rid of the Monstromurk.

“Hey, wait for me!” called Brian.  As he hopped in the car with Buddy Blue he cried, “I want to help too!”

“Thanks, Brian, but mining Star Sprinkles is our job,” explained Buddy.

“So is fighting the Monstromurk,” added Red Butler smugly.

“I’ll fight it too.  What does it look like?” asked Brian eagerly.

“It's 30 meters tall with big fangs and giant sharp claws, and it spits fire,” said Red with a wink at Buddy.

Brian said weakly, “Oh, great!”

The Monstromurk was very angry because Rainbow had managed to escape.  “She may have escaped my force, but Rainbow Land won't escape!” he hissed.  “I’ll suck every last bit of color from it, and shrivel it to dust!” He lifted up his huge arms and stretched them towards Rainbow Land.  More and more colors disappeared. Meanwhile the Color Kids and the sprites were hard at work piling bags of Sprinkles onto Starlite's back.

“Keep those Sprinkles coming.  I’ll need enough to make a giant rainbow wall!” Rainbow called to the kids in the cave.

“That is a very good idea.  The Monstroumrk’s force won't be able to get through that!” cried Starlite.

“I hope not!” cried Lala as she and Twink rushed out with some bags of Sprinkles.  “If the Monstromurk aims at us, his color suction will make us lose all our color.”

“Hurry up, kids,” called Rainbow. Inside the cave everybody was very busy indeed!  The kids and the sprites were cheerfully sorting out their Sprinkles and putting them into bags.  Only Brian seemed at a loss, not knowing what to do, and the kids too busy to talk to him.

As Patty rushed by with her Sprinkles Brian barred her way by mistake. “Excuse me, please, Brian,” she said politely.    

As he stepped out of her way, he hindered Indigo. “Let me through, please, Brian!” she called brightly.

“Canary, please can I help?” asked Brian as Canary rushed by with her yellow Sprinkles.

“Everything's fine,” she grinned.  “Red's got everything under control.”

Brian saw Red organizing the sprites very efficiently. “Good work, sprites, keep going!” Red encouraged them all with a smile.

Rainbow appeared at the entrance of the mine.  “You are doing a great job, Red! I don't know what we'd do without you,” she cried giving him a hug.

“Now I know why red isn't my favorite color!” muttered Brian crossly to himself.

“Off we go, Starlite, let's hope it works,” Rainbow Brite cried at last. Away they went, spreading a large horizontal rainbow all around the land.

“I do hope it works!” cried Starlite, “We'll soon find out!”

It did work! The Monstromurk found that he and his suction force were beginning to fight a losing battle. “What's wrong?” asked Murky Dismal.

“It's that Rainbow Brite.  She's stopping my force!” snapped back the Monstromurk.  “Look, the force tugs at the rainbow and it bulges out, but then it holds firm!”

Back in Rainbow Land everyone was jumping for joy! “It worked!” cried Starlite.

“I hope it isn't too late to save the flowers and trees!” cried Rainbow. She touched her belt and the rays shot out once more.  It was as if she had turned on a shower of bright lights.  The shriveled trees straightened up, the flowers bloomed again, the grass sprang up strong and green.  The brightly colored birds played and sang happily again!

“We've done it!” cried Red.

“Every Star Sprinkle helped!” cried Lala, and Buddy turned a somersault of delight.

“Let's not get too smug,” warned Rainbow Brite.  “Knowing them as we do, Murky and the Monstromurk are sure to try something else, and we shall have to get ready for them!”

“Shouldn't we get some rest first?” asked Indigo anxiously.

“You're right, Indigo,” agreed Rainbow.  “But one of us will have to keep watch.”

“Red Butler would be best to do that job!” cried Buddy, and all the other Color Kids nodded.

“What about me?  Let's have a vote?” muttered Brian.

The Color Kids looked uncomfortable and Rainbow Brite went over to Starlite, “I think Brian feels that we haven't given him a chance to help,” she said to him. She went back to the others and explained gently, “Red, Brian's come all the way here to help us.  So we will give him the honor of keeping guard while we sleep.”

“Congratulations, Brian,” called Red.  “Keep a good eye out for the Monstromurk.  Remember, he's 30 meters tall, with big fans and giant sharp claws.  And he spits fire!”

“You've told me all this before!” retorted Brian who didn't like to be reminded that he might meet up with the Monstromurk!  “Don't worry, with me on guard, you've got nothing to fear.”

