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Welcome to the "FACT or FICTION?" area of RainbowBrite.Net! There are people and websites out there spreading rumors about Rainbow Brite and its characters. So i created this page to take away any doubts you might have as to if these rumors are true or if they are just theories/rumors.
#1 - Tickled Pink is the grown-up version of Baby Brite
FICTION - They do both have pink hair and their clothes are somewhat similar - but there is no real evidence from the episodes or books that this is a fact. 
#2 - Lurky is a deformed Sprite
FICTION - He does have the same basic appearance as a Sprite with the shape of his body, his furriness and his antennae. And his large size, big nose and no stars on the ends of his antennae COULD be from some kind of mutation, but this is only a theory that has no evidence from the episodes or books.
#3 - Rainbow Brite started out as a Japanese anime
FICTION - Rainbow Brite was broadcast in Japan in the 1980's along with several other American cartoons (TMNT and Inspector Gadget for sure, probably more), but it originated in America.
#4 - Tickled Pink likes temporary tattoos
FACT - In the movie "Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer" Tickled Pink is shown having a pink tulip on her right cheek. But in every other episode that she is featured in, her cheeks are bare!
Click here to see the proof.
#5 - Patty O'Green and Buddy Blue are a couple
FICTION - There are some small hints in the series that there is something special between these two, but they are only small hints and nothing substantial.
But here's a cute pic of Buddy with his arm around her anyways :)
#6 - Lala Orange and Red Butler are a couple
FICTION - There is plenty of evidence from coloring books and story books that Lala has a crush on Red. And there are a couple pictures that would point to Red sharing her feelings, but it is not said and was never explored in the show or books. So it must stay fiction.
#7 - Twink used to be a red Sprite
FACT - In the read-along video containing the episode "Twink's Surprise" we can see this information from a picture of Murky about to throw him in the Pits as they're describing why Twink is white.


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