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Rainbow Night
transcribed by Chibi Rachy


Rainbow Brite                                     Murky                                      Red Butler
Starlite                                               Lurky                                      Tickled Pink
Moonglo                                             Twink                                      Brian
Nite Sprite                                          Indigo                                      Brian’s dog


Rainbow Land, the Pits, and Earth


[Fade in to the night sky, where the stars are coming out. The moon appears and settles its light over the Color Castle. Sprites nearby can be seen enjoying the evening. Cut to Rainbow’s window, where she and Puppy Brite are enjoying the night sky]

Rainbow: I think this is the most beautiful night I’ve ever seen.

Puppy Brite: (nods in agreement)

Rainbow: Moonglo really did it this time.

[cut to a spot in the forest where a lone chair with a star sits. Moonglo suddenly appears in mid-air and gently floats down until her feet settle on the ground]

Moonglo: (raises hands and yawns sleepily before sitting down in the chair) What a night! (Nite Sprite appears, landing not so gracefully on his bottom) Sometimes, Nite Sprite, you get started and you just can’t stop, you know?

Nite Sprite: (stands and chatters in sprite language)

Moonglo: (sighs and closes her eyes, before opening them again and looking up at the sky; she gasps at what she sees, standing and pointing) The moon could be just a little more gold. Don’t you think so?

Nite Sprite: (speaks hesitantly in sprite language)

Moonglo: Oh come on, Nite Sprite. Just a little gold? And then we’ll call it a night. (walks off past Nite Sprite) Quit worrying. We’ll have enough energy left to do this for a week.

Nite Sprite: (watches Moonglo walk away before slowly grabbing his bag; holds up his hands in a “what can you do?” manner and speaks as though explaining Moonglo’s behavior before following after her.)

[the bushes begin to rustle, and up pops Lurky]

Lurky: Boy! Look at the sky! It’s bee-yoo-ti-ful!

Murky: (popping up suddenly from the bushes as well, fists raised) Night’s not supposed to be beautiful! (makes a disgusted noise and turns to Lurky) Night’s the only time that Rainbow brat doesn’t run around making everything bright and colorful! If only there was a way to make the nights dark and gloomy, the way they’re meant to be…

Lurky: There is, Murky!

Murky: (turns to Lurky, surprised) There is?!

Lurky: See Murky, if you just… (covers his eyes with his hands)

Murky: (disgusted; pulls on his mustache and begins to think for a few seconds before snapping fingers) I’ve got it!

Lurky: (moving closer to Murky and taking both arms) Oh no Murky! Like this! (he raises Murky’s arms and covers Murky’s eyes with his hands)

Murky: (breaks free of Lurky’s grasp and jumps out of the bushes) No, beansprout brain! Wait til that little star-splasher Moonglo goes to work tomorrow night! (cackles evilly before starting to walk off) Come on! We’ve got work to do!

Lurky: (stands still and covers his eyes with his hands)

Murky: (runs back and grabs Lurky by the arm, dragging him off)

Lurky: (loses balance and falls onto Murky)

[cut to morning in Rainbow Land. Orange and pink splash across the sky as the camera moves to the Color Castle. Day passes and night settles once again on Rainbow Land. We are taken to Rainbow’s room, where she is in bed for the night; Puppy Brite sleeps near the end of the bed]

Rainbow: (yawns and stretches before laying down in bed) I think tonight is going to be even more beautiful than last night. (turns over and closes her eyes, sighing in contentment)

[camera cuts to the star window directly opposite her bed and out into the night sky. It moves past the sprite houses and settles on a group of bushes]

Murky: (pops up from the bushes, an accordion-like device in both hands; he looks about before tip-toeing out)

Lurky: (pops up with a net in both hands and tip-toes after Murky)

(both tip-toe across an open space, a few sprite houses in the background)

Lurky: (isn’t watching where he’s going and runs into Murky, who flies and lands against a rock)

Murky: Be quiet! We’ve got to take her by surprise!

Lurky: Right Murky! Uh…who?

Murky: Moonglo!

(Lurky and Murky tiptoe behind a sprite house and peek from the side. Moonglo and Nite Sprite are filling Nite Sprite’s bag with nite sprinkles)

Moonglo: (adding more sprinkles to the bag) Tonight’s going to be wonderful, Nite Sprite. I can feel it.

Murky: If we can keep her from making all that light up in the sky, it’ll be pitch dark and gloomy down here! Come on!