“I hope you're right,” muttered Red, as away they went.

What they didn't know was that the Monstromurk did have another plan.  He decided to send Murky out to capture Rainbow Brite. “Without Rainbow Brite, the rainbow wall will crumble away and my force will be able to take over the world again,” he cried.  “Bring back Rainbow Brite or you will be back in the bottle!” he threatened the trembling Murky Dismal.

“But, Murky, how can we enter Rainbow Land?” asked Lurky, as the Grunge Buggy left The Pits and headed towards the Color Castle.  “We'll get covered with color!”

“Put on this shield,” ordered Murky, and he jumped onto Lurky’s back to be underneath the poncho shield when Lurky put it on. As they went through the Rainbow Wall Murky cried through the shield, “Are we there yet?”  There was no answer from Lurky so he poked his head out -- and the top of his head turned several colors.

Lurky looked at Murky’s colored head as he hastily ducked back into the safety of the shield and grinned.  “I thought I was supposed to be the silly one,” he giggled.

“Shut up, or I’ll knock your head off,” retorted Murky. 

Soon they reached the other side of the wall and jumped out of the shield. Inside the Color Castle Rainbow Brite and her friends slept sweetly, although fully clothed and ready for action.  Even Starlite was asleep!  Outside, Brian thought he heard a noise come from behind a bush.  His heart pounded when he remembered Red Butler's description of the Monstromurk.  Then, he remembered how Rainbow Brite and the others were depending on him.  He had wanted to help and had been given an important job.  He would not be afraid! 

Then the bush moved so he cleared his throat and called out fearlessly, “Who's there?” To his surprise Murky appeared from behind the bushes carrying a white flag. “What do you want?” cried Brian, warily.

“I come in peace,” replied Murky waving his flag.

“But you'd better watch out!” giggled Lurky, as Murky pointed the flagpole at Brian, shooting out a cloud of Gloom Fog.  Brian tried to duck but Murky told Lurky to grab him and, as Brian struggled, Lurky put his hand over Brian's mouth, stifling his cries.  Now Murky was free to enter the Color Castle easily. 

He tiptoed over to Rainbow Brite and whispered, “Wake up, Rainbow!” When Rainbow opened her eyes she saw Murky bending over her with a sinister bottle in his hand.  Before she could cry out, she was sucked inside the bottle.  Murky ran off with it in triumph. “You can release him now.  I've got what we came for!” cried Murky in delight. Poor Brian stood helpless as the Grunge Buggy shot off carrying Rainbow imprisoned in the bottle.

Chapter Four
Race to The Pits

Laughing with glee, Murky ordered Lurky to drive quickly back to The Pits.  He had Rainbow Brite safely in the bottle. “Good, I can go through that pretty colored wall again,” chuckled Lurky happily.

“Oh!  I'd better duck inside the color shield.  I don't want to get colors all over my head like I did before!” cried Murky looking rather alarmed. Meanwhile, Brian rushed inside the Color Castle to tell the others what had happened.  The Color Kids sat up quickly when he burst into the room.

“What's happened?  Where is Rainbow?” cried Twink, looking around anxiously.

“Yes.  Where is Rainbow?” cried Starlite.  “She isn't here!”

“Murky trapped her in the bottle,” cried Brian, feeling very ashamed.  After all he had been on guard.

“In that awful Monstromurk bottle?” asked Patty.

“Oh no.  What can we do?” cried Indigo. Everyone looked at each other in dismay.

Meanwhile, Murky had at last returned to The Pits with Lurky and the bottle.  But something strange seemed to be happening to the bottle and Murky began to look uneasy.

“What's the matter, Murky?”  Are you afraid that I’ll get out?” came a little voice from the dark bottle.

“It's impossible to escape, Rainbow Brite,” sneered Murky.  “Why, not even the Monstromurk could break out.”

“Then you haven't anything to worry about have you?” called Rainbow from her prison.

Murky contacted his new master over the air.  “Murky to Monstromurk...Murky to Monstromurk!  Mission successful.  I have Rainbow Brite!”

Murky heard the voice of the Monstromurk issuing his order, “Bring her to me immediately!”

“Say good-bye to Rainbow Land -- it's the last time you'll ever see it!” mocked Murky to Rainbow Brite.  He shook the bottle hard, bruising poor Rainbow against the sides.

