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Chasing Rainbows
transcribed by Lauren Wegman

Lightning cracks. The scene zooms in on the Pits, and Murky and Lurky's castle. Lurky is fast asleep in bed, snoring loudly. Cut to Murky in bed, awake.

Murky: I can't stand it any longer! That racket is driving me crazy!

Lurky snores again.

Murky: That's it!

Murky gets out of bed and walks over to a comunications tube between the two rooms. He takes a deep breath.

Murky: LURKY! Be quiet!

Lurky wakes up but makes no sound. Murky scratches his head. Lurky gets next to the tube and takes a deep breath.

Lurky: OK MURKY!

Murky screams and falls backward onto a bookshelf. A book falls open in front of his face. He reads outloud from it.

Murky: The best way to decieve someone is with the person they trust the most.

Murky jumps up and cackles. He sits down at a desk and continues to read.

Murky: They will always believe their most trusted friends.

Murky tosses the book aside.

Murky: I've got it! This is brilliant! The best way to trick everyone in Rainbow Land is with Rainbow Brite, herself. And if I can't have Rainbow Brite herself, I'll have the next best thing.

Murky runs up the stairs into his labratory. He begins picking things up off the floor, then pulls a few levers on an electricity machine. He goes into a corner and laughs as he's building something. Cuts to the exterior of the castle, and night fades into day. Cut back to Murky, painting his creation which the audience can not see yet.

Murky: There..all...most...ready. But I must have some star sprinkles to make it complete. Lurky! Lurky!

Murky runs away to fink Lurky, and drops the blue paintbrush. It lands near a boot that looks quite a lot like Rainbow Brite's.

Scene change, the Grunge Buggy is zooming into Rainbow Land. The Color Castle comes into view. Canary and some sprites are sweeping the walkway out front. Close up on Patty's room. There is a loud crash from inside. Patty lets out a yell. A pile of toys and things are in front of a closet, and Patty is buried underneith. She pops up and brushes away something in front of her.

Patty: I hate Spring Cleaning!

A teddy bear falls on her head, and she growls at it. Cut to a group of sprites cleaning around a sprite house. A red sprite is scrubbing the ground, and Kitty Brite is helping. The sprite grabs Kitty instead of a scrub brush, and dunks her into the bucket of water. She's not too happy. Cut to Tickled Pink carrying two buckets of water on a pole into the Color Castle. She has a hard time trying to get through the doors and they shut on her, knocking the buckets onto the ground and her. Cut to the Color Console. Buddy and Indigo are cleaning the surface when Pink walks in again. Indigo runs to help her out and grabs a bucket, but Pink drops the other one.

Pink: There must be an easier way to do this.

Rainbow: (off screen) Sometimes the hard jobs are the ones that are really worth doing.

Rainbow walks down the stairs to the three Color Kids.

Indigo: But we've still got the whole outside of the Color Castle to paint.

Rainbow: Well mabye we'll find a way to do that.

Rainbow pulls out some star sprinkles and creates a rainbow that wraps around the Castle. The rainbow runs into a sleeping Twink, and wakes him up. Cut to the sprites cleaning again. From around the corner of a sprite house, Murky spies with a telescope.

Murky: Oh, it's perfect. Everyone's so busy, they'll never even notice.

Lurky: Notice what Murky?

Murky: Notice they're precious Rainbow Brite isn't what they think.

Lurky looks through the telescope at Rainbow jumping on Starlite. Rainbow grabs Twink and Satrlite gallops away.

Lurky: She looks the same to me, Murky.

Murky: This time it's Rainbow Brite, herself, who's going to help me take over Rainbow Land.

Lurky: Oh boy! Look at the pretty colors!

Murky looks up and sees a rainbow heading right for them.

Murky: Down! Get down!

Lurky: Oh boy, Oh boy.

Murky grabs Lurky before he gets hit with the rainbow. The rainbow passes by, Murky and Lurky stand up.

Murky: Have we gotten everything we came to this depressing place for?

Lurky reaches into his "pocket" and pulls out five star sprinkes, in differant colors.

Lurky: Here they are Murky, I got them out of the...

Murky coveres up the star sprinkles with his hands.

Murky: Uh, what a hideous site. Come on, let's get back to the pits (points to the rainbow) and nothing like that will ever bother anyone again!

Cut back to the pits, zoom in on the castle. Lurky is mixing a large pot while Murky is watching. Murky throws in the star sprinkles, a battery, and an oil can. Lurky calls off the items as they're being thrown in.

Murky: And the crowning achievement.....

He dips a brown belt into the brew and it turns into a rainbow belt look-alike.

Murky: .....Rainbow Brite's belt.

Lurky: Oh boy Murky! We've been trying to get that belt for years and years and...how did we do it?

