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Welcome to the Rainbow Brite Collector's Corner! I know there are many RB fans out there (myself included) that collect Rainbow Brite dolls, books, etc. And it's hard to know whether or not you have everything! Plus, sometimes you have a doll and don't know which one it is. So I created this page to aid the Rainbow Brite collector and/or seller. I have listed all of the RB items I know of to be in existence and have provided pictures of the items that I have been able to find or take pictures of. Just click on an item's name to see its picture and any extra information that may be available. If you know of an item that I do not have listed, please email me and inform me so I can make this as complete a list as possible. Thanks!

If you're looking to purchase Rainbow Brite items, please visit the Merchandise page.

To view a PDF of my collection, please click here. Pictures of my Rainbow Land Museum can be viewed here.


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