With Twink and all the Color Kids on his back, Starlite was trying to follow Murky and Rainbow Brite. “Come on, we've got to get after her,” cried Red.

“Fly faster, Starlite,” urged Buddy Blue.

“Fly like you've never flown before,” cried the Color Kids.

“It's no use.  I can't fly all the way to The Pits with all of you on my back!” sighed Starlite.

“Yes, you see, the barometric and gravitational spheres affect his aerodynamic impulses...” clever Violet tried to explain.

“Violet!  This is no time for a science lesson,” scolded Patty.

“There is another way -- through the Rainbow River!” cried Twink suddenly.  “It flows through The Pits,” he went on, “but when it reaches there, it turns into a terrible raging torrent with huge rocks that can crush a boat and everyone in it.”

“That sounds great,” said Patty. The other looked at her in surprise. “Yes.  Murky will never suspect that we would try to come in that way,” replied Patty.

“But it's dangerous for you kids,” said Starlite.

“Not for Red Butler,” cried Red confidently, and Romeo, his sprite, made an approving sound. “Sorry, Romeo, but it's too dangerous for you too!” cried Red.

“Well, I’ll stay here and guard Rainbow Land!” said Buddy Blue.

“I'm too big for the boat so I’ll meet you in The Pits,” cried Starlite. “We've just got to save Rainbow Brite.”

Romeo made noises of agreement and pleading.  At last, Starlite took pity on him. “All right, Romeo.  Come on.  We'll make it thorough The Pits together.” Starlite and Romeo set off in the direction of The Pits while Red Butler, Twink and Brian climbed into their boat.  The rest of the Color Kids waited anxiously in the Color Cave. The Rainbow River was fast-moving and the boat moved swiftly along towards The Pits and the dangerous rapids.

“We've just got to find a way to rescue Rainbow,” said Red.

Brian had been sitting in silence up until now but then he burst out, “This whole thing is my fault for trying to prove I was as good as you, Red.  She wouldn't have been captured if you had been guarding her!”

“Right,” smirked Red rather smugly.

“There's no need to agree with everything I say!” muttered Brian crossly. The boat began to rock from side to side, gently at first and then more violently.

“Let's not argue.  We're coming to the rapids now!” cried Red.  “Stop jumping up and down, Twink.  You'll overturn us all!”

Murky and Lurky were guarding their precious captive.  As he peered through the dark, thick glass, Lurky couldn't help noticing how the bottle was changing.  “Murky, look how pretty the bottle is now,” he sighed.  “The colors are even more beautiful!”

“I don't like it,” muttered Murky, looking at the bottle uneasily.

“Oh, Murky!  If you don't like it, can I have it?” pleaded Lurky.

“I mean I don't like what's going on, bird brain!” shouted Murky.  “That crafty Rainbow Brite is up to something.  Oh!  It's getting brighter...oh...” The bottle quickly became so dazzling that it blinded Murky and he lost his hold on it.  The bottle bounced on to the floor, and rolled out of the entrance to Murky’s cave. Murky and Lurky watched in astonishment as it started to roll downhill towards the bubbling rapids. “After it!  Quick, it's getting away!”

“Oh dear.  That's the end of our pretty bottle,” sighed Lurky as the bottle hit a stone and fell with a crash in the rapidly swirling water.  But Murky only laughed and laughed.

“Yes, but it's also the end of Rainbow Brite!” he chuckled.  “She'll never last in those rapids!”  He gave another laugh.  “Hee hee hee!  The bottle will be smashed against the rocks and so will she!  Now let's get back to my secret room in the laboratory.  I need to find the formula to bring the Monstromurk back under my power again.  Then he'll help me rid the world of all these Rainbow Brite colors!” Away he and Lurky sped in the Grunge Buggy leaving poor Rainbow Brite to her fate. 

The bottle was tossed about in the river but Rainbow refused to give up. Looking down at the rainbow on the front of her dress she cried, “Come on, Rainbow, don't let The Pits get to you.  You have the power to get me home.” She touched the star on the Color Belt and the rainbow expanded and expanded until, with a rush, it burst out of the bottle with Rainbow Brite clinging tightly to it.  It carried her high above the raging rapids and The Pits until she was completely out of danger.

