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Peril in the Pits - from the Rainbow Brite Treasury
compiled by Hilda Young

Chapter One
Brian comes to Rainbow Land

Sam waited at the bus stop for his young master, Brian, to return home from school.  It was a dreary day.  The rain had only just stopped, and the little dog was very wet and sad and lonely.  How he longed for Brian to come home so that they could have fun together! A moment later, Sam heard the sound of the bus arriving and he gave a happy little bark.  Brian stepped off the bus and Sam realized immediately that something was wrong.  He looked up at his master. Brian looked glum and rather cross.  “No, I didn't make the team,” he admitted. “It isn't fair.  I'm just as good as the older kids.”

They began walking down the road.  Brian trudged along with his head down, and did not see the bright rainbow through the dark clouds.  But Sam did, and he ran around and around Brian's feet trying to draw his attention to the bright colors.  But Brian refused to notice.  He just walked on, kicking a stone crossly and thinking how unfair it all was.  Then Sam noticed something strange.  The rainbow seemed to be determined to be noticed.  It started to bend, and the end of the rainbow moved in the direction in which Brian was walking. “Nothing seems to be going right for me just now,” he muttered crossly.

Suddenly Sam heard someone speaking from the rainbow although he didn't recognize the voice.  It was Twink. “He still hasn't seen it!” cried Twink’s voice from above.  “He really must be down in the dumps.” Sam started to bark excitedly when he saw three figures sitting on the rainbow.  It was Rainbow Brite, Starlite and Twink, and they were all looking down at Brian.    

“What do I have to do to make that boy look at the rainbow?” cried Rainbow Brite, getting quite upset.

“Hey, kid!  Look at the rainbow!” called Starlite.

“It will cheer you up!” added Twink.

“Right!  Glum Face will see it this time!” muttered Rainbow Brite, and she touched the crystal on her Color Belt. The effect was quite dazzling.  A ray shot from the belt into the rainbow pushing it down towards the ground and reflecting every object around it.  But Brian still walked on, head down, right into the rainbow.  There was a big crashing sound and he was covered with all the glowing colors of the rainbow.  Sam was quite frightened by the blazing color and he ran to hide behind a bush.  He stayed there to see what would happen next. Brian looked down at his clothes and his hands, not realizing at first that he had actually stepped into a rainbow. “What's happened?” he cried, as he hastily jumped out again, but the colors remained all over him and his clothes.

“Oh dear, he wasn't supposed to walk into it!” cried Rainbow Brite.  “We'd better do something.”

“Yes, people would get to know about us,” agreed Twink, looking rather frightened.

“We can't leave him looking like that.  It wouldn't be right,” retorted Rainbow. “Come on.”

“What happened?  I'm covered with colors!” gasped Brian. Just then he saw Starlite flying towards him and ran for cover behind the tree where Sam was hiding.  Starlite landed on the ground and Rainbow Brite slid off. Followed by the others, she went over to Brian.

“Hey!  Why didn't you look up at the rainbow?” she asked.

“Who are you?” demanded Brian, trying not to show that he was a bit frightened.

“We were only trying to cheer you up.  You had such a gloomy face,” explained Rainbow Brite.

“Where have you come from and how does that horse fly?” cried Brian.

“Things can't be so bad that you can't even see a rainbow!” insisted the little girl.

“How did the end of the rainbow get down here and how did this stuff get on me? Brian continued with his questions.  “I can't get it off!”

“Goodness, you've got more questions than colors,” cried Rainbow briskly.  “My name is Rainbow Brite and this is Twink and...”

“I'm Starlite, the magnificent flying horse,” Starlite pompously interrupted.  “I'm the glory of the galaxy, the pride of the Milky Way.” Brian gazed at Starlite in bewilderment. 

“It talks!” he gasped.

“You can't shut him up,” laughed Twink.

“We're from Rainbow Land,” Rainbow Brite explained.

“Rainbow Land?” echoed Brian, looking very puzzled.

“Yes, we put all the colors in the world,” replied Rainbow Brite. Brian rubbed hard trying to get rid of his colors. 

“And with my luck, you've put most of them on me!” he groaned.

“Colors make you happy,” retorted Twink, rather disapprovingly.

