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Positive Thinking to the Rescue

It was a lovely spring morning, and Rainbow Brite and Twink sprite were up bright and early. They had so much to do! Rainbow Brite looked over her long list of jobs. "First we'll color the meadows," she said. "We must make sure that they are luscious and beautiful."

"...and dotted with wildflowers!" added Twink, as he skipped happily along.

"Yes, wildflowers of every color." Rainbow Brite smiled and made an addition to her list. "What a wonderful idea."

Happy little Twink bounded so high that he shook the leaves of a tree branch overhead.

"Oh yes...and we mustn’t forget the trees!" Rainbow Brite concentrated on her list again. "We’ll work on those next. Let's see, we’ll need pink blossoms for the cherry trees, white for the magnolias, purple for. . . "

"Help! HELP!"‘

Rainbow Brite looked up just in time to see Lurky swoop up Twink in his giant butterfly net.

"Well done, Lurky!" Murky Dismal bellowed. "Now..." he glared at Rainbow Brite, "Come with me or the sprite is mine...FOREVER!"

Twink trembled with fear as Lurky loaded him onto the Grunge Buggy.

"With you in my power," Murky Dismal said to Rainbow Brite, "I shall make sure springtime never comes again. No more cheerful trees and flowers to depress me, no more disgusting blue skies or yellow sunshine. No more anything!" Murky Dismal laughed menacingly.

"Don’t give in to him, Rainbow Brite!" cried brave little Twink. "You mustn't give in!"

Rainbow Brite knew that she had to think positively. She shut her eyes and thought, "There must be a way out of this." And then, in a flash, it came to her. Rainbow Brite took a huge handful of green Star Sprinkles from her pocket. As she passed them through her fingertips, they began to shimmer and glow. Quickly she tossed the Star Sprinkles all over herself from head to toe until she blended perfectly with the trees and grass around her.

"Hey! Where’d she go?" Murky Dismal glowered at Lurky.

"G-g-g-g-gosh, boss, I don‘t know," Lurky stammered, forgetting all about his net as he peered behind some bushes.

"Drat! She‘s DISAPPEARED!" Murky Dismal looked confused.

Just then, Twink felt the net being lifted off of him. Next, he was lifted magically from the Grunge Buggy as if by thin air.

"Don’t worry," whispered the invisible Rainbow Brite, "it’s me."

Murky Dismal was astounded to see Twink vanishing down the green path in mid-air. "You bumbling fool!" he screamed at Lurky. "Now we've lost them both!"

Just as Rainbow Brite crossed the bridge into Rainbow Land, the green color faded from her hair, skin and clothes so that she became visible again.

"Gosh, Twink, that was a close one!" Rainbow Brite sighed as she hugged her little friend.

Twink grinned. "I knew you’d think of a way out." And he bounced up just high enough to wave to a passing bluebird.

"It just goes to show," smiled Rainbow Brite, "that a little positive thinking really can make troubles disappear!"

Then the two set off to finish bringing all the colors of spring to Rainbow Land.


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