Meanwhile, Starlite, with Romeo on his back, was flying high above the clouds. Romeo started to make excited noises. “Stop bouncing about, Romeo!” reproved Starlite sternly.  “I will need all my strength to fight when we arrive at The Pits.”  But suddenly he understood what Romeo was saying.  “You can see Rainbow!  Where?” he asked.

Rainbow Brite spotted Starlite and Romeo and waved frantically to them.  They swooped down to meet her. “I'm so glad to see you both!” she cried.

“How did you manage to escape?” cried Starlite with relief.

“I used the rainbow on my dress to get extra power,” she explained. Romeo then told her of their rescue plans. “What?” she cried.  “Red, Brian and Twink have gone down the rapids to help me?  Oh, I hope this rainbow can get us there in time!”

“But the rainbow won't hold us all!” cried Starlite.

“No, but it will hold you, Romeo!  You are light enough,” cried Rainbow. Romeo looked pleased as Rainbow Brite went on.  “Go to Rainbow Land and tell the Color Kids to put their Star Sprinkles in the river!”

“What good will that do?” asked Starlite, looking very puzzled.

“I hope that it will help us to get to Twink and the boys,” replied Rainbow.

“Hurry, Romeo!” Romeo jumped off Starlite's back and the rainbow carried him off, back towards the Color Cave where the rest of the Color Kids were waiting. 

Very soon afterwards, Patty O'Green saw that Lucky, her green sprite, was jumping up and down excitedly. “What is it, Lucky?” she asked.  “Oh, I see!  Here comes Romeo -- on a rainbow!” “

What's he saying?” cried Lala as Romeo bounced up and down in front of her.

“Rainbow's safe, but she wants us to throw the Star Sprinkles in the river?”

“I wonder why,” puzzled Buddy.

“She must have a good reason,” replied Indigo.  “Come on!”  And they all hurried off to collect their Sprinkles.

In the meantime, Red Butler, Brian and Twink were battling their way down the rapids in a small boat.  The boat was tossed from side to side. “Don't these rapids ever end?” cried Red.

“Steer clear of those rocks, Red,” warned Brian.

“Don't tell me how to steer this boat.  Just keep paddling!” retorted Red crossly.

“Don't you tell me how to paddle!” cried Brian.  “I know all about boats too!”

Huge rocks loomed up on either side of the river.  Twink saw them first and tried to warn the others but before he could speak the boat smashed against the rocks.  They were hurled into the swirling water which quickly carried them along towards a dark opening in the rock slide.  They found themselves in a high-ceilinged cave inside the cliff.  Red managed to find a handhold, pulled himself out and then helped Brian and Twink scramble out of the muddy water.

“I can hear voices,” whispered Brian.  “There's an opening up there.  We must be under Murky’s castle.  Listen.”

They looked up at a chink of light high above them. “In a moment I’ll have the formula to control the Monstromurk!” came the sound of a familiar voice.

“It's Murky!” whispered Brian.

“We're under his secret laboratory,” Red whispered back. Red, Brian and Twink clambered up the steep pile of rocks inside the cave and peered into a dark, gloomy room.  Murky Dismal was leaning over a table covered with bottles of evil-looking potions and gases. “

Shh!” whispered Twink as he heard Murky crackling with laugher.  “I bet Rainbow's in there somewhere!”

“Let's go to her!” cried Red eagerly. He started to climb over the rim of the hole into the room but lost his footing and started to fall. “

Be careful, Red.  These rocks are slippery!” warned Brian as he caught hold of Red.

“I know all about climbing rocks.  Just you be careful!” replied Red.

“I know all about climbing rocks too!” Brian snapped back crossly. But Murky had heard their voices. 

“Someone's in the cave -- spies!” he muttered. “Seal the cave and flood it.  Then they'll join their friend Rainbow Brite at the bottom of the river!” he cackled to Lurky. Heavy metal doors clanked shut over the hole at the top of the cave which lead to Murky’s laboratory and also over the watery entrance to the cave from the river.

“I think we're trapped!” cried Twink looking around in fright as the water rose over their ankles.

Rainbow Brite and Starlite, were waiting by the swirling rapids. “The rapids aren't changing!  Where are the Star Sprinkles?” asked Starlite anxiously.

“Be patient, Starlite.  The Color Kids will come through.  We can rely on them,” cried Rainbow, trying to cheer him up.

And the Color Kids were doing their best outside the Color Cave.  “Come on, everyone.  Kids, sprites -- tip the Star Sprinkles into the river!” urged Lala.

