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Horse of a Different Color
transcribed by Chibi Rachy


Rainbow Brite             On-X                          Tickled Pink               Canary Yellow
Starlite                       Stormy                       Buddy Blue                 Moonglo
Twink                         Skydancer                 Patty O’Green             Murky
Sunriser/PH*              Red Butler                  Indigo                        Lurky
Krys                          Lala Orange                Shy Violet                  Sprites

* Sunriser is called the Pink Horse until identified by name by Rainbow.


Rainbow Land (sprite fair, racetrack, and the mountains), and the Pits


[Fade in to a faraway few of Rainbow Land at sunrise before panning left to Rainbow Falls, where a pink horse is seen jumping across. She runs across the rocky ledge to the edge and looks out over Rainbow Land, wind blowing her mane. She neighs before turning and galloping away.]

[Cut to an area of sprite houses, where groups of sprites are all headed for the Sprite Fair]

Sprites: (chattering happily to each other and calling out)

Twink: (rushing about while a sprite finishes hanging a banner behind him) Hurry, hurry! There isn’t much time!

[Cut to the sprites preparing for the fair. A few sprites are doing a wooden cutout set of Murky and Lurky, while other green sprites are sitting in a tent shuffling cards]

Twink: (still rushing about) Faster! Faster! (he runs into Starlite and Rainbow Brite)

Rainbow: (from atop Starlite) Twink, everything will be fine.

Twink: But, but! We’ve gotta get ready for the sprite fair! (runs off)

Starlite: (exasperated) You have to get ready?! I’m the one running in the big horse race!

Rainbow: And you’re going to win too

Starlite: Of course I’m going to win. I’m amazed any other horses even bothered to enter.

(a whinny is heard)

Stormy: (riding up behind Starlite and Rainbow on Skydancer) We’ll see who’s going to win

[Cut to a view through a telescope of Skydancer, who breathes fog out through his nostrils before zooming out to show Murky using a large telescope to watch Rainbow]

Murky: We know who’s going to win! (laughs to self) Me! (turns and runs into Lurky, falling backwards)

Lurky: Do I get to ride the horsey now, Murky?

Murky: Not now blizzard brain! Come on! (runs off)

Lurky: I love horseys (Murky’s hand grabs him by the nose and drags him off)

[Cut to the Sprite Fair. Groups of sprites can be seen gathered about. Some are riding the merry-go-round. Others are in tents playing cards. Groups are seen riding the ferris wheel, including Red Butler and Lala Orange sharing a car together. More sprites are seen gathered in a tent, devouring plates of food. Another group rides a rollercoaster, whose cars are made to look like a train. Patty O’Green and Buddy Blue are seen riding together amongst the many colorful sprites. A yellow sprite is dunked into a barrel of water as an unseen thrower hits the star trigger. Families of blue, indigo, and violet sprites are seen pushing their children on the swings. A green sprite farmer and wife are seen receiving first prize for their vegetables. Another blue farmer sprite gives younger sprites a hayride. More sprites are seen inside a room of mirrors, laughing at their images.]

[Cut to an area just outside of the Sprite Fair, where Rainbow Brite and Starlite are sitting]

Starlite: I can never stand still before a big race!

(A buzzing noise overhead is heard and both look up as Krys is seen riding in on On-X)

Rainbow: (pointing to the sky) It’s Krys! He made it in time for the fair! On-X can be in the horse race. Let’s go meet him (Krys and On-X have landed a distance away)

Starlite: (whinnying and shaking his head) I’ve got to stand still. Save my strength for the race.

Rainbow: (smiling) Oh Starlite! There isn’t a horse who can beat you.

[Cut to the Pits, where thunder and lightning are seen; Camera zooms in before switching to the inside of Murky’s laboratory, where Lurky is seen huffing and puffing as he carries a large pile of hay]

Lurky: Murky! Oh Murky! (he enters the room, where Murky is seen pounding on a horseshoe) I’m here to feed the horsey!

Murky: This horsey (bangs helmet with hammer) dur…horse doesn’t run on hay (bangs hammer down to hit the horseshoe and produces a large black cloud.)