(Lurky and Murky tip-toe the short distance and hide behind a bush)

Moonglo: (as Nite Sprite closes the bag) All set?

Nite Sprite: (nods and stands with Moonglo)

(Moonglo and Nite Sprite walk off into the distance)

[cut to the two of them walking toward the Color Castle]

(Lurky and Murky appear)

Moonglo and Nite Sprite: (gasp in shock before shivering with fear)

Lurky: Uhh hello! You sure make a pretty sky.

Moonglo: Uh, thank you.

(Murky tiptoes up behind Moonglo and Nite Sprite)

Murky: (holds up accordion device and cackles evilly)

Moonglo: (slowly turns her head to the noise before turning around completely and raising her hand to her mouth in surpise)

Murky: (squeezes the device together, emitting a gloom cloud, laughing to himself all the while)

Moonglo: (gloom cloud settles over her and she shifts about unsteadily on her feet) Oooohhh

Nite Sprite: (rushes to help but the gloom cloud flies into his face and he raises his hands to his mouth before dancing about unsteadily)

Moonglo: (falls to the ground, affected by gloom cloud)

Lurky: (tosses net over Moonglo)

Nite Sprite: (has fallen against a nearby tree, confused and dizzy; he shakes it off and his eyes widen at Moonglo)

Moonglo: (the cloud clears from her body and she looks about before clasping her hands together over her knees)

Murky: Let’s go!

Lurky: Okay Murky!

Moonglo: (at the same time that Lurky’s speaking, she becomes invisible under the net)

Lurky: Uhhh hey!

(Both Murky and Lurky look at the “empty” net in disbelief)

Lurky: Where’d she go?

Nite Sprite: (watches from behind a tree and nods in approval at Moonglo’s tactic)

Murky: (hands on his head and in an exasperated voice) We’ve got to find her! (he pokes quickly at the net)

Moonglo: (still invisible) Ow!

Murky: (in disbelief) She’s invisible!

Lurky: (peering closely at net) How can you tell, Murky? I can’t even see her!

Murky: You’ll see her soon enough! (stretches accordion device and then squeezes, shooting another gloom cloud)

Moonglo: (reappears under the net, sighing)

Nite Sprite: (speaks shrilly in shock)

(Murky and Lurky are seen walking off toward the Pits as Lurky carries Moonglo, still in the net; a gloom cloud drifts backward)

Nite Sprite: (hands in his head, in a panic, races up the path toward Murky and Lurky; he stops suddenly as the gloom cloud settles over him and knocks him unconscious)

[Cut to the Color Castle, Rainbow’s window]

Rainbow: (walks to the open window, a worried look on her face and speaks in surprise; Puppy Brite has followed) Ooh!

Twink: (appearing in a higher window) Rainbow! It’s dark up here!

[Cut to the Color Castle bridge. Red Butler, Indigo, and Tickled Pink are looking up at Rainbow’s window]

Indigo: Rainbow?

Tickled Pink: What’s happening? What happened to all the stars?

Rainbow: I don’t know. Maybe Moonglo was working so hard, she had to rest for awhile.

Indigo: (looking to Tickled Pink) We’d better find her!

(Red Butler, Indigo, and Tickled Pink dash off down the main path)

[Cut across Rainbow Land, to the pathway where Nite Sprite is unconscious]

Nite Sprite: (Slowly comes to and rubs his head)

Rainbow: Nite Sprite! What happened?

Nite Sprite: (relays the tale to Rainbow in sprite language, moving about animatedly)

Twink: Murky?

Indigo: Where did he take her?

Nite Sprite: (raises his arms and relays that he doesn’t know in sprite language)

Rainbow: (looks off in the distance) Where else? The Pits!

[Cut to the Pits with ominous thundercracks and lightning, that now cracks around Rainbow and crew].

Starlite: (dashing forward and stopping) Come on! We’ll find her!

Rainbow: (leaps aboard Starlite and looks back at the rest of those gathered) Don’t worry everybody. The stars will be shining before you know it!

Starlite: Wherever he took her, he couldn’t have taken her to where the most magnificent horse in the universe can’t catch up to him! (dashes off down the path with Rainbow)

Tickled Pink: I don’t like this one bit.