Murky: We didn't you butter brain.

Murky leads lurky to a curtained area.

Murky: This is how we're going to do it.

He pulls back the curtain, and a Rainbow Brite look-alike is standing there, sans the belt. Lurky jumps back in alarm.

Lurky: MURKY! It's Rainbow Brite right here in the Pits!

He grabs a plate of cookies and offers them to the fake Rainbow.

Lurky: Come in, sit down, would you like a cookie?

Murky: This isn't Rainbow Brite.

Lurky: Then who are you?

Lurky looks confused, but the robot Rainbow doesn't say anything.

Lurky: She sure looks like Rainbow Brite.

Murky: That, my friend, is the whole idea. (He laughs) I built this Rainbow Brite, she'll do whatever I tell her to do.

Lurky drops his plate of cookies, and Murky puts the fake color belt onto the fake Rainbow.

Murky: And I'm going to tell her to wreck Rainbow Land, and everyone will do what she says. Because, she's Rainbow Brite! (He laughs again)

Lurky leans in close and looks hard at the fake Rainbow. He steps back.

Lurky: Uh, Murky. She's not doing anything.

Murky: That's because I haven't wound her up yet, drizzle breath.

Murky points to a key in the back of the fake Rainbow's head.

Murky: Come on, let's go say good-bye to Rainbow Land.

Fade out on Murky's laughter and a close up of the Robo Rainbow.

Scene change back to arial view of Rainbow Land, then to the Color Cave. Twink, Rainbow, Pink, Buddy, and Patty are walking into the cave.

Twink: Boy, spring cleaning sure takes a lot of Color Crystals!

Rainbow: That's why you're going to stay here and make sure we have enough.

All the sprites in the cave are working very hard, and talking to each other in the background. A yellow sprite runs up to Rainbow and hands her a handful of yellow Color Crystals.

Rainbow: (to yellow sprite)Thank you. (to Twink) We'll take as much as we can carry, then you take the rest to the Color Castle as soon as you can.

Sprites of their respective color give Color Crystals to Pink, Patty, and Buddy.

Twink: You can count on us, Rainbow! (to working sprites) Ok, come on! Everybody get to work!

Rainbow, Pink, Patty, and Buddy leave the cave. After the four are gone Murky pops up in the background

Murky: This is it, this is our chance!

He laughs and runs over to the robot Rainbow, which is covered in a moth eaten cloth. He yanks the cloth off of it.

Murky: Ok, wind her up.

Lurky winds the robot Rainbow with the key in the back of it's head. Murky stops him after three turns. The robot sputters to life.

Murky: That's enough, she'll run for hours now. (to robot) Go on and do your job, Rainbow Brite.

Robot: Ex-cuse me.

Robot speaks very staticly, pronouncing every syllable. Close up on Murky, who laughs again. The robot Rainbow enters the cave. Twink is seen working the sprites.

Twink: Come on! Rainbow needs those Color Crystals, work faster!

A red sprite and an orange sprite laugh at him, and Twink scowls. He notices the robot Rainbow, and thinks it's the real Rainbow Brite.

Twink: Boy, Rainbow, you got back here fast! I was just getting a load to take down to the color castle.

Robot: I've changed my mind Twink, I want you to bring all the Co-lor Crys-tals to the Pits in-stead.

Twink blankly stares at her.

Twink: To the Pits? But, Rainbow....

Robot: Mur-ky and Lur-ky de-serve to have a beau-ti-ful Spring too, Twink.

Twink: They do?

Robot: Just do as I tell you, Twink.

Twink: Ok...

The robot Rainbow turns and walks over some blue Color Crystal, crushing it. Twink bends down to inspect the broken pieces.

Twink: Boy, these Color Crystals aren't as strong as they used to be. Or Rainbow sure put on a lot of weight over the winter. (he turns back to the working sprites) Come on! Faster!

Scene change to the outside of the Color Cave. Moonglo and Night Sprite are walking to the caves.

Moonglo: It may be Spring cleaning time, but we still have to keep the nights full of color.

Night Sprite squeeks an agreement. The two stop and notice the robot Rainbow coming towards them.

Moonglo: Rainbow? How did you get up here so fast? You were just...

Murky, observing the scene from behind a rock, laughs again.

Robot: We have to work fast, Moon-glo. Did you come up here for Col-or Crys-tals?

Night Sprite squeeks, and the robot looks at him, then at Moonglo.

Robot: Is that yes, or no?

Moonglo looks confused.

Moonglo: Yes. Spring nights have to be especially beautiful.

Robot: Don't worry about the nights.

Moonglo: Don't worry about them, Rainbow?

Robot: Fill up your baskets with Color Crystals, and take them all to the Pits.

Night Sprite gets mildly upset, and squeeks an unplesant sound.

