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Bettina Bush
Bettina was kind enough to take some time out of her busy schedule to chat with us, the fans. She's such an angel! Take a look at all of the interesting things we found out:
*** Bettina has joined channel #rainbowbrite
<Bettina> it's Bettina
<RainbowBrite> WELCOME!!!! :)
<EvilGreenie> Hello Bettina!
<C9> Hello :)
<Moonglobabe> YAYAYAYAY Hello!!!
<Elwyn> Welcome!!
<Mystic1> Hi.
<Bettina> Katy, I got very confused trying to get in!!!
<Bettina> YAY
<RainbowBrite> oh no!
<RainbowBrite> i'm sorry it was confusing!
<Bettina> it was funny
<Bettina> i felt very lame
<RainbowBrite> lame? lol :)
<Bettina> i type terribly slow
<C9> oooh can the quiestions begin?
<RainbowBrite> that's quite alright!
<Bettina> sure!
<RainbowBrite> ok guys, hang on one sec
<RainbowBrite> Ok everybody, the chat is now moderated. That means that if you try to speak out of turn, the message will not go through. I will address you one at a time and give you the ability to speak. You may then ask your questions and talk to Bettina before the floor is given to the next person. Please be patient so that everyone gets a turn :)
*** Mode change "+m" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
*** Mode change "+o Bettina" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
<RainbowBrite> ok, Bettina are you still there?
<Bettina> yep!
<RainbowBrite> ok great!
<RainbowBrite> i'll go in the order that everyone came in tonight
*** Mode change "+v Moonglobabe" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
<RainbowBrite> So Tina, you're first :)
<Moonglobabe> me?? agghh ok :)
<Bettina> Hi Tina, is this the same Tina I e-mailed?
<RainbowBrite> hehe :)
<Moonglobabe> Hi Bettina!! Yes it is ;)
<Bettina> :-)
<Bettina> How are you?
<Moonglobabe> Thanks for relying ;-) I'm ok thank you, yourself?? :-)
<Moonglobabe> That count as my question katy? ;-)
<RainbowBrite> hehehehe
<Moonglobabe> lol
<Bettina> I'm doing great, happy to be here
<RainbowBrite> You silly - you had some good ideas earlier!
<Moonglobabe> Ok!!
<Bettina> i love your nick name
<SunSpire> your's great too :P 
<Moonglobabe> Ok, here's a question :-) How old were you when you played rb??
<RainbowBrite> If any of you draw a blank, let me know ;)
<Bettina> The first project we did for her was in 83 which would have made me 6
<Moonglobabe> (Rainbow Brite) ;-)
<Moonglobabe> wow!! That's young!!
<Bettina> I started reading at 3, that's why i did so well in voiceovers
<Bettina> i was lucky to have started so young
<RainbowBrite> 3?? Impressive
<Moonglobabe> very!
<Bettina> Not really, my older sister got sick of reading to me so she taught me how
<Moonglobabe> lol 
<RainbowBrite> hehehe :) Now that's a nice sister!
<Bettina> I'm the youngest in my family
<Bettina> I love her!!!
<Moonglobabe> Were u the youngest cast member then? 
<Bettina> yep
<Bettina> Scotty is a little older than me
<Bettina> we're still friends
<RainbowBrite> Scott Menville??
<Moonglobabe> do u talk to his sister as well??
<Bettina> yes
<RainbowBrite> Awesome!
<Bettina> he doesn't have a sister
<Bettina> are you thinking of David?
<RainbowBrite> You're probably thinking of David
<Bettina> i just saw scotty today actually
<Moonglobabe> Katy what was the name of the girl who played stormy?
<Bettina> Marisa
<RainbowBrite> Marissa
<RainbowBrite> hehehe
<Bettina> the Mendenhalls
<Bettina> jinx!
<RainbowBrite> lol!
<Moonglobabe> LOLOL
<Bettina> they were fun, but we lost touch
<RainbowBrite> You just saw him today? How cool!
<Bettina> we had a great time together on the shows
<RainbowBrite> That's so great that you guys got along so well!
<Bettina> Scotty is one of the best guys you will ever meet
<RainbowBrite> Were there any actors that were difficult to work with?
<RainbowBrite> That's awesome! And he's got a lot on his plate as well - is he still a member of Boy Hits Car?
<Bettina> we had a very friendly cast, I can't think of anyone who was difficult
<Bettina> yes he is... working on the next album now
<Bettina> they rok
<Bettina> rock
<Bettina> bad typist
<RainbowBrite> Wonderful!!
<RainbowBrite> lol
<RainbowBrite> I've always been a fan of his as well
<Moonglobabe> do u still talk to robbie lee?