Nite Sprite: (turns to the Color Kids and Twink, relaying that Earth won’t have a night sky either)

Twink: Earth?! You mean it’s this dark on Earth too?! (looks at the sky)

[Cut to Earth to Brian’s house. Brian is in his room, looking out the window at the sky with his dog]

Brian: (looks to his dog) All I know boy, is the stars were shining when I went to bed.

Dog: (whines in agreement)

[Cut to ominous thunder and lightning and the outside of Murky’s lair before slowly fading in to Murky’s laboratory. Moonglo is tied to a chair with a lamp over her. Murky and Lurky stand together, watching her]

Murky: (cackles gleefully) She can only work in the dark! All we have to do is keep the sunlamp on her! Now, she hasn’t got the power to do anything!

(Moonglo is seen looking down, clearly affected by the lamp)

Moonglo: (grunts and groans, trying to use her powers for the sky; stars and moon shapes appear around her head)

Lurky: (turns and points) Murky! Look at the pretty stars!

Murky: (watches for a few seconds in disbelief before moving next to Moonglo) Stop it! Stop doing that! I’ll stop you! (turns and pulls the lever down on the device attached to the lamp, which makes it brighter)

Moonglo: (groans at the brighter light and turns away from it)

Murky: (jumping up and down) Now, let’s see you fill the sky with those disgusting colors!

Moonglo: (looks at Murky as though she wants to speak, but then lowers her head and closes her eyes, again trying to use her powers)

Murky: She’s making colors again! We need a brighter light!

Lurky: (is copying Murky’s body signals)

Murky: I know! We’ll take her out in the sun! (laughs at his plan and motions to Lurky) Come on!

Lurky: (carries the chair holding Moonglo, the chair bouncing off the floor)

Moonglo: (makes noises as the chair hits the floor each time)

[Cut to the night sky over the Pits; Murky opens a huge brown door onto a ledge]

Murky: (looks at the sky in disbelief)

Lurky: (sets the chair with Moonglo down and walks to Murky’s side)

Moonglo: (lowers her head and closes her eyes, again attempting to use her power)

Murky: (taps at his chin before looking up in surprise as moons and stars fly past his face; he turns to look at Moonglo) Hey!

Moonglo: (looking down at Murky) You can’t stop me, not even if you have me tied up under your sun lamp. Only sunlight can stop me!

Murky: Oh yeah? Well if there’s no sunlight out here, then we’ll make it as bright as day in there! (to Lurky) Come on!

Lurky: (picks up the chair with Moonglo and follows Murky back inside)

Moonglo: (makes noises as the chair hits the floor each time)

[Cut to the edge of the Pits, where Starlite stands atop a ledge, Rainbow on his back]

Rainbow: If I get any closer to the Pits, I won’t have the power to help her.

Starlite: Well, if we can’t go in, we’ve got to find a way to make them come out.

Rainbow: They might never come out! (puts a finger to her chin)

[Cut back to Murky’s laboratory; Moonglo is still tied up in a chair, eyes shut tightly]

Moonglo: You’ll never stop me from making the stars shine! (stars and moons appear as she again tries to use her powers)

Murky: (pushing another lamp device similar to the first) Oh yes we will (cackles evilly)

Lurky: Oh yes we will! (raises an eyebrow) How we gonna do it, Murky?”

Murky: If we can’t take her to the sun, we’ll bring the sun to her. (adjusts his lamp so that it is facing directly across from the one beside Lurky; he looks to Lurky and speaks as though giving a small child instructions) Now Lurky, I’m going to count to three. When I reach three, I want you to throw the big lever on the machine next to you (points to Lurky’s machine) Got it?

Lurky: Uh, sure Murky!

Murky: One… two… three!

(Murky and Lurky pull their levers at the same time; two beams of light emit through the funnels, creating a ball of bright light around Moonglo)

Murky: (cackles evilly)

[Cut to the outside of Murky’s lair, where beams of light can be seen emitting from the cracks. Rainbow and Starlite are watching from their clifftop perch]

Rainbow: Oh no! If we don’t do something, Moonglo will never be able to make the night beautiful again!

Starlite: But! What can we do?

(Rainbow looks back toward Murky’s lair as the light continues to seep through)

[Cut to Moonglo with her eyes shut tightly, the ball of light enveloping her]

[Cut back to Earth, to Brian’s house, where he and his dog are still watching from the window]

Dog: (looks up at Brian and whimpers)

Brian: (worried) Rainbow…you’ve got to do something!