[Camera cuts to Murky’s creation, a large metal horse with orange springy legs. The horseshoe Murky was aiming at has flown out of his grasp and hits the horse in the head, clanging to the floor]

Lurky: I’ll get it for ya, Murky! (throws the pile of hay in the air and runs to fetch the horseshoe while the hair lands on top of Murky)

(Murky’s head pops out of the hay as Lurky returns)

Lurky: Here it is, Murky (holds it out to Murky with his right hand)

Murky: Oooh…give me that, bubble breath! We’ve got to get this horse ready for the big race! (laughs)

[Camera zooms out on the scene, showing Murky and Lurky looking at the metal horse before switching to Rainbow Land and focusing on Starlite, who is now standing alone behind a tent and pawing the ground. It moves over to the group surrounding Krys and On-X, consisting of Rainbow, Canary Yello, Lala Orange, Tickled Pink, and Indigo)

Rainbow: Hi, Krys! Welcome to the Sprite Fair!

Krys: We didn’t miss the race, did we?

Rainbow: It’s going to start in just a few minutes

On-X: Programmed for…. Maximum…speed

[Camera cuts back to the Pits and Murky’s laboratory. Murky is preparing to put the last horseshoe on the horse while Lurky rubs its neck lovingly]

Murky: (is sitting on a stool, tapping back left leg of the horse with his hammer. The leg lifts and the horse begins to tilt over, Murky grabbing on to stop it) Lurky! Help me!

Lurky: (grabs and steadies the horse) Boy, Murky, he likes me!

Murky: (pounds the nails of the horseshoe in as Lurky offers an apple to the horse) He doesn’t eat! He’s a robot!

Lurky: Ohhh… (takes big bite of apple and thinks) Maybe he wants a drink, Murky.

Murky: (holding up an oil can filled with a gloom potion) He’ll get his drink (runs to the other side and opens a cap on the horse’s backside, pouring in the potion) And as soon as the race starts, he’ll start spreading a cloud of gloom all over the track! (laughs) And no one will be able to stop me! (drops the empty can)

Lurky: Stop you from what, Murky?

Murky: From kidnapping Starlite.

Lurky: Uhh we’re going to kidnap Starlite?

Murky: (turning to Lurky) And when Rainbow Brite comes looking for him, we’ll be able to fill Rainbow Land with gloom! (laughs)

Lurky: But Murky, when we go to the race, won’t Rainbow Brite know it’s you?

Murky: (raises a hand to his chin) When I get finished with her, she won’t even know who she is. (laughs evilly)

[Camera switches to an outside view of the Pits, zooming out before switching to the racetrack, where sprites are filling in the stands in eager anticipation for the horse race. Starlite is stretching out nearby]

Starlite: Being the most magnificent horse in the universe is not something anyone should have to work at. (continues stretching)

[Camera moves to the right, where still more sprites are entering the track area. It moves to an area nearby, where the pink horse is seen watching. Camera moves to a group of green, yellow, and red sprites cheering happily. Twink is seen running across the grass to the main pavilion to make his announcements]

Twink: Ladies and gentlemen! Uh, sprites and…sprites! It’s time for the big horse race!

[A large croup of cheering sprites can be seen, Red Butler, Lala Orange, Patty O’Green, and Tickled Pink sitting among them]

Twink: Our contestants today are… Skydancer!

(Skydancer walks to the starting line, Stormy sitting atop him and smiling, as a small bit of cheering and clapping is heard)

Twink: On-X!

(On-X flies in to land at the starting line, extending his legs to stand as Krys waves at the crowd. Oohing and Aahing is heard)

Twink: And… Starlite!

(Starlite rides in with Rainbow to loud clapping and cheering. He joins the other horses, who are waiting. Starlite and Skydancer paw at the ground)

Twink: (climbs up onto a large stand and waves a white flag) On your mark…

Krys: (patting On-X’s neck) You can do it On-X!

Twink: (raises flag) Get set!

Rainbow: (to Starlite) I don’t know what you’re worried about. You win every year.

Starlite: Something just doesn’t feel right.

On-X: Something broken

(In the distance, behind the riders, Murky is seen bouncing up on his metal horse, dressed as a cowboy)

Patty O’Green: Who’s that?

Tickled Pink: It looks like a cowboy.

Rainbow: It looks like Murky!

Starlite: What does he want here?

Rainbow: Whatever it is, this is one race he’s not going to win.