“Happy?  How?” replied Brian looking puzzled.

“I’ll show you,” chuckled Rainbow Brite.  “Twink, hand me some yellow Star Sprinkles.” Twink fished some Sprinkles out of his pouch and handed them over to Rainbow Brite. “Do you see that gloomy old bee over there?  He's not buzzing because he's lost all his yellow stripes.  Now watch!”  She threw the Sprinkles over the bee who turned bright yellow and buzzed away happily.

“Well, I'm not a bee and I don't want to turn yellow.  You'd better get these colors off me.  My father's a lawyer!” was Brian's rude reply.  Sam barked his agreement, and they both waited to see what Rainbow Brite would do.

“We'll have to take him back to Rainbow Land to get the colors off,” whispered Rainbow Brite to the others.

“We can't do that!” Twink whispered back in horror.

“No outsider can ever see Rainbow Land,” agreed Starlite, barely bothering to lower his voice.

“We can't leave him like that,” replied Rainbow Brite.  “Besides,” she added, “if people see the colors on him they'll know about us.”

“She's right, Starlite,” cried Twink.

“Of course she's right.  I taught her everything,” retorted Starlite stiffly.

Rainbow Brite turned to Brian.  “I can take your colors away, but in order to do so, you'll have to come to Rainbow Land.”

Brian hesitated.  “Me?  Go there?  I...don’t...er...my mother...” he stammered, desperately trying to think of some excuses.

“Suit yourself.  Go home if you like,” said Rainbow Brite winking secretly at the others.  “Come on, Twink.  Climb on Starlite.  It's time we were off!”

“Hey, wait a minute!” begged Brian.

“When your mother sees all that color...” began Starlite as he turned to go. That did it!

“Can I ride your flying horse?” he asked Rainbow Brite.

“Yes, and we'll get you back in no time,” promised the little girl.

“Wait here, Sam,” ordered Brian as he climbed on Starlite's back, and away they went.

“What's your name?” asked Rainbow Brite as they soared along the rainbow.

“Brian,” he replied.

“Right, hold tight, Brian!”

“I can ride a flying horse.  I'm almost eleven you know!” boasted Brian. “How old are you?”

“As old as the rainbow,” laughed the little girl.

Brian was quite enjoying the ride, little realizing that Lurky was watching them through a large telescope in Murky’s laboratory. “Murky, they're heading for Rainbow Land,” he called.

Murky was busy among his bottles and jars which hissed and sizzled and spluttered.  “When I've finished there won't be a Rainbow Land, or any rainbows at all,” he cried.  “When I put my plan into action, it's sure to succeed.  I’ll get my hands on Rainbow Brite's Color Belt, and use it to take all the color out of the world.  I’ll make the world and everyone in it dark and gloomy.”

“Are we going to Rainbow Land?” asked Lurky eagerly.  “I’ll get the Grunge Buggy.”

On arrival in Rainbow Land Murky groaned as he saw all the lovely brightness. “I hate color!” he shouted, as they hid the Buggy near the Color Castle.  “Color brings happiness and hope.  I hate them both!”

“If that makes you happy...Oh, sorry I said that!” cried Lurky, as Murky gave him a nasty look. As they walked towards the Color Castle, Murky and Lurky caused the grass and flowers to wilt and die with every step they took.  But a little sprite had noticed the withered flowers and he quickly drove off to the Color Mine to tell everyone what he had seen.

The Color Kids were having fun in the mine.  Patty threw some yellow Sprinkles at Indigo and turned her hair blonde for a few seconds. “Stop fooling around,” cried Indigo.  “We've got work to do.  Hey, little sprite, what's wrong?” she asked as he came rushing into the mine.

He was so excited, it took a while for them to understand what he was saying. “Murky and Lurky back in Rainbow Land?” gasped Patty.

“I’ll take care of them!” cried Red Butler.

“Me too,” cried Canary.

“Wait a minute,” said Indigo.  “We'd better let Rainbow Brite handle this.  Let's warn her when she comes.”

Meanwhile, Murky and Lurky were still hiding near the Castle. “How are you going to get Rainbow's Belt?” asked Lurky.