Moonglo: To the (gulps) Pits?

Robot: It's very im-port-ant....very im-port-tant...very immm... (the robot runs down, guess it doesn't run for hours like Murky said it did!) It stands still in front of Moonglo, hand up in the air.

Moonglo: Are you feeling Ok?

Murky fumbles around in his pockets, looks in Lurky's mouth, then under his helmet and pulls out a two-way radio.

Murky: (discuising his voice poorly into the radio) I'm fine. I'm just fine, now get to work.

Moonglo: (buying it) You're sure you're alright?

Murky: (as the robot) I'm fine.

Moonglo and Night Sprite exchange glances and shrug. They walk past the robot, and head for the Color Cave.

Moonglo: Well, if she says it's important she must have a very good reason. It sure is funny that she didn't understand you.

After they leave, Lurky runs out from behind a rock and covers the robot with the cloth again. Murky jumps for joy.

Murky: We did it!

Lurky: We did it! Uh..what did we do?

Lurky's antenni form a question mark. Murky wrings his hands and mutters under his breath towards Lurky.

Murky: We fooled them! And now we have all the Color Crystals, and Rainbow Brite will never make anything beautiful again! (insane cackle)

Scene change to the Pits. Moonglo, Night Sprite, and Twink are leading a long line of sprites pushing carts of Color Crystal.

Twink: Moonglo, don't you think it's strange for Rainbow to tell us to take Color Crystal to the Pits?

Moonglo: Yes I do, Twink. But, Rainbow is always right, so I think we should trust her this time too.

Twink: Ok Moonglo, Rainbow's always right!

Scene change back to the Color Castle. Buddy, Patty, Pink, and Rainbow are cleaning the Color Console.

Patty: Spring cleaning's fun, but we've got to start making more Star Sprinkles soon!

Buddy: Where are those sprites with the Color Crystals?

Pink: Mabye they're having Spring cleaning at the Color Cave! (she begins to giggle, no one else does)

Rainbow: Well, that's the last rainbow I'll be making till Twink gets back.

Moonglo and Nite Sprite enter the castle.

Rainbow: Moonglo, have you been up to the Color Cave?

Moonglo and Nite Sprite exchange confused glances.

Moonglo: You know I was.

Rainbow: How would I know that?

Moonglo: You talked to me.

Rainbow: (surprised) I did?

Moonglo: Don't you remember? You told me to take the Color Crystals to....

Rainbow: (cutting her off) I haven't been up there since way before...(she drifts off)

Moonglo: But I saw you!

While the two are talking, Buddy, Patty, and Pink exchange confused glances. Nite Sprite jumps up and down, squeeking.

Buddy: She's been here with us since 'ya left.

Moonglo: But I...I...

Twink enters and wipes sweat from his brow, sighing.

Rainbow: Twink, where have you been?

Twink: At the Pits.

At this everyone in the room jumps in alarm.

Rainbow: The Pits!

Buddy and Patty: The Pits?!?

Pink: (ditsy) The...Pits?

Rainbow: What were you doing at the Pits?

Twink: You told me to take all the Color Crystals there.

Moonglo: Just like you told me!

Rainbow: But I didn't....You took the Color Crystals to the Pits?!?!

Twink: But you said!!

Rainbow: (thinks about it for a second) Twink! You go back up to the Color Cave and get me all the Color Crystals you can!

Twink: (throws his arms up in the air, exausted) Oh boy!

Twink leaves and Rainbow turns to the other Color Kids.

Rainbow: This is starting to sound like one of Murky's tricks. Now we've got to figure out how to get those Color Crystals back from the Pits.

Buddy: But, Rainbow, that's the one place 'ya can't go!

Moonglo: Your powers don't work there!

Rainbow: We're going to have to think of something.

Scene change to Twink running towards the Color Cave. Not watching where he was going, Twink runs into Red Butler. They both fall down.

Red: Where are you going in such a hurry, Twink?

Twink: (jumps up) I've got to get more Color Crystals for Rainbow!

Red shrugs, and continues on. Murky and Lurky peer out of a nearby bush.

Murky: He's going to get more Color Crystals!

Lurky: For Rainbow Brite!

Murky: We've got to beat him there!

Murky runs away, but Lurky stays behind, smiling at something. Murky's hand reaches up and grabs Lurky by the nose. They get in the Grunge Buggy and sputter away. (Dramatic version of theme song plays in the background.) Twink reaches the Color Cave just as the two villins get the robot Rainbow set up.

Robot: Twink! I've changed my mind.

Twink: I don't have to get any more Color Crystals?

Robot: No! Get as man-y as you can, and take them to the Pits.

Twink: But I thought...

Robot: I have a good reason, Twink. I have a gooooo.....