“Well done, Lucky,” cried Patty, as her sprite managed to tip a bag into the water, and all the other sprites followed his example.

“Hurray, we've done it at last!” cried Indigo with a sigh of relief.  “I hope it helps Rainbow Brite!”  The kids stood back and watched as the Star Sprinkles floated down the river and worked their magic on the water. Soon the dangerous gushing water became calm and then it hardened into a beautiful golden pathway.  This pathway continued all the way to the rapids and to where Rainbow Brite and Starlite were waiting.

Starlite called out excitedly, “Look, the kids have done it!”    

“Right, let's go!” cried Rainbow.  “We must find Red, Brian and Twink in The Pits.”

“I hope it's not too late.  They could be in terrible danger!” cried Starlite as they set off, galloping along the river.

Back in the cave the water was rising higher and higher. “It's no use.  The current's too strong!” cried Red Butler.

“Any minute now the water will come up over our heads!” replied Brian in despair.  The three friends tried to tread water but found it more and more difficult to keep their heads above the surface.

Chapter Five
Battle with the Monstromurk

Brian, Red and Twink bobbed up and down in the water inside the cave, trying to keep afloat and wondering how they could escape. Suddenly they heard Murky’s voice cackling above them.  He glared down at them from the hole in the ceiling of the cave.  “I just dropped in to say good-bye,” he jeered.  “When the water gets to the top, you go to the bottom.  Close it up again, Lurky.”

Unfortunately, Lurky didn't wait for Murky to remove his head from the hole. The metal hatch came down with a thud and held him securely.  He screamed at Lurky. “Wait till I've got my head out...you idiot!”

“Sorry,” giggled Lurky with a grin as they disappeared and the metal door closed again.

“Don't give up,” pleaded Twink to the others.  “We'll get out of this somehow!”

“Right!  Remember we've got to save Rainbow!” cried Red.

“Right...” agreed Brian.  And then he heard something!

“Duck, Starlite, we're coming into the cave,” came a familiar well-loved voice. Starlite with Rainbow on his back galloped into the cave on the golden pathway.

“Rainbow...Starlite!” they gasped, unable to believe their eyes!

“Come on, climb up,” cried Starlite with a chuckle and he dipped his mullet-colored tail into the water.  Brian, Red and Twink pulled themselves out of the water.

“How did you get out of the bottle?” asked Brian after he had clambered up on to Starlite's back.

“The same way I intend getting us out of here,” replied Rainbow.  “I used the power of the rainbow and the extra force of the Rainbow Wall!  Now listen, everyone, we've got to find out exactly what's going on.  We'll have to get into Murky’s castle.”

“Yes, we heard him planning something in the laboratory above,” cried Brian.

“Let's find out what it is!  I’ll need the rainbow energy from the river!” cried Rainbow.  She bent down and scooped some water from the river on to the star on the Color Belt around her waist.  A jet of colored water shot out and bored into the metal door blocking the way out of the cave.  The door glowed and then completely disintegrated!  Next, Rainbow directed her special rainbow beam through the exit and then upwards, circling The Pits.  Starlite galloped up the rainbow and stopped outside one of the shuttered windows of the castle.

“I’ll just take a peep inside and make sure the coast is clear,” said Rainbow. “Hush, listen.  Someone's talking.” It was Murky. 

“Now that brat's in a bottle at the bottom of the rapids, I’ll soon crumble her Rainbow Wall!” he said.

“What about the Monstromurk, Murky?” asked Lurky anxiously.

“I'm going to get him in my power again!” he replied.

“How are you going to do that?” asked Lurky eagerly.

“See this crown?” replied Murky with a cackle.  “I've activated it with my Memo Ray.  The moment he puts it on his head, he'll lose his memory!  He'll remember nothing except what I tell him!” L

urky looked at the crown curiously.  He bend down and picked it up.  Before the horror-stricken Murky could stop him, Lurky bent over and put it on Murky’s head. “It's a really pretty crown...it suits you!” cried Lurky, admiringly.  Murky’s eyes started to glaze over!

“Oh...no...” wailed Murky as the activator began to work.  “Who am I?  Who are you, stranger?”  He looked at Lurky blankly.    

“Stranger?  I'm Lurky!” cried his bumbling assistant, becoming aware that once again it seemed he had done something wrong!  Lurky grabbed the crown from Murky’s head and threw it on the floor.  Murky’s eyes quickly went back to normal.

