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Welcome to Rainbow Land - from the Rainbow Brite Treasury
compiled by Hilda Young

In a faraway land, right at the end of the rainbow, there is a wonderful kingdom where all the colors of the Earth are created. The land was once dark and gloomy, but now, thanks to one special person, it is glowing with color and has a new name - Rainbow Land!  In the heart of Rainbow Land is the Color Castle.  It is a magical place decorated with star-shaped windows and rainbow-arched doorways through which sunbeams glitter and dance.  It is the happiest castle ever!

Rainbow Brite

Although Rainbow Brite is only small, her deeds and the magic she performs with her powerful Color Belt, more than make up for her size!  Although full of fun, Rainbow always makes sure that her work comes first.  She may be enjoying a merry game with her friends, but should a sun-drenched field of wheat be in danger of losing its beautiful color, or a forest of trees need its green leaves reviving, Rainbow is there in a trice providing them with all the color they need.  She does this by scattering lots of Star Sprinkles which turn magical in Rainbow's fingers.  Rainbow Brite lives in the Color Castle.


He is a wonderful flying horse, always at hand to guard Rainbow whenever danger threatens, and he is always ready to offer advice on everything!  But sadly, brave though this magnificent horse is, he does have one fault.  He is vain and has a very good opinion of himself!  This sometimes makes it all too easy for the two villains of Rainbow Land, Murky Dismal and Lurky, to capture him.  When this happens, Starlite usually finds that Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids have to rescue him! Twink The only white sprite in the whole of Rainbow Land, Twink is both sweet and silly.  He is sometimes rather afraid, but Rainbow loves him dearly.  There is lots of friendly rivalry between Twink and Starlite who both think that it is their duty to protect Rainbow Brite.  Rainbow teases them about this and they are all really the best of friends.  But, as Rainbow Brite's special friend, Twink thinks that he is the chief sprite and likes to order the others sprite about.  They don't always listen to him though!  Twink lives in the dome right at the top of the Color Castle!

The Sprites

The other sprites include Saucy, Spark, Champ, Lucky, Romeo, IQ and Hammy.  The sprites work in the Star Sprinkles mines and Prism Ponds.  The sprites love frolicking about in the sunshine when they are not working, and try not to think about their dreaded enemies, Murky Dismal and Lurky.  If the sprites are captured and thrown in The Pits, they would lose all their color.  They each live in a little dome-shaped house decorated with grasses, and each has a garden surrounded by a fence of their own special color.

The Color Kids

The Kids live with Rainbow Brite and Twink in the Color Castle.  There are seven Color Kids - one for each color of the rainbow.

Red Butler

Red is a smooth-talking, full-of-charm, fun-loving boy who is always searching for new adventures and looking for someone to rescue from trouble.  But he is so sure of himself that often Murky Dismal is able to capture him and throw him in The Pits.  Although the rest of the Color Kids sometimes get fed up with the stories he tells, he is so full of energy and fun that he makes them all feel strong.  He is the color of strength and courage and makes sure that there is always enough red Star Sprinkles ready.

Lala Orange

She is in charge of all the sprites who live and work in the Orange Meadows.  Lala is a very sweet and pretty girl, and is very good at getting her own way.  She always makes sure that she looks her best in case she sees Red Butler, on whom she has a big crush! She can be a bit pushy, but Rainbow Brite knows she can rely on Lala to provide lots of orange Star Sprinkles when the situation requires lots of energy and zest!

Canary Yellow

Rainbow Brite's favorite Color Kid is Canary, because yellow is such a cheerful color! Canary always looks on the bright side, no matter how bad things seem, and she helps everyone to cheer up and smile again.  Because she is so trusting, poor Canary Yellow is often caught by Murky Dismal, but Rainbow always rescues her.  Canary Yellow's sprites work in the mines of the Yellow Plains to provide all the Star Sprinkles Rainbow Brite uses to make the yellow color needed in the world.

Patty O'Green

Patty is very mischievous.  She just loves playing jokes on everyone!  But she has such a sweet nature that the others usually forgive her.  She is very proud of being in charge of the Green Grange section and does tend to boast a little.  But when you think just how hard she and her sprites work, producing all the green needed in the world, well, she has every reason to be proud, doesn't she?  Think how many leaves and blades of grass there are!

Buddy Blue

Buddy and his blue sprites spend their days in the Blue Zone making sure there are enough blue Star Sprinkles for the blue sky, the waves of the sea and the blue flowers and all the blue things in the world.  But Buddy is always a great athlete.  He loves health food, and he talks about it non-stop.  He often organizes team events and other sports programs and sporting activities.  The others do get a bit bored with all this, but they try not to show it as Buddy is a very lovable boy.


Indigo's ambition is to be a famous actress, and she spends her life ‘on stage,’ rehearsing and reciting lines from famous plays, and wearing very imaginative costumes!  She and her sprites in the Indigo Acres are rather dramatic and given to dreaming, and Indigo sees herself as a great artist full of drama and emotion.  But she does make sure there is a good supply of indigo Star Sprinkles.

Shy Violet

The Star Sprinkles which Shy Violet and her sprites produce in Violet Valley are the color of wisdom and knowledge.  Bespectacled Violet is a shy genius who spends most of her time reading and writing all about color.  She can help Rainbow Brite solve almost any problem, however difficult, and everyone asks her advice because she is always right!

But everything is not always sweetness and light and color in Rainbow Land.  Rainbow Brite and her friends fight a continuous battle against those two villains of glumness and dreariness, Murky Dismal and Lurky.

Murky Dismal

Murky lives with his bumbling assistant, Lurky, on a gray and gloomy hill above Rainbow Land.  It is called The Pits - and it really is!  Threatening smoke always looms above it and inside it is even worse!  It's dark and eerie and Murky’s laboratory is there. Inside his laboratory, Murky makes concoctions which gurgle and bubble menacingly as he tries to think up more ways of capturing Rainbow and the Color Kids.  The empty cages are just waiting to be filled!  Murky just loves to send out clouds of gloom from his Gloom Gun and ‘cheer everyone down’!  His chief aim in life is to steal Rainbow's magic Color Belt so that everyone will then become as miserable as he is.


Lurky is Murky Dismal’s bumbling assistant who always seems to get everything wrong, no matter how hard he tries.  He hovers over Murky, getting in his way as he tries out his latest experiment, and he is too stupid to know just how evil Murky Dismal really is! Also, crafty Murky always keeps a small gloom cloud above Lurky’s head to make sure he is always unhappy.  Murky Dismal and Lurky travel about Rainbow Land in their strange vehicle they call the Grunge Buggy.  It is a broken down beach buggy with a dustbin tied to the side for Murky to ride in while Lurky drives!  Fortunately for Rainbow Brite and her friends, it is always breaking down just when the villainous pair are almost winning.


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