The robot gets stuck, and repeats the "o" for a while. Murky searches for his controller, but can't talk into it because the robot is stuck.

Murky: It's not working! She's stuck, do something!

Lurky: Duhhh...Ok Murky.

Lurky gets out from their hiding place to go fix the robot, but Murky pulls him back in.

Murky: You can't let him see you!

He bangs on the controller.

Robot: gooo, gooo

Twink: Are you alright, Rainbow?

Robot: gooo

Murky bangs the controller against a rock and it explodes. The robot suddenly comes out of it's rut.

Robot: I'm fine, Twink. Thank you. Now you go get the Col-or Crys-tals.

Twink: And bring them?

Robot: To the Pits.

Twink unhappily sighs, and goes inside the cave. Murky and Lurky jump out of hiding and dance.

Murky: We did it!

Behind another rock hides Rainbow and Starlight.

Starlight: They did it alright.

Rainbow: She really does look like me!

Starlight: But who is she?

Rainbow: I don't know.

Starlight: I think someone better find out.

Rainbow: I'll be in the Color Cave, I've gotta make sure the sprites don't bring any more Color Crystals to the Pits.

Starlight comes out from behind the rock, and moves towards the robot. Murky spots him coming.

Murky: It's her horse! He saw her!

The two jump back into hiding.

Robot: Hi Star-light.

Starlight: I came to help you carry the Color Crystals, to the Pits.

Robot: Thank-you.

He bends down and the robot jumps on his back.

Starlight: Why don't you show me which ones you want?

Murky: She fooled him! She even fooled Rainbow Brite's own horse! (more laughter, Murky's happier than anyone gives him credit for) Rainbow Land is gonna be mine!

Lurky: Boy Murky, I sure hope she doesn't get stuck again.

Murky: (scared) She can't get stuck! I can't reach her from here!

Inside the cave, Starlight is carrying the robot.

Robot: (pointing) Let's go over there, over there...... (The robot runs down)

Murky: (outside of the cave, he can't hear what's going on inside) Ohh, don't get stuck!

Starlight: It's just as I suspected, she's not real.

Rainbow: Calm down everyone, I'll explain it to you.

Twink: Ok, then tell us. Hurry! Hurry!

Starlight enters with the robot Rainbow, and the sprites freak out.

Twink: Two Rainbows? I don't understand this at all!

Rainbow: Starlight, you've got her.

Starlight: Of course, and Murky doesn't expect a thing.

Rainbow: Let's get her down.

Starlight bends down and Rainbow and the Sprites grab the robot. It lands on the ground with a loud crash.

Rainbow: She's a robot!

Sprites freak out again.

Starlight: She's the first thing Murky ever built that works.

Rainbow: And I bet he thinks she's still working. Twink, have we got any Star Sprinkles at all?

Twink: I'll check.

Twink finds a few in his pocket.

Twink: Here, Rainbow.

Rainbow: You and the sprites go down this side of the hill, away from Murky, get the Color Kids and get all the Color Crystals back from the Pits.

Twink: But Murky will stop us and....

Rainbow: No he won't!

Scene change to outside the caves. Rainbow is riding on Starlight's back, pretending to be the robot.

Murky: (happily) Oh, she didn't get stuck!

She gets off and whispers to Starlight.

Rainbow: I don't think he'll come out if you're here.

Starlight goes back inside the cave.

Murky: I'll just wind her up again. (to Rainbow) I think I'll send you down to the Color Castle next, you can wreck the place.

He reaches up to crank the key, but stops when he realizes it's missing.

Murky: Where's the wind up key?

He jumps on top of Rainbow, searching through her hair. Rainbow "comes to life" and points at Murky.

Rainbow: You 're the one who's getting wound up, Murky Dismal.

Murky: Aahh! It's her!

Murky runs away. Rainbow grabs the Star Sprinkles and energises her belt, creating a rainbow. The rainbow chases after Murky.

Murky: NO! Colors!!

Lurky: I'll save you Murky!

Lurky trips and covers Murky with the cloth he was carrying. The rainbow catches up with him, but the two run away.

Starlight: (coming out of the cave) You have to get up pretty early in the morning, to fool the most magnifigant horse in the universe.

Scene changes to Rainbow sitting on Starlight. She's surrounded by the Color Kids and sprites.

Twink: Wait a minute, how do we know if you're the real Rainbow?

Rainbow: 'Cause I can do something no robot can do.

Rainbow makes a rainbow, and it flys across Rainbow Land. The sprites cheer as it passes them. Stormy makes a cameo aperance here, she's sitting on Skydancer. Rainbow, Starlight, and Twink take off on the rainbow.


1997-2020 Katy Cartee Haile
Rainbow Brite is a registered 
trademark of Hallmark Licensing