<Bettina> little known fact...do you guys know who Rick Dees is?
<Bettina> the DJ
<RainbowBrite> yes, i've heard of him
<Moonglobabe> no...;-)
<Moonglobabe> sorry
<Bettina> he does the Top 40 countdown
<RainbowBrite> I don't guess ya'll listen to that in the UK ;)
<Bettina> he was the original Starlite
<RainbowBrite> HE WAS???
<RainbowBrite> OMG no i didn't know that!
<Moonglobabe> original starlite?? really??
<Bettina> yes, he ended up not being able to continue on the show but he was sooooo cool!
<RainbowBrite> WOW!!!
<Bettina> I loved him - i don't think anyone knows that
<RainbowBrite> How many episodes did he do before they switched?
<Bettina> He never did the series
<RainbowBrite> I've never heard a difference in Starlite's voice
<RainbowBrite> ahhh ok
<Moonglobabe> me either!!
<Bettina> we started with a few specials, he did the first 2
<Bettina> they never aired his voice
<RainbowBrite> Aww what a shame!
<Moonglobabe> wer the specials not released?
<Bettina> they re recorded all the parts
<RainbowBrite> ahhh i see
<Moonglobabe> ahhhh!!
<Bettina> they were released on video
<Bettina> everything came out out of order
<RainbowBrite> do you remember which ones those were?
<Moonglobabe> Were there more than just the 13 episodes tho??
<RainbowBrite> lol
<Bettina> just the 13, the movie, and the specials
<Bettina> and the 2 albums
<Bettina> i did some weird video for Japan too
<RainbowBrite> the live action specials and the read-along with the video specials?
<RainbowBrite> really??
<RainbowBrite> did you have to actually speak Japanese?
<Bettina> a few words, the rest was english
<Bettina> i've never seen it
<Bettina> that was when I was 8 or 9
<RainbowBrite> wow, do you remember any of its plot?
*** Mode change "+v Elwyn" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
<Elwyn> First off I have to say that you have truely made my (and everyone else's) night!!
<Bettina> no, and my mom didn't keep that script
<Bettina> bummer
<RainbowBrite> aww what a shame
*** Mode change "-v Moonglobabe" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
<Bettina> I LOVED doing the Star Stealer
<Bettina> that was a blast
<Bettina> we had a big premiere and everything
<RainbowBrite> How was doing it different from doing the show?
<RainbowBrite> oh wow!
<Bettina> the pace and the way the recording sessions were done
<RainbowBrite> Elwyn - yes you're right, you've definitely made our night by being here Bettina! :)
<Elwyn> Okay here is my question. Did doing the series interfere with school? Also, if given the chance would you do more episodes now?
<Bettina> they divided the movie into parts
* SunSpire agrees
<Bettina> THANK YOU!
<Elwyn> no, thank you!!!
<Bettina> YES YES YES YES YES, I love Rainbow Brite, it would be very sad for me if anyone else voiced her
<RainbowBrite> that's wonderful to hear!!!!
<Bettina> Yes it did interfere with school
<Bettina> I had had tutors on set my whole life
<Bettina> but i enjoyed it
<Elwyn> Did a lot of children recognize you're voice if they heard you speak?
<Bettina> it was my choice and I'd do it again in a heartbeat
<SunSpire> really ?? 
<RainbowBrite> That's wonderful! You must've had a lot of good support - i'm so sad everytime i hear of a child actor that had a lot of problems later in life.
<Bettina> only if they already know what i do
<Elwyn> Is it still easy to do 'the voice'?
<Bettina> i know a lot of those kids..a lot of us went to the same private school to get our work
<RainbowBrite> oh wow!
<Bettina> i went to school with Jonathan Brandis
<RainbowBrite> aww!!
<RainbowBrite> i was just about to mention him :(
<Bettina> i saw on the titles that some of you were his fans
<RainbowBrite> we're all SO sad about his passing :(
<Bettina> very sad
<Bettina> beautiful person
<Elwyn> It was great to talk with you. Again, thank you so much!!!
<RainbowBrite> Did you start doing voice work before you went to the private school or after?
<Bettina> Yes it is easy to do the voice
<RainbowBrite> Wow, i'm impressed that you can still do it!!
<Elwyn> I hope to hear it somewhere again soon!!
<Bettina> after...my parents tried normal school for awhile, but it was not happening
<RainbowBrite> me too!
*** Mode change "+v Ruthann_is_the_greatest" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
<Bettina> thanks
*** Mode change "-v Elwyn" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
<RainbowBrite> (ok Ruth Ann - your turn!)
<RainbowBrite> was this in LA that you grew up?