“With my Gloom Gun,” replied Murky.  “One squirt of this and she'll become so gloomy and hopeless that she'll lose all her will to resist!” Murky made a small Gloom Cloud appear and Lurky sniffed it. 

“It's tickling my nose,” he cried, and he sneezed. His sneeze shot the cloud right into Murky’s face!  He slumped forward crying,

“I’ll do anything you say.  Why resist, what's the use?”

“Oh!” cried Lurky.

“You dimwit...” began Murky, beginning to come out of the Gloom Cloud.

As Starlite approached Rainbow Land, Rainbow Brite and her friends saw the Color Kids waiting for them. “What's wrong?” she cried, looking at their anxious faces.

“Murky and Lurky are back in Rainbow Land,” cried Red Butler.  “And that means trouble!”

Chapter Two
Murky sets a trap

The Color Kids crowded around Rainbow Brite and they all stared in surprise at Brian. “Who's he?” asked Patty in astonishment.

“I’ll explain later,” replied Rainbow Brite.  Turning to Starlite and Twink she added.  “I wonder what Murky’s after this time?”

Suddenly Murky popped out from behind the bush, and trained his Gloom Gun on her.  “I want your magic belt!” he snarled.

“Yes!  Your magic belt!” echoed Lurky.

“Hand it over!” ordered Murky threateningly.

“And let you use it to make the world unhappy and mean like you?  No way!” she retorted firmly. Murky looked very angry, but before he could answer Brian cut in impatiently.

“Why don't you argue about that later?  I want you to clean me up and get me back home before my mother gets angry with me for being home late.”

Murky completely ignored Brian and shouted at Rainbow Brite angrily, “If you won't give me the belt I’ll just take it away from you!”  He aimed his gun at Rainbow Brite but, stepping aside nimbly, she touched her belt and a rainbow shot out, changing the dark colors into a large ball made up of bright colors!  The colored ball floated towards Murky, who backed away in terror, hiding beneath Lurky. Lurky turned into shades of glowing colors and flowers popped out all over his fur. 

“Look, I'm full of pretty colors!” he cried happily, much to Murky’s disgust.  “They make me feel happy!” he laughed.  “Let's all be friends!” Murky was furious and sprayed Lurky with a Gloom Cloud so that all the colors quickly disappeared.  He pulled Lurky towards the Grunge Buggy, yelling out as they drove away,

“I’ll get that belt yet, Rainbow Brite.  My next plan won't fail!”

Rainbow turned to the Color Kids and the sprites.  “I don't know what his plan will be,” she said, speaking quickly, “but you'd better guard the Star Sprinkles well, while I get the colors off Brian.”

“And get me home quickly...remember?” cried Brian.

Eager to obey Rainbow Brite, the Color Kids and the sprites set off for the Color Mine, little realizing that Murky and Lurky were already there!

“What are we doing here, Murky?” asked Lurky, as they crouched behind a bush near the Color Cave.

“We're going to capture the Color Kids when they come back to guard the Star Sprinkles,” chuckled Murky craftily.  “Keep down, bird brain, I can hear them coming now.” 

As they crouched low behind the bush the Color Kids and the sprites rushed into the cave. Inside the cave the walls still glittered with all the colors of the rainbow and the Kids sighed with relief as they saw that all the bags were still full of Star Sprinkles. “Good, they're all here!” cried Patty.

Just as she'd said that, Murky shot a large Gloom Cloud into the cave.  It floated towards the Color Kids, who were standing together in a little group.  The horrified sprites watched helplessly as the Color Kids were covered in gloom.  They behaved as if they had no will of their own. Murky grinned when he saw the state of the Color Kids.  “Get into that cage,” he ordered, pointing to a cage tied on behind the Grunge Buggy. Overcome with gloom and despair, the Color Kids were unable to resist.

“Why not?” cried Patty in a dull voice.

“Why resist?” echoed Red Butler.

“What's the use?” agreed Indigo.  A

nd without resisting they allowed themselves to be herded towards the cage. Murky picked up a handful of blue Star Sprinkles.  “Who knows, these might be useful.”  He chuckled and put them in his pocket.  “I'm taking these Kid back to my lab,” he told the horrified sprites.  “Tell Rainbow Brite to hand over her belt or she'll never see these brats again!”