(Murky bounces to the starting line and lands hard, flying up onto the backside of his horse’s head. He resettles himself)

[Camera cuts to a faraway look through a pair of binoculars. It switches to show Lurky on a grassy hill above the track, looking through the binoculars the wrong way]

Lurky: Uh, Murky? (takes the binoculars from his eyes) Can you come a little closer, Murky? (looks through his binoculars again) Murky?

[Camera switches back to the starting line of the track)

Twink: Ready, set (raises flag), go! (swoops flag downward quickly)

(All the horses take off, leaving a cloud of dust, except for Murky’s. Murky tries to get his horse to move)

Murky: (beating the horse’s head) Go! Go! Go! (his horse rears back and takes off, as Murky laughs) They’ll never get away from me!

[Camera switches to a view of the racers, Starlite in the lead, followed closely by Skydancer, and then On-X. Murky is trying hard to quickly catch up]

Murky: (pushes a button repeatedly on the back of his horses neck)

Rainbow: He’s up to something!

Murky: (pounds on the horse’s head) Oooh, work! Work! (Gloom cloud begins spouting from the two ear like sticks on top of his horse’s head; Murky pulls down the bandana covering his mouth and cackles) Now I’ve got them!

(The gloom cloud from the horse’s ears begins flying backwards and covering the track. Its reaches include the stands, where sprites are covered with the cloud. Twink falls from his stand as the cloud hits him, coughing)

Rainbow: (watching backwards) I’ll stop him! (puts a finger to her Color Belt, activating a rainbow that winds outward and back toward Murky. It doesn’t get very far before Starlite rides into gloom cloud that has worked its way back around the track. Rainbow is hit and the rainbow disappears) Oh no! My rainbow won’t work in Murky’s gloom cloud!

Murky: (continues racing forward to catch up)

Rainbow: Ooooh….

Starlite: (with head lowered) I’m beginning to think that finishing this race isn’t all that important. (stops and lowers self to the ground)

On-X: (in robotic voice) Smell sensors malfunctioning

Stormy: (only one not affected) Come on! You can’t let a little cloud stop you!

Rainbow: Easy for you to say. You like clouds (falls forward on Starlite)

Stormy: (taken aback) And I don’t like Murky (rides Skydancer out of the gloom cloud)

Murky: (still racing to catch up, gloom cloud still spouting from his horse)

Stormy: (stops Skydancer and raises her right hand to the sky, drawing together thunderclouds as the sky grows dark) I’ll stop Murky and his robot horse!

Murky: (stops his horse quickly) Uh oh!

Stormy: (points to Murky as lightning begins to strike the ground, missing Murky as he races to dodge it; Stormy turns Skydancer around as the lightning misses Murky and he stops in front of Stormy. They race back into the gloom cloud) It didn’t work! We’d better find Rainbow and Starlite! Where are they? Skydancer!

Murky: (races into the gloom cloud after Stormy and Skydancer) Whoa, horse, whoa! (Murky’s horse quickly leans forward and throws Murky off)

Lurky: (drives up with the Grunge Buggy and a large open cart attached to it. He hopes out, twirling a lasso) Oh boy! I get to ride the horsey! I get to ride the horsey!

(Rainbow and Krys are wandering about, and bump into each other, turning in opposite directions. Both Starlite and On-X are on the ground, Murky between them)

Lurky: (still twirling lasso) Oh boy! Oh boy! Oh boy! (throws lasso and lassoes On-X around his neck)

Murky: Not that one, swamp brain!

Lurky: Uh, which one Murky?

Murky (pulling on Starlite’s mane and getting him to raise to his feet) Never mind. (he drags Starlite off toward the Grunge Buggy)

Stormy: (wandering through the gloom cloud, looking for Rainbow and Starlite. She sees Murky loading Starlite into the cart and runs to catch him) You’re not getting away with this!

[Camera quickly cuts to the pink horse, who is watching from behind a bush. It cuts back to the edge of the sprite fair as Murky and Lurky burst through a stall and onto the dirt road. They race away. It cuts back to the gloom cloud]

Stormy: (still running and runs past Rainbow before stopping, realizing she can’t catch him on foot. She stomps her left foot) Rats!