<Bettina> Yes, I grew up in a suburb just outside of LA
<Bettina> Very normal family
<RainbowBrite> that's wonderful! Had any of your other family members done any acting?
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> hi bettina
<Bettina> HI!
<Bettina> My sister used to model
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> what are some projects that you are working on or would like to work on
<Bettina> I love working with the rugrats cast, they're relly great
<Bettina> i've auditioned for some things recently that look like fun, but we'll see
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> r u doing the all growed up series
<Bettina> i did a show called Groove Squad with Jennifer Love Hewitt
<RainbowBrite> Are you working currently with voice actors you've worked with before?
<Bettina> she's Awesome
<RainbowBrite> how cool!
<Bettina> yes, small group
<Bettina> yes i am doing all growed up, they changed the name to grown up - don't know why
<Bettina> i se Pat Fraley quite a bit
<RainbowBrite> awww...i like "growed up" better
<Bettina> me too
<Bettina> cute
<RainbowBrite> Pat Fraley - the voice of Lurky?
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> i cant wait til saturday to see it
<Bettina> Yes, LOVE him
<Bettina> FUNNY
<RainbowBrite> awesome!!
<Bettina> SOOO FUNNY
<RainbowBrite> he made a PERFECT Lurky :D
<Bettina> yes he did, he was very sweet to me as a child
<Bettina> it's nice knowing him as an adult
<RainbowBrite> aww i bet!! that's wonderful!
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> how do you feel about the re-release of rbb, do you like the style in which she was made
<Bettina> it's funny when I work with people who worked with me 20 years ago
<RainbowBrite> lol - do get any of the "i remember when you were THIS small!" lines? hehe
<Bettina> the doll?
<Bettina> BIG TIME
<RainbowBrite> hehehe
<Bettina> it's fun
<RainbowBrite> yes, i believe she is referring to the doll
<Bettina> i like the doll, she's pretty
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> what is you fondest memory of during the making of the episodes
<Bettina> i was scared they would do her a disservice, but they did a nice job
<RainbowBrite> Some of us are overly-picky when comparing the new dolls to the old, but overall we think they did a nice job also :)
<Bettina> so many hmmm....
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> do you like the 20th annivesary or 2003 release better
* RainbowBrite is guilty of being picky...hehe
<Bettina> 20th
<RainbowBrite> me too!
<SunSpire> me too 
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> me too but miss the blue ribbon
<Bettina> ;-)
<RainbowBrite> heheh :D
<Bettina> my complaint as well
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> who was you favorite person to work with
<Bettina> i laughed a lot doing that show, Scotty and I had so much fun together
<RainbowBrite> oh how fun!
<Bettina> the adults were great too, though, Robbie was fun
<Bettina> she was silly
<RainbowBrite> she seems like a very bubbly, silly person :)
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> bettina is a very unusual name where did your parents come up with it from
<Bettina> very generous and sweet person, lots of energy
<RainbowBrite> just the kind that kids like to be around
<Bettina> yes
<RainbowBrite> and adults as well!
<Bettina> I'm named after my mom
<RainbowBrite> that's wonderful :) 
<Bettina> Bettina jr
<RainbowBrite> awww how kute!
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> lol
<RainbowBrite> good question Ruth, i hadn't thought of that!
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> yay 4 me!
<RainbowBrite> lol
<Bettina> my mom is great, she made sure working was fun for me
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> MY SCRENN NAME SAYS IT ALL
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> DO U HAVE A MIDDLE NAME
* RainbowBrite laughs at Ruth Ann
<Bettina> you are funny - nicole
* SunSpire doesn't understand that questions 'cause here in germany "Bettina" isn't a unusual name at all !!
<RainbowBrite> Your mom sounds like one special lady :)
<Bettina> she is, my parents have been married 40 years and i love them very much
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> ahh nicole is my daughters middle name, ...........so r u really loving mcdonalds
<RainbowBrite> Really Sunny? I didn't realize it was common in Germany
<RainbowBrite> lol!!
<Bettina> mcdonalds is the bomb---i'm lovin' it!
<RainbowBrite> hehehehhehehe :D
<Ruthann_is_the_greatest> whats you fav mcdonalds food
<Bettina> those commercials are so much fun to do - the sundae 
<Bettina> definitely
<RainbowBrite> mmmm...same here :)
<Bettina> hot fudge with nuts
<RainbowBrite> heck yeah!
<Bettina> oh yeah
<RainbowBrite> lol
<RainbowBrite> Ruth, i'll come back to you in a few minutes
<RainbowBrite> but i'm gonna give the next person a turn
*** Mode change "+v Neko-kun" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
*** Mode change "-v Ruthan
<RainbowBrite> Neko, it's all yours :)
<Bettina> Hi Neko
<Neko-kun> Konnichiwa!