“But why do we need the belt, Murky?” asked Lurky, as they drove back to The Pits.  “You've got the Gloom Cloud."

“The Gloom Cloud soon wears off, stupid!” snarled Murky crossly.  “We need the belt to spread the Gloom Cloud all over the world.”

Meanwhile, Rainbow Brite was back in the Color Castle, trying to clean the last remaining traces of color off of Brian's face. “Hold still!” she cried as she tried to remove the last clear Sprinkle from his nose. “There...it's...” she began, but at that moment the sprites rushed in, almost too frightened to speak.

“What are they saying?” cried Brian, unable to understand their excited shrieks.

“Murky’s captured the Color Kids!” cried Rainbow Brite.

“And he's holding them prisoner until he gets the Color Belt,” added Starlite, beginning to look worried.

“Yes...and that's the problem,” cried Rainbow.  “If I give up the belt, it will be the end of Rainbow Land.  If I don't it will be the end of the Kids!”

“Well, that's tough,” cried Brian.  “I'm sorry, of course, but now you really must take me home.”

Rainbow ignored him and turned to Starlite and Twink.  “There's only one thing to do, we'll just have to go and rescue the Color Kids.” She climbed on Starlite's back, and Twink climbed up behind her.  They hated the idea of going to The Pits -- they didn't know what would happen! Brian looked at them all and gave a resigned groan. 

“I suppose I’ll have to come along too,” he sighed and climbed up on Starlite's back. Away they went, crossing the border between Rainbow Land and The Pits.  Then there was a sudden rush of sound and Starlite was twirled round and round, and they all felt dizzy!

“What was that?  What's happening?” asked Brian anxiously.

“I don't know,” confessed Rainbow Brite.

“We've never been here before,” added Starlite. “We must be entering the dreadful, terrible Pits where Murky Dismal lives,” cried poor Twink.

“Oh no!” groaned Brian.  “I knew this was a mistake!”

Lurky was watching Starlite and the others through his large telescope.  “Murky, they're coming after the Color Kids,” he cried.

“I knew they would.  Let them come!” cried Murky in triumph.  “The Pits will destroy them!” He began to laugh as he looked through the telescope and saw Starlite being tossed about by the dark clouds.

“I can't fight these clouds much longer.  I'm getting weak!’ cried Starlite.

“Be brave!  I’ll try to get rid of them,” cried Rainbow Brite as she struggled to hang on.  She touched her belt which, after one spark, went dead! “My belt won't work in The Pits!” cried Rainbow Brite in alarm.

They all tried to cling tightly to Starlite as he plunged down a crevasse towards the rocks below. “We're going to crash!” shouted Starlite.

“We'll be crushed on the rocks!” sobbed Twink.

“And the end of us means the end of color in the world,” cried Rainbow Brite.

“And what about me?” wailed Brian.

As the rocks loomed nearer and nearer Rainbow tried to encourage Starlite. “Fly, Starlite, Fly!’

“I -- I can't” he cried.

“Try to remember you're the most magnificent horse in the world,” begged Twink.

“I've lost my power to fly,” confessed Starlite, looking ashamed.  “But maybe I can still do something magnificent!” And he did!  Using his powerful hooves as brakes on the rocks, Starlite slithered and skittered, down the crevasse, eventually making a magnificent, safe landing!

“Wow!  How did you do that?” cried Brian in admiration.

“Good work, Starlite,” cried Twink.

That was truly magnificent, Starlite,” cried Rainbow Brite, hugging him hard.

“Yes, it was!” agreed Starlite smugly.

“Right, now to find the Color Kids," cried Rainbow Brite.  “Starlite, what's wrong?” she asked anxiously as he flopped down.

“I can't even walk in The Pits, let alone fly,” he cried sadly.

“We'll help you, lean on us,” chorused Rainbow Brite and Twink.

“I feel so embarrassed having to lean on a sprite!  Me, the stately stallion of the Milky Way!  The heroic horse of the heavens!” cried Starlite.

“Well, you certainly haven't lost your power to talk!” retorted Twink. Dust swirled around their feet as they made their way towards Murky’s sinister laboratory.

