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Red is a smooth-talking, full-of-charm, fun-loving boy. He is always in search of new adventures and is ever ready to rescue anyone is distress. His dashing and daring personality makes him vulnerable, however, for it's usually when he's showing off that Murky Dismal is able to nab him and throw him into The Pits. Then he has to rely on others to do the rescuing. Though Red often bores The Kids with long and involved stories of his adventures and pursuits, his genuine love of being alive brings an uplifting spirit to all. Because his is the color of strength and passion, he is in charge of the color red, the red Sprites, and of making sure there are enough red Star Sprinkles ready for delivery at a moment's notice.
From Golden's "Who's Who" Coloring Book

Red Butler

Interesting Facts:

Red can play the trumpet (episode Murky's Comet)


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