Rainbow: (stares blankly off into the distance)

[Camera cuts back to Murky and Lurky getting away on the dirt road. The pink horse sees them and follows. Camera cuts back to one of the stands in the race track where everyone is beginning to come to. Buddy Blue, Moonglo, and Shy Violet are seen]

Moonglo: (putting a hand to her head) Oooh…. What happened?

Shy Violet: (in monotone voice and puts a hand to her head) Something awful.

[Camera cuts back to the area of the track where the race stopped. Rainbow Brite is seen)

Rainbow: (is rubbing her eyes)

Twink: (jumps across the track) Murky!

Rainbow: Murky’s got Starlite!

Krys: (runs down the track to the group) And On-X!

Rainbow: (rising to her feet and balling her hands into fists) Come on! We’ve got to rescue them!

Krys: (holds up hands in a what-can-you-do manner) Without a horse? We’ll never catch them.

Stormy: (rides to meet them on Skydancer)

Rainbow: Stormy, Skydancer can take us.

Stormy: You’re always telling me how Starlite is the best horse there is, and now you wanna ride my horse.

Rainbow: Stormy! They’re getting away!

Stormy: (slightly taken aback) I didn’t say no, did I? (offers a hand down to Rainbow)

Rainbow: (takes Stormy’s hand and is pulled up onto Skydancer)

(A group of red sprites, followed by Patty O’Green, Red Butler, and Canary Yellow runs up to them, followed by Buddy Blue and Shy Violet)

Patty O’Green: We’ll help Rainbow!

Red Butler: Yeah!

Buddy Blue: Come on!

Shy Violet: We don’t even know where they’re taking Starlite and On-X.

Krys: (runs toward Rainbow, Stormy, and Skydancer)

Rainbow: Krys, you lead the search party. Stormy and I will try to follow their trail.

Krys: (turns and runs back to the group)

Stormy: (to Skydancer) Come on, Skydancer.

Skydancer: (nods and takes off, following the same path Murky and Lurky took)

[Camera switches to a location on the mountains. Bare, skinny trees are seen amongst the rocks. Murky and Lurky race over the path on the Grunge Buggy]

Lurky: Oh boy oh boy oh boy! I’m gonna have a horsey!

Starlite: Ohh, I don’t feel very well.

On-X: (replies back in a garbled robotic voice)

[Camera switches to Rainbow and Stormy on Skydancer, racing up the mountain path. It switches back to the racetrack, where Twink is standing in the stands and Tickled Pink, Moonglo, Indigo, Patty O’Green, Shy Violet, Lala Orange, Canary Yellow, Krys, and a group of red sprites are gathered below on the ground.]

Twink: (hopping about) Come on! Come on! Everybody, everybody here!

Krys: Okay, let’s go

(The entire group takes off, leaving Twink by himself)

Twink: (with eyes closed and hopping about) In line! In a straight line! (opens his eyes)

[Camera switches to an empty mine shaft in the mountains. Murky and Lurky are inside, along with Starlite and On-X]

Murky: (holding a gloom device with the help of Lurky) Now we’ll just take care of Rainbow Land (he moves the device through a crack into the other room so that it points at Starlite)

[Camera switches to other side of the shaft, where On-X and Starlite are attached to a wheel device]

Starlite: You’re not keeping the most magnificent horse in the… (becomes affected by gloom spouting from tube) cave…right here…

[Camera switches back to Murky and Lurky’s side, where the device is seen standing and emitting gloom through the top, which hits a fan to direct it out into the air of the mountains]

Murky: Tehehe, that wheel will turn the fan, and blow the gloom into Rainbow Land! And by the time Rainbow Brite sees it, it’ll be too late!

Lurky: Can I ride the horsey now, Murky?

Murky: And you’re going to do the work! Start turning that wheel!

Starlite: (begins walking slowly, which turns the wheel)

On-X: (floats forward, also turning the wheel)

Murky: (stands next to his machine, watching as a large spout of gloom bursts forth and up into the fan, heading out into the mountain air)

[Camera cuts to the mountain area and to the path where Stormy and Rainbow are searching for signs of Murky and Lurky on Skydancer]

Rainbow: I don’t know how anyone as messy as Murky can disappear without leaving a trail.

Stormy: We’ll find him! Come on, Skydancer!