“Boy, this place really is the pits!” exclaimed Brian in disgust.

“If Murky ever got hold of my belt, the whole world would look like this,” Rainbow Brite said quietly.

“Gosh, how awful!” gasped Brian.  “Don't let that happen, please!”

Murky and Lurky were both hidden behind some rocks, watching for Rainbow Brite. Lurky was acting as lookout.  “They're heading this way!" he cried.

“Good!  Now to set my trap,” grinned Murky.  From out of his pocket he drew the blue Star Sprinkle which he had stolen from the Color Cave, and tossed them into a small brown quicksand pond.

“What are you doing, Murky?” cried Lurky, as he watched the muddy color turn Brite blue.

“Turning the pond into inviting water to drink,” sneered Murky.  “They'll be thirsty after their journey.  When they stop to drink they'll be pulled into the quicksand!”

Lurky clapped Murky on the back, congratulating him on this great idea -- and knocked him straight into the quicksand! “Pull me out,” screeched Murky, panicking. Lurky only just managed to free Murky in time to hide again before the others arrived. 

Dusty and bedraggled, Rainbow Brite, Twink, and Brian were still helping Starlite who was growing dustier...but stronger...at each step. “I need a bath -- I'm covered in dust.  I look like a plough horse,” muttered Starlite.  “Oh, look -- water!” he said in delight.  He hobbled towards the blue water, which looked so inviting against the gray and gloomy landscape.

“Don't go near it, Starlite...I think it's one of Murky’s tricks,” warned Rainbow Brite.

“I refuse to go around looking like this!” retorted Starlite, and he walked into the water! “Oh..oh..it’s quicksand!” he cried in terror as his hind legs started to sink deep into the water.

“Starlite!  Oh, what can we do?” cried Rainbow Brite despairingly.

“Quick!  Form a chain!” ordered Brian, grabbing hold of a rock and stretching out his other hand.  Twink clasped it and held tightly, while Rainbow Brite grasped Twink’s other hand.  Rainbow grabbed hold of Starlite's mane and pulled hard.

“Try to climb out!” she pleaded. But poor Starlite legs went deeper and deeper into the quicksand. 

“I can't climb out.  I'm sinking!” he moaned hopelessly, as the others watched in absolute horror.  Was this the end of Starlite the magnificent?

Chapter Three
The Color Belt is stolen

Rainbow Brite, Twink and Brian tried hard to pull Starlite out of the quicksand.  But suddenly, Rainbow lost her grip on Twink’s hand and went flying onto Starlite's neck. She tried desperately to draw her legs out of the treacherous quicksand.

“Rainbow!” cried Brian as he and Twink rushed to the edge of the pond. He tried and tried to reach Rainbow, but each time he just failed to catch hold of her outstretched hand. “I can't reach. Take off your belt and throw it to me,” he cried. Behind the bush Murky grinned with delight when Rainbow started to unbuckle the Color Belt.  She held the belt firmly as she tossed the other end to Brian. “Right, Twink. Pull as hard as you can!” cried Brian.

As they grunted and groaned and pulled, Starlite's front legs appeared out of the bog and he struggled towards the bank. “Good work, Brian. Keep it up,” called Starlite as he neared the edge, with Rainbow Brite clinging tightly to his mane and the belt.  At last they were out, but the sudden force sent Brian and Twink flying backwards and Starlite and Rainbow came flying forward!

“We did it!” cried Brian in delight. But alas, he and all his friends had flown backwards into the cage which Murky had waiting for them.  With a cry of triumph, Murky slammed the cage door shut and seized the magic Color Belt.

“I did it too!” smirked Murky, echoing Brian's earlier triumphant words.

"It's all my fault.  If only I hadn't been so vain...” cried Starlite contritely as the Grunge Buggy zoomed through The Pits towards Rainbow Land, pulling the cage friends behind it.

“It's all right, Starlite,” said Brian.  “ We all make mistakes.”

“Not the greatest horse in the Universe,” replied Starlite pompously, throwing out his chest. Oh hearing this, Murky grinned and with a laugh, he shot a Gloom Cloud onto the belt, turning the crystal so dark it no longer gleamed and glittered.