<Bettina> How are you?
<Neko-kun> I wanted to ask you about your new CD. What can you tell us about it?
<Neko-kun> I am good :) 
<Bettina> what do you wanna know?
<Bettina> i could go on and on
* RainbowBrite got her CD in the mail today and is loving it!!
<Bettina> that makes me sooooo happy! THANK YOU
<RainbowBrite> you betcha!! i kept listening to it over and over while i worked...hehe :)
<Bettina> YAY
<RainbowBrite> Neko, was there something specific about the CD you wanted to know?
<Neko-kun> What style of music is it? And who inspires you muiscly?
<Bettina> it is eclectic pop-coutry and jazz influences
<Bettina> i love elton john, dixie chicks, sheryl crow, sade, sting
<RainbowBrite> I'd love to know how long it took you to put it together
<Bettina> from writing the first song to mastering...
<Bettina> 9 months - like a baby
<RainbowBrite> how cool - my roomate said you sounded like Sheryl Crow to her!
<Bettina> WOW - love that
<RainbowBrite> 9 months? wow
<Bettina> 2 of the songs were already written
<RainbowBrite> not quite as bad as i was expecting
<SunSpire> hehehe ... I knew I heard country elements in your songs 
<Bettina> i used to be a nashville girl
<Bettina> wrote a lot of music there
<RainbowBrite> that's awesome!
<RainbowBrite> and such a shame i didn't know you were there - i was just down the road in North Carolina! hehe
<Bettina> that's a fun place to perform
<Bettina> ;-)
<Bettina> gotta go at 5pm - just wanna let you know
<RainbowBrite> oo ok!
<RainbowBrite> who's next
<RainbowBrite> Mystic!
*** Mode change "+v Mystic1" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
*** Mode change "-v Neko-kun" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
<Mystic1> Yay!
<Bettina> HI!
<Mystic1> Let me say you were my hero as a child. 
<Bettina> that's so cool, but i think it was rainbow, not me ;-)
<Bettina> so sweet
*** Mode change "+v Thwyter" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
<Thwyter> ooo
<RainbowBrite> (i'm gonna do two at a time - Thwyter, you're up too)
<RainbowBrite> hehe
<Bettina> i blush when you guys say stuff like that
<Mystic1> I swear I burned Blockbuster's only copy of the Beginning of Rainbow Land. That was my favorite.
<Bettina> awesome!
<Thwyter> i just got a writters block ^_^
<Mystic1> Yeah.
<RainbowBrite> lol
<RainbowBrite> it's true though in a way - you breathed life into our childhood hero :)
<RainbowBrite> that makes you a big part of her
<Thwyter> oh yeah
<Bettina> i was lucky to have the opportunity 
<Bettina> i'm very grateful for it
<Thwyter> i saw you pic on your site
<Bettina> i always wonder what people think i look like
<Mystic1> Do you have any of the old dolls? I just started my own collection, and it's shaping up very well.
<Bettina> YES I have all of them
<Thwyter> you look hot 
<RainbowBrite> I had no idea until i saw that movie...the Island one (can't remember the proper title at the moment)
<Mystic1> Cool!
<RainbowBrite> lol
<Bettina> thanks
<RainbowBrite> Do you have Stormy??
<Bettina> did they make her?
<Bettina> no i don't
<RainbowBrite> Apparently so - but nobody can find one
<Thwyter> i can't belive t
<RainbowBrite> she was pictured on the back of several toy boxes
<Bettina> interesting....i'll see what i can dig up on that
<SunSpire> do you know about the 30 german radio plays of Rainbow Brite they released in germany ? 
<Thwyter> the voice anyway
<RainbowBrite> awesome!! it's our #1 mystery..lol
<Mystic1> Hey, do you remember who did the voice for Moonglow? She's my other favorite.
*** Mode change "+v C9" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
<RainbowBrite> C9, come on in...hehe
<C9> wooo hooo
<Bettina> i'm not sure, a lot of the actors doubled up
<C9> HELLO!!!
<Bettina> HI!
<Mystic1> Ok.
<RainbowBrite> i've got it as Rhonda Allman
<Bettina> what's this about germany?
<C9> i was wondering do u know what happened to the animation cels?
<Thwyter> where is the cd going be?
<Thwyter> like stores...
<RainbowBrite> in Germany, they made 30 radio plays...voice only episodes basically that were released on casette tape
<C9> and what happened to all the scripts
<Bettina> I have some cels, don't know where the remainder are
<RainbowBrite> Thwyter, you can get them at bettinamusic.com
<Bettina> i have almost all of the scripts
<C9> would u sell any cels to us?