“Nincompoop!  Bird brain!” shouted Murky in a rage.

“Oh, I'm glad you know me again,” cried Lurky as he received yet another scolding from Murky. Murky picked up the crown and checked that it wasn't broken.

“Monstromurk!” Murky called loudly. The group listening outside the window gasped!  The huge ugly Monstromurk whirled down and appeared above Murky and Lurky. 

He glared at them. “What is this, Slave?  I told you to bring back Rainbow Brite!”

“Do not worry about Rainbow Brite, Master,” grinned Murky.  “She is gone forever.  Now you can be king.  I will crown you King of Rainbow Land!”

“King of Rainbow Land!” echoed the Monstromurk.  “The moment I have been waiting for for seven hundred years!” He put his enormous hand down and picked up Murky and Lurky.  Murky reached over and quickly placed the crown on his head.  The Memo Ray fader began to work, and the Monstroumrk’s eyes went blank. “Who are you?” cried the Monstromurk looking in bewilderment at Murky.

“Your master!” cried Murky in great glee.  “I order you to crumble all the colors. First the Rainbow Wall, then Rainbow Land, and then the Earth.”

Listening outside, Rainbow Brite and her friends looked at each other in horror. “We can't let him do that to my world!” cried Brian indignantly.

“Or to Rainbow Land!” cried Red Butler angrily.

“We've got to get back to the Rainbow Wall before the Monstromurk tries to crumble it!” cried Rainbow.

The Monstromurk flew up into the sky above the castle carefully carrying Murky and Lurky in his hand.  Murky continued to give his orders. “Get rid of all the colors.  With Rainbow Brite gone, it'll soon be the end of color everywhere!” The suction force from the Monstromurk spread over the land whirling up everything in its path.  Any colors touched by the force immediately became gray. 

By chance, the bottle that had imprisoned the Monstromurk came flying up towards them and landed in Lurky’s outstretched hand. “I’ll keep this pretty bottle,” murmured Lurky.  “I like it -- it's pretty.”

Starlite, with Rainbow, Red, Brian and Twink on his back, had been following the Monstroumrk’s progress by moving along the rainbow high above the ground.  As they watched, the Monstromurk’s whirlwind hit their rainbow which started to sway and shake.  They started to fall down to the ground.

“Look, our rainbow is crumbling!” cried Starlite in dismay.

“And the Monstromurk has got all our Star Sprinkles!” added Twink. They all looked at each other as they heard Murky giving orders to go off to the Rainbow Wall!

“How are we going to stop him now?” cried Brian, trying to think of an answer.

“Without our rainbow, we'll never get out of The Pits in time!” cried Twink sadly.

The rest of the Color Kids were waiting outside the Color Cave, wondering what was happening.  They could see the evil Monstromurk looming over the top of the Rainbow Wall.  He turned his force totally on it and slowly the wall started to break into small pieces. “If the Monstromurk does get through the wall, it will be the end of all the colors in Rainbow Land!” cried Violet in a frightened voice.

“And the Earth!” added Buddy, looking very serious.

Canary looked at her friends who had been guarding Rainbow Land in Rainbow's absence.  “Rainbow wouldn't let that happen. She'll come back!” she cried confidently. She always looked on the bright side of everything!

“Quickly, let's get the Star Sprinkles ready in case she does,” urged Indigo.

Above them, the Monstromurk was preparing to attack Rainbow Land! “If the Monstromurk aims at us, we'll lose our colors too!” cried Patty, beginning to look alarmed. 

The Color Kids ran back to the shelter of the Cave and looked out anxiously. Starlite, with his passengers, arrived at the gap in the Rainbow Wall left by the Monstromurk.  They looked through at Rainbow Land which was having its color sucked up from every corner by the awful Monstromurk.

“The Monstromurk has got into Rainbow Land,” cried Twink, beginning to tremble.

“I’ll need the Star Sprinkles from the Color Cave!” cried Rainbow Brite. “Hurry Starlite!”

“Fly, Starlite!” urged Brian.

“Yes, please fly!” ordered Red Butler, echoing Brian's words.

“When Rainbow Land is in trouble, the great Starlite doesn't just fly, he soars!” retorted Starlite loftily, as he rose up over the clouds and through the gap in the Rainbow Wall.