[Cut back to the Pits, where Rainbow and Starlite still watch from their perch the light that is emitting from Murky’s lair]

Starlite: If we don’t save Moonglo soon, that bright light will burn away her power!

Rainbow: (determined) Well we’re going in there to save her, even if it costs me my power!

Starlite: (turns to walk away from the ledge) But you’ll be powerless! If he sees you… (continues to walk away)

Rainbow: He’ll expect us to come over the bridge. We’ll climb down to the bottom of the Pits and sneak over that way.

Starlite: (worried) I’m not sure I like this… (he begins to carefully walk down the narrow pathway that leads to the bottom of the Pits)

[Cut to Moonglo, still bathed in the bright light in Murky’s laboratory]

Moonglo: (whimpering with eyes shut, still trying to use her power)

[Cut to Murky and Lurky; Murky is working with two bottles filled with an inky black liquid as Lurky watches]

Murky: (looks up from his work as stars and moons float his way) H-hey! Stop her!

Lurky: Okay Murky! (walks over in front of Moonglo) Now stop that. (he reaches up to grab at the moons and stars)

Murky: (off-screen) Not like that, fruit pie breath! Turn the light up!

Lurky: (looking at Murky) Oh yeah. (moves to the machine and searching for the dial before turning it up fully)

(The light intensifies)

Moonglo: (groans as the stars and moons disappear from around her)

Murky: (holds up his two bottles and cackles evilly)

[Cut to Rainbow and Starlite cautiously making their way down the step path into the Pits]

Starlite: (slips on the steep rock and slides forward)

Rainbow: (cries out)

(Starlite and Rainbow fall into a ditch)

Rainbow (climbs back onto Starlite)

Both Rainbow and Starlite: Are you all right? (laugh)

(Starlite gets back onto his feet and they continue on their journey)

[Cut back to Murky’s laboratory, Moonglo surrounded by the intensely burning light. Murky is still working at the table and Lurky stands by the window, now wearing a pair of sunglasses]

Lurky: (looks out the window) Boy Murky! It’s really dark outside! (He looks out again and points) Oh, look who’s here!

Murky: (rushes to the window and pushes him aside, taking a peek; he sees Rainbow and Starlite still walking down the path into the Pits) So the little brat thinks she can fool me, hmm? We’ll see who fools who! (cackles to self before looking at Lurky) Come on! We’re taking our little prize out in this beautiful glooomy night! (walks to Moonglo) Rainbow Brite will play right into my hands (clasps hands together) and by morning, I’ll be the ruler of Rainbow Land! (cackles evilly)

[Cut to Murky opening the secret exit door; Lurky comes behind him, pushing a cart that holds both Moonglo and the lamp machines]

Murky: We’ll use the secret exit. This tunnel leads to the floor of the Pits. I haven’t used it in years. I’ve always loved this view…(to Lurky) Come on!

(Murky and Lurky walk down the steep incline carefully. Lurky is using all his strength to keep the cart from pulling him)

Lurky: (grunts and groans to keep the cart from pulling him into the drop off, and speaks in a strained voice) How much… longer… will we be going…down, Murky?

Murky: Don’t worry, mush-mind (crosses the bridge) Now we’re going up! (Murky stops and waits for Lurky to cross the bridge, grabbing a suspended rope) Oh and by the way, be careful when you cross that bridge. One misstep and you’ll fall to the deepest cavern in the Pits!

Lurky: (shakes with fear as he looks down) Oh! Thank you for telling me! (he squeezes his eyes shut and quickly pushes the cart across the bridge and begins up the slope)

Murky: (watches Lurky and then pulls the rope, which releases the bridge; he then rushes up after Lurky)

[Cut to the floor of the Pits, where Rainbow and Starlite have arrived]

Starlite: I’m still not so sure this is a good idea.

Rainbow: We have to try something. (Rainbow points ahead of them) Look! The sun’s coming up!

(Both Rainbow and Starlite stop to look at a ball of light appearing over the horizon)

Starlite: It’s not the sun! It’s the moon!

Rainbow: It’s Moonglo!

[Cut to an overhead view of Lurky pushing the cart with Moonglo and the lamps out of the secret exit. Murky runs out after him]

Murky: (looks about and then rushes to pick up a medium sized log) Uuuh..help me cover this opening! (he begins to slowly carry it backwards) We have to move fast!

Lurky: Sure Murky!