*** Mode change "-v Thwyter" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
*** Mode change "-v Mystic1" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
<C9> oooh i want scripst *drool*
<C9> darn can't spell
*** Mode change "+v RCP766" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
*** Mode change "+v Dethryl" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
<RainbowBrite> lol
<Dethryl> yay, I get to talk! :)
<Bettina> the CD is available online on cdbaby and tower records. com, we are finishing up distribution deals now for stores....i can't say anymore right now, wish I could
<RainbowBrite> understood :)
<C9> do u know if Tickled PInk had a purpose other than what we know of?
<RainbowBrite> Debra, you can talk too
<Bettina> Sorry, everything i have is priceless to me
<RCP766> yippy!
<SunSpire> there are 30 cassette tapes with stories about Rainbow Land and the Color Kids, they are available in german only and contain a lot of adventures and secrets english fans do not know about .... but we came up with our own voice actor team and decided to translate all 30 of them to make them available for english RB fans as well ... 
<Bettina> that's incredible!
<RCP766> Hi there Bettina (Rainbow Brite)
<Bettina> Hi!
<Dethryl> First of all, *is male* and -still- very much liked the show. So thank you!
<RCP766> I have some cells
<RainbowBrite> yeah, they're really cool! too bad most of us can't understand them ;)
*** Mode change "-v C9" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
<SunSpire> the first one has been finished and will be available soon ;) 
<RCP766> Are there going to be more episodes other than the 13 that we know of? And will there be another movie or two?
<SunSpire> we would love to know if you, the voice of Rainbow Brite ... would like to participate in one of the fantastic stories :) 
<Bettina> Thank you, I love that guys like the show too
<Dethryl> Bettina, you were six when you got started with this gig back in 83 (wow, you're only a year older than me!). How did it all happen? How did you get started into the role?
<Bettina> I hope there will be more, I can't type fast enough...
<RainbowBrite> lol
<Bettina> I was doing on camera commercials and one required a voice over
<Bettina> the director was excited that I could read so well for my age and 
<Bettina> cast me in show after show after show
<Bettina> LUCKY GIRL
<RainbowBrite> wow! that's wonderful!
<Dethryl> that's totally spiffy. I've been told I have a good voice and should look into doing something like that, but I have no idea where to start.
<RCP766> What was Tickled Pink's purpose on the show?
<Bettina> i have been told that it's a hard business to break into as an adult, but i wouldn't let that stop you
<Bettina> take a class a
<Dethryl> thanks! that was my only question though, so someone else can go now. :)
<Bettina> see if you enjoy doing it in a studio, it's different than most people think
<Bettina> Tickled Pink..
<Bettina> i type slow sorry
<RainbowBrite> no need for an appology!
<SunSpire> we have to apology for asking you so much questions lol 
<SunSpire> apologize* 
<RainbowBrite> lol
<RCP766> Was SunRiser suppose to be Tickled Pink's horse?
<Bettina> i can't recall any purpose other than what you guys already know - i don't know about the horse
<Dethryl> she was a voice actor, not a script-writer. sheesh! :)
<RainbowBrite> Well Bettina, i know you need to go soon.
<Bettina> i would love to be a part of the cassettes, but i am not allowed - union rules
<RainbowBrite> Would it be alright if we emailed some questions to you later on?
<Bettina> bummer, sounds so cool
*** Mode change "-v Dethryl" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
*** Mode change "-v RCP766" for channel #Rainbowbrite by RainbowBrite
<Bettina> sure, you guys are AWESOME
<RainbowBrite> YOU are awesome!!!
<RainbowBrite> Thank you SO MUCH for taking your time to do this for us!!
<SunSpire> awwww that's just too sad, ... but we will send you a copy of our work when it's done if you like :) 
<RainbowBrite> It's much more than we ever hoped for :)
<Bettina> thanks for caring, it's really special how people come together over common things that have touched their lives
<Bettina> glad to be a part of it
<Bettina> i'd love a copy
<Bettina> thank you
<RainbowBrite> And we're so glad to have you be a part of it :)
<Bettina> take care, everyone
<Bettina> Katy you rock
<RainbowBrite> You take care as well!
<RainbowBrite> lol
<RainbowBrite> No you! ;)
<Bettina> I will, Bye!
<RainbowBrite> Bye!!
<Bettina> no you
<RainbowBrite> Thanks again!
<RainbowBrite> LOL!!
<Bettina> silly girl
<RainbowBrite> :):):)
*** Signoff: Bettina


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