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Starlite's Tail Shampoo

"We must get ready for the big colour parade today," Rainbow Brite tells Twink and Starlite. "We have to be sure all our colors will make the world bright and happy."

"Your tail seems a bit off-colour," Twink tells Starlite.

"Oh dear, I must look my best for the parade!" cries Starlite, looking at his reflection in the pond.

Twink bounces off to find Rainbow. Then suddenly Murky Dismal pops his head out from behind a bush. "I've invented a special colour shampoo," he tells Starlite. "My shampoo will soon put the colour back into your tail," says Murky, leading Starlite into The Pits.

They don't see Patty with her frog friend. "I must warn Rainbow!" she gasps.

"Are you sure it will work?" asks Starlite, as Murky pours some grey liquid onto his tail. "It will make the colours like new," grins Murky as Lurky fetches hot water.

"Starlite is in real trouble," cries Patty, as Rainbow tries to think of a way to rescue him. Right in frong of them there was a big patch of mud.

"Quiet everyone!" orders Rainbow. "The Grunge Buggy is coming. They must have left Starlite a prisoner in The Pits. What shall we do?"

"I have an idea," whispers Patty, giving Rainbow some green Star Sprinkles. Rainbow tosses them onto the brown mud and it starts to turn green. "Now we must hide."

The Grunge Buggy heads straight for the green patch and SPLOSH! it falls into the mud. "Why don't you look where you're going?" yells Murky.

"I did," wails Lurky.

"Quick, we must find Starlite!" cries Rainbow, leading the others into The Pits. Starlite is looking very sorry for himself and is very glad to see them.

They free Starlite and are soon on their way back to Colour Castle. "Look at Murky and Lurky," giggles Patty, at the muddy pair. "It serves them right!"

Murky's shampoo made Starlite's tail quite grey, but Star Sprinkles soon made it bright again. "You look very handsome," Rainbow tells Starlite, as they lead the big parade.


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