(Both Lurky and Murky grab logs and sticks to cover the entrance to the secret exit. Moonglo is still tied in the chair while both lights shine brightly on her)

Murky: Is the (cackles) bait in place?

Lurky: (scratches head) The bait?

Murky: (stomping a foot in exasperation) Moonglo you idiot! Is Moonglo in place?

Lurky: Why didn’t you say so? Sure she is! She’s right here!

Murky: (pointing to the trap) As soon as she steps on that, she’ll fall into the tunnel, she’ll slide all the way into the deepest cavern in the Pits!

Moonglo: (glares at Murky)

Murky: And then…no more Rainbow Brite! (cackles)

Moonglo: You think I’ll just sit here and let her fall in your trap?

Murky: (as he pulls a white cloth out and ties it around Moonglo’s mouth) That’s exactly what you’ll do!

Moonglo: (tries to speak through the cloth, but it muffles her words)

Murky: Hehehehe…warn her now…if you can!

Lurky: (off-screen) Murky! Uh, where do you want me to put these?

Murky: (turns to look at Lurky, who is stumbling blindly with a group of branches and sticks toward the trap) Nooo! Stop! Stop!

Lurky: (moving off balance with the branches and stick) Who are you yelling at, Murky?

Murky: (dives forward and pushes Lurky down and is showered with some branches and twigs, grumbling)

Lurky: (looks off his right as the whinny of a horse is heard)

Murky: (lifts his head up from the sticks) She’s coming! Hide! (he dashes off to hide behind a tree)

Lurky: (has hidden himself under the few sticks left)

Murky: (waves arms angrily before running out to drag Lurky to his hiding spot)

(Starlite and Rainbow appear over the small hill)

Moonglo: (tries to cry out)

Rainbow: Moonglo!

Murky: (cackles from behind his tree as he and Lurky watch)

Starlite: (begins walking forward, directly toward the trap)

Rainbow: (jumps off Starlite’s back and continues to walk directly toward the trap)

Moonglo: (shakes her head and continues to cry out. She tries to move her head forward to direct Rainbow)

Rainbow: (watches, confused, but moves to the left of the trap slowly)

Murky: (from behind the tree) Come on! Fall in! Fall in!

Rainbow: (continues to slowly sidestep around the trap) I don’t…see…anything.

Moonglo: (stops crying out as soon as Rainbow is clear of the trap)

Murky: Fall in! (rushes out from his hiding spot)

Starlite: Murky!

Rainbow: (turns and sees Murky and tries to back away from him)

Murky: (with outstretched arms, pushing Rainbow forward into the trap)

Rainbow: (breaks through the sticks and begins to fall) Ahhh!

Starlite: Rainbow! (rushes forward and grabs Rainbow by her dress, lifting her from the trap and setting her down)

Murky: Y’uhhh…Time to…retreat! (he turns and runs; in the process he trips on a branch and falls into the trap) Nooo!

Lurky: Murky! (runs after Murky and looks into the trap as Rainbow and Starlite watch) Murky! Wait for me! (holds his nose and jumps in after him, landing on Murky) Uhh…sorry Murky.

Murky: Yeee…Get off me you banana brain!

(Starlite and Rainbow peer into the trap before a cry from Moonglo makes them look up)

Moonglo: (speaks to Rainbow through the cloth)

Rainbow: (rushes to the machine and turns it off before moving to Moonglo and untying the cloth from around her mouth)

Moonglo: Thanks, Rainbow Brite.

Rainbow: (unties the belt that held Moonglo to the chair) Are you all right, Moonglo?

Moonglo: Sure! Thanks to you and Starlite. (she becomes invisible)

Starlite: (watches in amazement) Moonglo?

Rainbow: It’s okay, Starlite. She always gets invisible when she’s working hard.

Starlite: Working?

Rainbow: Sure! (raises a hand to the sky and points) Look!

Starlite: (looks upward and sees stars and shoot stars appearing in the sky, along with the moon and an aurora borealis)

(Both Rainbow and Starlite watch the sky, a smile on Rainbow’s face)

Moonglo: (reappears beside Starlite and Rainbow, wiping her brow) What a night!

Rainbow: But what a morning it’s going to be!

[Cut to Earth, where Brian and his dog are standing outside of his house. It’s now morning]

Brian: Thanks Rainbow!

[Camera pans to the sky and the stars that are still visible before fading to credits]


1997-2024 Katy Cartee Haile
Rainbow Brite is a registered 
trademark of Hallmark Licensing