“Look!  There's Rainbow!” cried Violet with relief, looking out of the Cave.

“And Twink and the boys!” added Patty.

As Starlite landed, Murky and Lurky with their new slave, the Monstromurk, came into view. “Give me a tap when all the colors have gone.  I can't bear to look at color,” Murky ordered Lurky.  

“Er, Murky, how many taps shall I give if there is any trouble?” asked Lurky as he suddenly caught sight of something.

“Two!” came back Murky’s muffled voice as he hid his face in Lurky’s fur.

“I'd better give you more than two.  There's lots of trouble coming,” giggled Lurky.  He started to hit Murky’s helmet.

"Stop it!  You're hurting me!” shouted Murky crossly.  Then poking his head out, he groaned.  “No, it can't be -- Rainbow Brite and her friends!  Where did they come from?”

“Three of them came from Rainbow Land and one of them came from Earth,” replied Lurky, trying to be helpful.

“Be quiet, you fool!” hissed Murky.  “Get those Star Sprinkles!” The Monstromurk turned towards the Color Cave.

“Guard the Star Sprinkles,” shouted Buddy when he guessed what they were after. All the Color Kids threw themselves over the pile of Star Sprinkles which lay in front of the Color Cave as the Monstroumrk’s powerful suction force swept down towards them.

“Watch out!” warned Brian, and before they could stop him, he stood in the path of the beam and took the full force of it.  All his color was sucked away and he was left pale and gray.

“He's missed us!” cried Violet thankfully.

“But he's got Brian!” shouted Patty.

“Thanks, Brian!  We owe you our colors!” cried Red.  The kids gathered round Brian and looked at his washed-out colors. Murky realized he was losing this time. 

“Let's get out of here, Monstromurk!” he ordered.  The Monstromurk flew up and away from the Color Cave, carrying Murky and Lurky with him.

Back on the ground Brian was muttering.  “That old Monstromurk owes me some new clothes!”

“Don't worry.  We are going to win!” cried Rainbow Brite.  “My Color Belt is now fully energized and working.  Come on, Starlite, we'll put an end to Murky and his Monstromurk once and for all!”

“Right!” cried Starlite.

In the sky above them, Murky was starting to panic.  “Quickly, let's get to Earth!” he cried in alarm to the Monstromurk.  “Crumble the rainbow so she can't follow us.”

“Not this time, Monstromurk!” retorted Rainbow as she used the full force of the magic Color Belt's beam on him.  The rainbow flew up around the Monstromurk, covering him with a tangle of colors which held him tightly.

“Get these colors off us!” cried Murky in alarm.

“I can't!  The Color Belt is too strong for me!” groaned the Monstromurk and he crashed to the ground, taking Murky and Lurky with him.

“You've done it!  We've won!” cried Brian, hugging Rainbow.

Murky and Lurky stood up shakily.  “I've still got my pretty bottle.  Look!” cried Lurky holding out to show Murky and the Monstromurk.

“Put it away.  The Monstromurk might...” began Murky. But it was too late.  There was a gurgling sound and the Monstromurk was back in the bottle.

“Quickly!  Put the cork in!” cried Brian.  He found a small stick and pushed it into the neck of the bottle. 

Murky and Lurky watched as the Monstromurk struggled to get free.  From the depths of the bottle came the Monstromurk’s angry little voice.  “I'm back in the bottle -- after seven hundred years trying to get out!”

“Oh dear, I think the Monstroumrk’s angry with us, Murky!” cried Lurky.

“Shut up!” shouted the Color Kids as they watched Murky and Lurky disappear back towards The Pits.    

“Thanks for helping us, Brian,” said Red Butler gratefully.

“Yes, thanks, Brian,” echoed the Color Kids and the sprites.

“Thank you for stopping the Monstromurk from zapping all the color from my Earth world,” grinned Brian.

“I’ll take you back there now, Brian,” said Rainbow.

“Right.  Oh, I forgot.  I can't go back like this!” cried Brian in dismay, looking down at himself.  He was still pale gray all over.

"Don't worry, I’ll fix you up as good as new before we set off,” promised Rainbow Brite.  With a touch on her magic Color Belt she gave Brian back all his color. “But you will come back and visit us again soon, won't you?” she said.

"Of course I will!” promised Brian grinning happily at them all.

"Well, this is just to make sure you don't forget,” said Rainbow Brite, and she drew a colored knot round one of his fingers!



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