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Lurky is Murky Dismal's awkward, bumbling assistant. He is much larger than Murky, is usually found hovering over him, and is always getting in the way. Lurky does a good job at being bad, but somehow it just isn't in him. He dutifully helps his boss with all sorts of dastardly doings because he doesn't know any better. Murky Dismal tries to keep a little gray cloud over Lurky's head to keep him unhappy. But sometimes, when Lurky moves too fast (which isn't very often), the cloud can't keep up with him, and he becomes vulnerable. He finds himself fascinated by Rainbow Brite's colors or getting caught up in the Sprites' cheerful attitudes. But soon Murky Dismal finds him or the gray cloud catches up with him, and then he is once again transformed into the (almost lovable) gloomy gus that seems to be his lot in life.
From Golden's "Who's Who" Coloring Book



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