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Paint a Rainbow in Your Heart Album Cover

Rainbow Brite - Paint a Rainbow in Your Heart

Produced by Jim Andron and Jymn Magon
Arranged by Jim Andron
Choral Direction by Betty Joyce
Engineered by Jim Mills

Disneyland/Vista Records, Burbank, CA 91521
Printed in U.S.A.

Copyright © Hallmark Cards Incorporated

Item # 62523

Patrick, Bourland & Gift
Silversher & Silversher
Patrick, Bourland, Gift & Hughes
Carbone & Blaisch

Paint a Rainbow in Your Heart Album Back

Side One:
Make Room for a Rainbow Inside
In the Twink of an Eye
The Pits
Starlite-Rainbow Brite
Rainbow Land

Side Two:
A Color Symphony
The First Part of Friendship is Friends
Bink! Bonk!
Paint a Rainbow in Your Heart

Songs available for download here.

Images courtesy of RainbowBrite.co.uk


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