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The Surprise That Almost Got Away

The sun was beaming brightly when Rainbow Brite woke up. "What a pretty day!" she exclaimed as she looked out her window. "Today will be fun," she thought. "lt's my birthday and the Color Kids will have something special planned. l can’t wait to tind out what! l’ll go find·Patty O’Green and see if she will tell me."

"Good morning," Patty O’Green called when she saw Rainbow Brite. "I’m off to my garden. Green plants to water, you
know. Sorry, I can’t chat."

Red Butler was packing a knapsack when Rainbow Brite reached his apartment. "My sprite has lost some Star Sprinkles!" he sighed. "But don’t you worry, I’ll find them. Gotta go," he waved and off he went.

Canary Yellow wasn’t home when Rainbow Brite knocked on her door. She was out gathering yellow Star Sprinkles for
Rainbow Brite’s surprise party that very afternoon. Of course, Rainbow Brite didn’t know about the party. She sat down on a rock, feeling very sad and forgotten.

Just then, Spark sprite popped out from behind a big, yellow sunflower. Rainbow Brite looked at him tearfully. "lt’s my birthday and no one even remembered it!"

Spark sprite wanted very much to cheer up Rainbow Brite. If he could only tell her about the surprise party! He began jumping up and down, waving his arms in the air.

"What are you trying to tell me?" Rainbow Brite asked. Spark sprite jumped up and down some more and pointed to a
nearby path. "Hmm. You and Canary Yellow are up to something," said Rainbow Brite. "Come on, show me what it is!"

Suddenly, Canary Yellow came around the corner of her house. "Spark sprite, you promised," she said and shook her finger at him.

"What is going on?" asked Rainbow Brite who was now very curious.

"My sprite promised to pick some yellow daisies for me," Canary Yellow said impatiently. "It seems he’s forgotten. We’ll
just have to do it now. Rainbow Brite, will you help?"

"Sure, if you want me to," said Rainbow Brite, "let‘s go."

The three friends walked down the path together. Rainbow Brite was feeling sad again, but suddenly she heard merry laughter. She looked up and...what a surprise! There were Red Butler, Patty O’Green, Starlite horse, the sprites - all her friends! And a beautiful yellow cake with yellow candles! And balloons and "Happy Birthday" banners, too!

"Oh, Canary YeIlow!" Rainbow Brite exclaimed. "What a wonderful surprise! And I thought you had all forgotten my
birthday! I should have known my good friends would never let me down!"

"Not for one minute," Canary Yellow and the others cheered. "Let’s hear it for Rainbow Brite! Hip! Hip! Hooray!"


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