“Now I’ll take all the color out of Rainbow Land as an example of what I intend for the rest of the world!” he shouted.  Standing up in the Buggy with the belt around his waist, Murky pressed the dark crystal.  It shot out an evil-looking ray diluting all the color in it's path, turning flowers, leaves and grass first gray and then completely colorless.  Even the colors of the rainbow became grayish black as they were touched by the evil rays.  Little by little the color drained from the land.

“Right, let's go back to The Pits,” ordered Murky.  “I need to make a Gloom Cloud powerful enough to last forever.  Then I’ll use Rainbow Brite's Belt to spread it all over the world!”

Back in their cavern prison, the effect of the Gloom Gun was beginning to wear off the Color Kids. “Let's get out of here,” cried Red, and they rushed to climb out.

“The walls are too high!” moaned Patty despairingly.

“What shall we do?” cried Indigo.

“Don't worry, I'm sure Rainbow Brite will rescue us soon,” replied Canary Yellow brightly.

“That's what you think!” cried a familiar nasty voice. The Color Kids stared in dismay as Murky let down a cage on a rope and, as he released the bars, Rainbow and the others tumbled out.  Murky pulled the rope up, leaving it on a ledge above the cavern.  “They won't try to get out now,” he said.  “The gloom in that colorless cave will soon destroy their spirit.”

Gradually the gloom started to affect them all, despite Rainbow's attempts to rouse them into action. “Come on,” she cried.  “We've got to find a way out and stop Murky.”

“Before he glooms the whole world!” agreed Brian, trying to help.

“There's no escaping,” cried Twink sadly.

“It's hopeless,” sobbed Canary and Patty.

This made Rainbow Brite and Brian very angry. “What's the matter with you all?  Murky’s got you all murked up with gloom,” said Rainbow.

“Can't you see?  He wants us to give up trying!” added Brian.

“We'll never stop Murky now, Rainbow.  He's stolen the belt,” cried Red.

“But we haven't lost hope!” argued Rainbow eagerly.  “Hope doesn't come from a belt!  It comes from inside each of us!”

“She's right!” cried Brian.  “Stop being murked out!  It's time to get un-murked!”

Gradually, Rainbow and Brian succeeded in rousing them all and, as they leapt to their feet, they cried: “You're right!  It's time to do something!” Watching the Color Kids trying to respond gave Starlite the enthusiasm he needed to find the energy to get up.

“Make way for Starlite, the magnificent un-murked horse.  I’ll kick our way out! But, although he gave a mighty kick, the rock wall would not budge!  Poor Starlite felt as if the wall had kicked him back.  “I think I'm becoming gloomy again,” he cried, looking very embarrassed.

Suddenly Twink had an idea.  “Don't kick the wall, Starlite.  Kick me!” he cried.

“You?” asked Starlite looking puzzled. “Yes.  Kick me up there to reach the rope that Murky left behind.  Then I’ll lower it down to you!”

“But I might hurt you!” protested Starlite as Twink gritted his teeth and prepared for the kick.

“Wait a minute. Pad yourself with my nice thick glove,” suggested Brian taking it from his picket. “It's lucky I had it with me.”

Twink took the glove, held it tightly behind him with both hands and Starlite sent him flying towards the rope. Twink turn a somersault and landed on the ledge.

“Well done, Twink,” congratulated Rainbow, as the little sprite secured one end of the rope and dropped the other end down below.

“Thanks for the glove, Brian,” he called.

“Up you go,” cried Rainbow.  And one by one, the Color Kids, Brian, Starlite and finally Rainbow Brite joined Twink on the ledge.

“We need to find Murky,” whispered Brian.  “He's probably in his laboratory. Let's go and look for it.  Don't make any noise!”

But try as they might, they did make a noise.  Starlite's hooves sounded very loud and even Twink’s bouncy little walk and the shuffling of the Color Kids could be heard clearly.

“There are too many of us,” Brian muttered.  “You all stay here.  Rainbow and I will look for Murky.”