(They all take off, continuing down the trail)

[Camera cuts back to the empty mine shaft. Starlite and On-X are still pushing the wheel around and around. Camera cuts back to the mountain path. Skydancer comes over the crest of a hill]

Stormy: We’re never gonna find them.

Rainbow: We have to. (she turns to look as hooves are heard in front of them on the path)

Stormy: (pointing in front of them) Where’d she come from?

Pink Horse: (running over the path to meet Skydancer, Rainbow, and Stormy)

Rainbow: She lives up here in the mountains. She’s been coming around Rainbow Land lately. I think she likes Starlite.

Pink Horse: (nuzzles Skydancer)

Rainbow: The sprites call her Sunriser ‘cause she’s always around in the morning.

Sunriser: (explains where Starlite is)

Rainbow: Starlite?

Sunriser: (continues to explain and jerk her head)

Rainbow: Well let’s go!

Sunrise: (moves beside Skydancer, waiting for a rider)

Stormy: I think she wants to take you herself.

Rainbow: She never let anybody ride her before (hops onto Sunriser’s back) You get the others and follow us!

Sunriser: (takes off down the mountain path toward Murky’s hiding place)

Stormy: (turning Skydancer) That pink horse must really like Starlite.

[Camera switches to just outside of the empty mine shaft, where Lurky stands, watching for intruders. He is using the binoculars the wrong way again.]

Lurky: (speaking toward the entrance to the cave) The coast is clear, Murky (turns back to keep watch, still using the binoculars wrong)

[Camera moves upward, where Rainbow and Sunriser are seen on a path high above the shaft]

Rainbow: Boy, you really do know every inch of these mountains.

Sunriser: (leaps over a small creek of water that flows over the edge of the path and stops at a spot where puffs of gloom are coming out of a small hole.

Rainbow: (dismounts and checks out the gloom hole) Oh no! Starlite!

[As Rainbow speaks, camera switches to the inside of the shaft, where Starlite and On-X are still pushing the wheel before switching back to Rainbow]

Rainbow: (covers nose and takes a small hop backwards)

Sunriser: (takes steps backwards and knocks a large rock into the water, which diverts some of the water to the hole)

(Water seeps into the hole, stopping the gloom cloud from rising)

Murky: (rushing to the water) Nooo! It’s raining on my gloom!

(The machine sputters to a halt and a rainbow winds its way into the room via the fan.)

Lurky: (enters from the left, holding a black umbrella) Murky! A pretty rainbow!

Murky: Nooo! She’s here!

(The rainbow attacks the wall and breaks it, and then frees Starlite and On-X. Murky and Lurky dash off up the stairs to the left, taking their machine with them)

On-X: (in robotic voice) Smell sensors operating again.

Starlite: (hearing sound from the stairs) Rainbow! How did you ever…

Rainbow: (enters the mine shaft, still atop Sunriser, smiling widely)

Starlite: I see you have a new friend.

Rainbow: She showed me where to find you!

Starlite: I was right here!

Rainbow: She knows everything about the mountains. Isn’t she wonderful?

Starlite: She’s wild! She’d never pitch in to help!

Sunriser: (lowers her head, disappointed)

Rainbow: Starlite, she rescued you!

Starlite: I was about to get out myself! I was just waiting for the perfect moment, that’s all. (turns away from Sunriser and Rainbow)

Sunriser: (moves forward and tries to nudge softly against Starlite)

Starlite: (takes off running and races up the stairs out of the shaft)

Rainbow: (patting Sunriser’s mane) Don’t worry. We all know what you did.

[Camera switches to the mountain path, where Skydancer is racing back toward Rainbow Land]

Starlite: (as he’s running) So, she wants to ride a new horse!

[Camera switches to Rainbow, Sunriser, and On-X exiting the shaft. They meet Stormy and the others]

Stormy: You found them!

Rainbow: But we lost Starlite.

On-X: (as Krys hops on his back; in robotic voice) Starlite jealous of pink horse.

Rainbow: We’ve got to find him.

Krys: (as he takes off on On-X) We’ll find him, Rainbow!

[Camera switches to Rainbow Land and focuses Murky and Lurky]

Murky: (as he laughs) They’re all out there… looking for horses…and I’m here. Rainbow Land is all mine at last! (he turns and runs straight into Lurky)

Lurky: (pointing to self) I’m here too, Murky.

