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Regina Regenbogen 32

Regina Regenbogen: Das fröhliche Regenbogenland

Eine Tonstudio Europa-Produktion

©1985 Hallmark Cards, Inc / Tonstudio Europa
Made in Germany

Dolby-System Die Aufnahme dieser Produktion erfolgte nach dem Dolby-Verfahren, wodurch Nebengeräusche bei der Wiedergabe unterdrückt werden.

Miller International Schallplatten GMBH, 2085 Quickborn bei Hamburg.

Details provided by German fan Jooce:

The story contained is not a new one: it's a cut-up of the first regular episode »Regina Regenbogen und das Regenbogenland« (running time: 15 min).
In addition there is a new spoken opening that introduces the listener to the world of Regina Regenbogen.


It was produced in 1985 shortly after the first three regular episodes and was marketed in combination with some of Mattel's Rainbow Brite toys here in Germany. There is no cover artwork for this tape - just the bare tape was sold with the toy.

Credits on the story are the same as with all the other Regenbogen tapes from the EUROPA label.
Story by H.G. Francis (= Hans Gerhard Franciskowsky)
Directed by Heikedine Körting
Produced by Andreas Erich Beurmann

The tape's catalog number is »EUROPA MC 580 117.6«


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