“Very well, but at the first sign of trouble we're coming after you!” insisted Starlite. When they finally found the laboratory, Rainbow and Brian gave a gasp of surprise.  Murky, wearing the Color Belt, was busy mixing bubbling Gloom Cloud in a huge glass vat, watched by Lurky. There was a large volcanic opening in the roof, and beneath the opening there was an enormous hot-air balloon with a passenger basket below it.  The balloon was anchored down firmly with ropes.

“There's enough Gloom Cloud here to cover the world,” Rainbow Brite heard Murky say to Lurky.  “Come on!  Hurry up and put this in the balloon.” Lurky picked up the vat of bubbling Gloom Cloud mixture and carried it unsteadily over the balloon, watched anxiously by Murky Dismal who followed him up the ladder into the basket.

“Thery're getting away!  We've got to stop them!” urged Brian. 

He and Rainbow rushed into the room. “It's Rainbow and that boy.  Quickly, Lurky, untie your side of the basket!”

But as Murky nimbly untied his side rope, Lurky wailed miserably, “I can't.  If I was good at knots I could tie my shoes!”  He pointed to his untied tennis shoes while Murky glared angrily at him.

“Pull it off then,” he snarled. But as Lurky gave a mighty pull, Rainbow and Brian grabbed the one secured rope, and as a piece of the floor also came away, they found themselves rising in the air with the balloon!

“We're going up with it!” gasped Rainbow Brite. Just as the balloon was about to rise out of the hole in the ceiling, Starlite, Twink and the Color Kids appeared and quickly grabbed the rope to hold down the balloon.

“This'll stop them!” cried Murky, as he aimed his gun.  “I’ll spray them with the Gloom Cloud!”  But as he leaned over the basket, Lurky tried to help, with the usual disastrous results!

“I’ll pull up the rope,” Lurky cried happily.  But the force of him pulling from above and the force of the others resisting from below, turned it into an aerial tug-a-war resulting in Murky being tossed out of the basket!  As he fell out, the Gloom Gun fell from his hands.

“Aaargh!” screamed Murky, but Lurky leaned out and grabbed Murky’s foot. As he dangled in the air, with Brian and Rainbow clinging tightly to the rope, Brian reached forward and managed to pull the belt from Murky’s waist!

“The belt, the belt!  He's got the belt!” wept Murky, and he dangled helplessly in the air.

“Come on, everyone,” called Rainbow Brite, as she and Brian quickly slid down the rope.  “Let's go!”

At the same time, Lurky just managed to pull Murky back safely into the basket and the balloon started to rise. “Without the belt I can't gloom the world!” moaned Murky.  “Lurky, let the air out of the balloon!” He pointed to the large air-tube which dangled from the bottom of the balloon above their heads. “Slowly, slowly,” began Murky.

But Lurky released the air all at once and it shot into the vat of Gloom Cloud which was directly under the basket.  The air acted as a gun and shot the Gloom Cloud all over Murky and Lurky. It started to work immediately and Lurky and Murky soon sank gloomily down to the bottom of the basket, while it careened wildly towards the ground and landed with a bump. "It's just the way you like it, Murky.  Nice and dark!” cried Lurky, but the only reply he got from Murky was a great big growl of disappointment. 

His plan had failed. Rainbow Brite now had her Color Belt back and she used it to bring the color back to Rainbow Land.  Soon everything was bright and colorful again. It was now time for Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids to say goodbye to Brian.

"Goodbye, everyone,” he called as Rainbow Brite pressed her magic belt and a ray shot out making a long rainbow.  As the bright colors flashed out Starlite climbed the rainbow to join Rainbow Brite, Brian and Twink. A little later, Sam, Brian's dog, gave a woof of welcome and joy!  Brian slid down the rainbow and hugged him. 

“I'm back, fellow,” he cried. The others walked over to them. 

“Thanks for helping to stop Murky,” said Rainbow as Brian gave Starlite a goodbye pat.

“I was glad to help,” replied Brian.  “Well, er...goodbye!”

"Don't be sad,” said Rainbow, as she and Twink climbed on Starlite's back. “Always look up and see the rainbow.  Never let things get you down!”

“I will, and I’ll get into the team yet!” cried Brian firmly. He waved as Rainbow Brite blew him a kiss and a pair of rainbow colored lips appeared on his cheek.  Brian looked startled, and then he grinned.  What would his mother say?



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