Murky: (grumbles) Get the gloom pump. By the time that Rainbow brat gets back, there won’t be a color left!

Lurky: Okay Murky. I’ll go get the gloom pump. (he runs off to fetch the pump)

Murky: (laughs evilly) At last! I’ll be the ruler of Rainbow Land!

Starlite: (hears the tail-end of the conversation as he peeps around a sprite house, speaks softly to self) Oh no you won’t! I’ll show her who’s the most wonderful horse!

Murky: (to Lurky) Hurry, smog brain! We’ve got to get this done before she gets back.

Lurky: (runs up behind Murky with the gloom pump in hand) Okay Murky! Oh… (looks behind him) Oooh boy! A horsey!

Murky: (quickly stops in his tracks and sputters) A horsey?!

Starlite: (races behind the two to apprehend them)

Murky: Run! (takes off quickly down the path)

Lurky: Hi mister horsey (he is grabbed by Murky and pulled down the path)

(Twink runs onto the path, followed by a group of violet sprites)

Twink: (looks in the distance) It’s Starlite!

[Camera pans to show Starlite racing quickly along a different path before focusing back on Twink]

Twink: Let’s go get Rainbow! (he and the sprites take off)

[Camera switches to the now deserted Sprite Fair. Murky and Lurky are running down the path, with Starlite not far behind. They spot the rollercoaster train and hop aboard as Murky turns pulls the lever to turn it on.]

Starlite: (races alongside the tracks, following the two)

Murky: Oh no! (lets out a yell as the coaster goes down a large hill)

Lurky: (shouts with glee)

Starlite: (is still racing beside the coaster)

Murky: He’s getting closer! (Murky looks ahead and points) There! Jump! (He has spotted a tall platform beside the coaster) He’ll never be able to get to us up there! (Climbs onto the edge of the car and jumps to the platform, landing easily.)

Lurky: (waits a few more seconds and then jumps)

Murky: (sighs with relief)

Lurky: Here I am, Murky!

Murky: (sputters and looks up)

Lurky (lands on top of Murky and breaks the platform)

Murky: (yells as they fall toward the ground)

(Both Murky and Lurky fall through an orange roof and right into the hall of mirrors)

Lurky: (sits up) Murky? Where did he go? (looks around) There he is! (Stands and rushes to Murky, which is only Murky’s image reflected in a mirror) Hi, Murky.

[Camera quickly moves to the right to reveal the real Murky amongst all the reflections]

Murky: Over here, cabbage brain!

Lurky: (looking around at the mirrors) Oh boy! Look at all the Lurkys! (admiring himself close up) They’re so handsome.

Murky: (waving an arm to get Lurky’s attention) Come on! (he jumps as a myriad of Lurky’s appear in the mirrors)

Lurky: (looking around at the images of Murky) Murky?

(Both run back and forth, trying to find each other)

Murky: Where are you?! Murky runs into a mirror that reflects Starlite’s image) Oh, you’ll never catch me! (he turns and runs, right into Starlite. He falls onto his bottom)

Starlite: So much for you! (he leans over and picks Murky up by his cape, and goes to carry him out of the hall of mirrors)

Lurky: (running toward a set of mirrors) I’m coming, Murky! (he runs into the mirrors and turns about, dizzy)

Starlite: (exits the hall of mirrors, Murky in tow. He drops Murky onto the ground)

Rainbow: Starlite! We found you!

(Rainbow and the others are seen coming up the path to meet Starlite. Rainbow is still riding Sunriser)

Starlite: I apprehended the villains for you.

Rainbow: That doesn’t even matter. As long as you’re safe.

Starlite: Safe? Of course I’m safe. After all, I am the most magnificent horse in the universe!

Sunriser: (moves closer to Starlite and nuzzles against him)

Rainbow: It looks like you’re not the only one who think so.

(Everyone laughs as Sunriser lays her head against Starlite)

Starlite: Well, I suppose she did help…a little.

Murky: (now trapped lightly between Starlite and Sunriser’s front legs) Yeee—uchhh! Love…I can’t think of anything more disgusting.

(Starlite and Sunriser move closer together, squashing Murky as everyone continues to laugh again)

[Camera fades out to blue and then to the credits]


1997-2024 Katy Cartee Haile
Rainbow Brite is a registered 
trademark of Hallmark Licensing